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Issue: 2674

Dated: 01 Oct 2019

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Three million join second day of strikes over climate change

Some three million people joined a huge climate strike across 28 countries on Friday of last week.

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Labour conference backs strong climate action despite some union opposition

Delegates passed a motion calling for a ban on fracking and achieving zero carbon emissions by 2030,

As 2,000 join the ranks of the super-rich – we need to change the system

Another 2,000 people joined the global ranks of the ultra-rich last year with personal “investable” wealth of more than £24 million. That figure does not include their holdings in property and other fixed assets.

Thousands protest in Manchester as Tory party conference begins

Chants of, “Stop Boris!” rang out in Manchester on Sunday as up to 5,000 people marched against the Tories, who were gathering for their party conference.

Labour promises to axe hated Universal Credit

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said his party will scrap the hated Universal Credit (UC) benefit if elected.

A much more dynamic push for indyref2 is needed

The grassroots campaign supporting independence for Scotland is continuing with an unprecedented series of major meetings and demonstrations.

Tory NHS lies crumble within hours

Tory lies over hospital building fell apart in less than 24 hours over the weekend.

Margaret Hodge faces reselection battle after vicious attacks on Jeremy Corbyn


University workers are ready to get the vote out in strike ballots

UCU union members in universities are balloting for strikes over pay, workloads, unequal contracts and pensions.

Postal workers fight back against Royal Mail with strong strike ballot campaign

Postal workers are going all out to win a strike ballot and then resist attacks from their Royal Mail bosses.

‘We have had enough,’ say sixth form workers preparing to strike

Workers at 23 sixth form colleges are set to strike on Thursday 17 October in a battle over funding and pay.

Demand the Scottish government act now on climate chaos

MSPs at Holyrood last week voted by 113 votes to zero, to adopt a new ­climate bill. Only the Greens abstained.

Ian McEwan’s new novella is Kafka with a difference

Ian McEwan’s new novella tells the story of Brexit and the political crisis it has caused.

Corruption, harassment and Brexit pile strain on Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson began his first Tory party conference as prime minister facing allegations of ­sexual harassment and ­corruption—and a looming Brexit deadline.

Tayside pharmacy workers are staying out until they get a clear win

Scottish pharmacy health workers on all-out strike have refused to go back to work until bosses carry out their promises over pay.

Reports round-up - solid strike hits Caledonian Sleeper

Workers on the Caledonian sleeper service struck for 36 hours from 12 noon last Sunday, causing all sleeper services to be cancelled.


Big strikes and protests in New Zealand kick off day of action over climate change

A huge climate strike has hit New Zealand, where 170,000 people have walked out to demand climate justice.

Impeachment threat against Donald Trump escalates a crisis for the US ruling class

The political battle going on at the top of US society has reached a new pitch. US speaker of the Senate Nancy Pelosi announced last week that formal impeachment proceedings are set to begin against president Donald Trump.

General Motors workers in the US win global solidarity for their strike

A strike by nearly 50,000 General Motors (GM) staff across the United States has entered its third week as talks between the company and the United Auto Workers union (UAW) continue.

Mobilisation in Catalonia after more repression

Nine Catalan independence activists have been arrested on charges of terrorism and rebellion. The Spanish state deployed 500 police officers to carry out the arrests.

Revolt in Haiti grows against shortages, corruption and US

Months of protests have developed into an uprising that has the potential to bring down the Haitian president

Defiance in Egypt despite harsh state repression

Mahienour el-Massry was arrested in the the clampdown (Pic: Egypt Solidarity Initiative)

Austrian Tories make gains and Nazi vote falls

Talks following Austria’s snap general election on Sunday are likely to produce another right wing government.

Repression against migrants across the EU

A deadly crackdown on refugees is spreading across Europe.

Protester shot in Hong Kong on China anniversary

Police shot an 18 year old man during angry pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on Tuesday.


Labour Party conference showed how leaders lag behind membership’s radicalism

One takeaway from last week’s Labour Party conference is that the members are further ahead than the leadership and the trade unions.


Gandhi, violence and victory – which tactics can win real change?

Mohandas Gandhi’s legacy continues to inspire activists today. Socialist Worker looks back at the tactics of the mass movement that kicked the British Empire out of India

Extinction Rebellion activists say – ‘Climate rebellion is making history’

Tens of thousands of people will be occupying central London in October demanding action over climate change. Extinction Rebellion activists spoke to Sarah Bates about why the action matters—and how it’s making an impact


We should welcome Joker as a look at the roots of evil

Ahead of Todd Phillips’ highly anticipated Joker, Sasha Simic looks at how controversy surrounding the film may not be giving it the chance it deserves

What We Think

Build the climate movement to win a better world

The climate rebellion is entering a crucial new chapter. Thousands of Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists plan to take over parts of central London as part of the International Rebellion.

Break up the British state

The crisis in official politics has made the break-up of the British state a living debate again.

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Brian Way, 1950-2019

It’s sad to announce the death of our friend and comrade Brian Way.

LETTERS - Action in workplaces helps build a climate for strikes

People at work have been talking about the global climate strike on Friday 20 September all week.

The things they say

‘We’re enjoying this’

The Troublemaker - Demo for right of soldiers to shoot Irish people in the back

A few thousand people took to London streets last weekend to support the right of British people to shoot Irish people in the back.

Big pharma offers a bitter pill to those who need the most help

Jeremy Corbyn says he wants to change how drugs companies work. Sadie Robinson looks at how pharmaceutical fat cats pile up profits while ordinary people are denied care they need

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