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Issue: 2671

Dated: 10 Sep 2019

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Labour lets Tories cling on by failing to back an election

On Monday Labour, the Scottish National Party, Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru and the Independent Group—ridiculously dubbed the “rebel alliance”—refused to back an election.

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15,000 march for independence in Perth chanting ‘Boris Johnson dead in a ditch’

'Tories Out' and 'Boris Johnson dead in a ditch' were the most popular chants along with 'We want independence now'.

Trades Union Congress unites against no-deal Brexit, but what comes next?

With the Tories reeling, it's time for workers' struggle

Refugees evicted from camps in France—on Britain’s say-so

Hundreds of people trapped at Britain’s border have faced increasing harassment by French authorities. Now—with the collusion of Tory Priti Patel—they’ve been attacked by police

All-out strike by Bromley library workers wins backing at TUC

Striking bromley library workers received a very warm welcome from delegates to the TUC union federation’s conference in Brighton last Sunday.

Reports round-up - strike and protest over closure of Strathcona school

NEU union members at Roe Green Strathcona School in Brent, west London, struck on Monday. The action follows a walkout in June against a plan to close the school.

Join action against LGBT+ hate

Stand Up to LGBTQ+ Hate Crime—an alliance of LGBTQ+, anti-Islamophobia and anti-racism campaign groups—was set to hold its second action against hate crime on Friday this week.

The fight is on at Royal Mail

Royal Mail postal workers across Britain staged a mass show of force on Tuesday as they gear up for what their union leader called “the most important dispute in the recent history of industry in this country”.

National strike on the cards as 125,000 university workers begin ballots

Around 125,000 UCU union members in universities across Britain are balloting for strikes over pay, pensions and conditions.

Boris Johnson is in a Brexit bind as parliament shuts down

Boris Johnson slithered from the House of Commons early on Tuesday morning in the weakest position any prime minister has faced for decades.

Support pharmacy strikers in Scotland

Scottish health workers on all-out strike have appealed for solidarity after talks collapsed last week

Back the indefinite walkout by PCS members in London

Low paid workers on indefinite strike were “loudly applauded” by delegates at the TUC union federation’s congress in Brighton this week.

Sacking scrapped at DVSA

Striking IT workers at the Driving, Vehicles and Standards Agency (DVSA) saw off bullying bosses’ attempts to sack a union member

Asda workers say, ‘Give us a better deal’

Asda supermarket workers held protests across Britain

Pilots’ strike cancels flights

A 48-hour strike by thousands of British Airways (BA) pilots was hugely effective

Concession will not stop movement in Hong Kong

A mass pro-democracy movement forced Hong Kong’s chief executive Carrie Lam to grant a major concession on Wednesday. But many protesters are vowing to continue their struggle until all of their demands are met.

Protesters take to the streets for Netanyahu visit

Protesters greeted Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu as he made a surprise visit to Boris Johnson in London on Thursday.

20 September—our chance to strike back over climate change

There’s a big opportunity on Friday 20 September to push the climate movement forward. Workers have to follow school students.


Thousands join protests in South Africa against violence towards women

Women say that the government does not keep them safe from rape and assault, and are demanding urgent action from the authorities

Hurricane Dorian devastates Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian has left staggering damage in its wake as it hit two northern islands in The Bahamas on 1 September.


BBC misses the real lessons of Hitler’s seizure of power

The series ignores how bosses handed the Nazis power—and the force that could have stopped them, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Why it is dangerous to prop up the centre

Britain has recently overtaken Italy for the prize of having the most shambolic political system in an advanced capitalist country. But there are now attempts at parallel solutions to both countries’ governmental crises.


The rulers’ party is rotting

There’s a been Tory party since the late 17th century—now it’s in severe crisis. Simon Basketter looks at what could cause the death of the party for those who are born to rule


Kano grapples with life for working class black people

The veteran grime artist’s new album Hoodies All Summer is the latest offering of an increasingly politically-motivated scene, writes?Paddy Nielsen

Carnival Row—A fantasy drama with good politics, but little subtlety

Carnival Row is a neighbourhood in the fictional, fantastical, steam-punk city of the Burgue. It’s a home to people fleeing the war between the rulers of the Burgue and the Pact—two industrial powers fighting over the riches of a place called fae land.

Pride and Prejudice* (*Sort Of)

This is an adaptation like no othe

What We Think

Politics is about a lot more than parliament

The chaos in the British establishment has exposed the swamp that is parliament and British democracy. This week Tory leader Boris Johnson prorogued parliament—shutting it down to avoid scrutiny of his Brexit manoeuvres.

We need mass action over severe climate threat

Earth is careering towards climate change so severe that there will be an “irrefutable toll on human life”.

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LETTERS - Keep up fight to stop arms trade’s festival of violence

The week of protests against the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) arms fair has been well organised.

The Troublemaker—The rich fiddle the figures to get out of paying their taxes

The super-rich are inventing investments to avoid paying taxes.

Hong Kong - the battle continues for democracy, and much more

The authorities have said they will retreat over the bill that sparked resistance. But having sensed their power demonstrators are now demanding further change, writes Sadie Robinson

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