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Issue: 2675

Dated: 08 Oct 2019

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International Rebellion day two - defiance and debates ignite the climate movement

The Extinction Rebellion (XR) rising in London at the start of this week was defiant, determined and a huge boost to the climate movement.

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Questions to be answered after construction worker deaths

Why are some workers at the Bond Street station Crossrail site dying?

Homeless protesters occupy Chester council building after torrential rain

Homeless protesters who stormed a council building in Chester on Monday night were still inside on Wednesday demanding a place to live.

Unofficial post walkout in Merseyside in anti-racist solidarity with Muslim worker

Postal workers in Merseyside walked out on unofficial strike on Wednesday over claims a manager made a racist comment to a Muslim worker.

‘We want to change the regime,’ say Iraqi protesters despite repression

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets in the capital Baghdad and other cities.

Up to 30,000 get ready to join Extinction Rebellion climate action in London

“We’re going to make rebellion something everyone wants to do,” declared Extinction Rebellion (XR), just days ahead of its occupation of central London.

More post workers join unofficial walkout over racism and victimisation

Hundreds of postal workers at a major Royal Mail hub have joined an unofficial strike over racism and victimisation.

Huge Scottish independence march in Edinburgh shows thirst for real change

A huge march for Scottish independence swept through Edinburgh on Saturday.

Cops clamp down on climate activists ahead of International Rebellion

A brutal show of force from the Metropolitan police on Saturday saw cops swoop in on one of Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) warehouses, confiscate equipment and arrest activists.

Thousands descend on London as international climate rebellion begins

Thousands of rebels poured onto the streets of central London early on Monday morning to demand urgent and dramatic action on the climate emergency.

News in brief - Thomas Cook, Duckenfield retrial, jail death, Grenfell report due

New revelations have shown that failed travel firm Thomas Cook paid out over £20 million in fees to lawyers, major accounting groups, and leading restructuring advisers just days before it crashed.

Activists defy cops to hold sites in London on first day of climate rebellion

The first day of Extinction Rebellion’s (XR) occupation of London on Monday was shaped by resistance—and police repression.

Indefinite walkout at Beis gets a result as caterers win their demands

Outsourced caterers at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (Beis) marched back to work victorious on Monday morning, ending an indefinite strike.

UCU calls 14 more days of strikes at Nottingham College after buoyant pickets

The UCU union has called 14 more days of strikes at Nottingham College next month, where workers are engaged in a battle against punitive new contracts.

Bradford library and museum workers call 14 days of strikes over millions in cuts

Library and museum workers in West Yorkshire have announced 14 days of strikes against millions of pounds of cuts.

West London school strikes force bosses to back off

Strikes in west London have pushed Brent council to reconsider a plan to close a school.

Thousands rally in Newcastle to hear Corbyn’s call for change

People queued the length of Northumberland Road before the event

Compass strikes escalate, plus NHS round-up

Health workers working for subcontractor Compass have announced a fresh wave of strikes in their pay fight.

Battle for rights at HS2 site AND unions’ round-up

Protest at HS2 site PLUS action at Greenwich council, eCourier, Forbo flooring and London Underground


Donald Trump backs a Turkish invasion of Syria

Donald Trump gave the go-ahead for a Turkish invasion of northern Syria on Monday in another betrayal of the Kurdish people.

Protesters in Hong Kong resist as rulers’ mask slips

Authorities in Hong Kong have resorted to using old, authoritarian laws to try and suppress a pro-democracy movement. It has sparked more furious protests.

International round-up: Trump keeps up attacks on migrants

Trump keeps up attacks on migrants

International Rebellion over climate change reaches 60 countries

Organisers say rebels in around 60 countries will take action during the two-week International Rebellion.


What can we do about rising sea levels?

Sea levels are rising faster than ever before with catastrophic consequences for human survival and animal and marine life.

‘National unity’ is only for the bosses

Amid the stew of Brexit speculation, there are more calls for a “national unity” government.


Austerity, Brexit chaos and political failure - a warning of how the right can win

Sadie Robinson reports from Doncaster and Barnsley on how bitter frustration at years of austerity and political failure have created the conditions for the right to benefit—but anger could also be pulled to the left

A history of oppression and revolt in Haiti

As demonstrations again see a revolt in Haiti causing a crisis for the country’s rulers Gabby Thorpe looks at its turbulent history


Dublin Murders—more than just another detective show?

There are some hard bitten cliches in this hard bitten BBC cop drama, writes Simon Basketter, but the character-driven storyline has depth and potential

The Politician—A satire that struggles to find its feet

The Politician straddles high school drama and political satire—and does neither successfully until the end.

What We Think

Climate rebellion must beware of false friends

False friends are clustering around the climate movement. They know that millions of people across the world support climate action to avert catastrophe. Instead of denying the need for it, they pose as sympathetic but “reasonable”.

The cops aren’t on our side

Police actions against Extinction Rebellion (XR) show their job is to ensure business as usual under capitalism.

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Clamity Parker 1965-2019

Clamity Parker was an SWP member in Kent

LETTERS - Islamophobia from the Tories, but also from a shocking source

At the Tory party conference in Manchester last week its racism and reaction was on show.

The things they say - on the International Rebellion

‘Police blasted on eco anarchy’

Hedge fund successes are not staked on a no-deal Brexit

A new theory claims hedge funds are pushing for a no-deal Brexit in order to boost their profits. Simon Basketter explains why this makes for a poor conspiracy theory

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