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Issue: 2679

Dated: 05 Nov 2019

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A radical campaign can chase the Tories out

This general election is an opportunity to kick out the Tories and break from a decade of austerity, scapegoating of Muslims and migrants, and inaction over climate change.

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Grenfell campaigners fight on for justice in wake of report

Grenfell survivors and relatives have vowed to keep up their fight for justice after an inquiry’s report into the tower block fire was published on Wednesday.

Corbyn promises to ‘take on vested interests’ at Labour’s election launch

Jeremy Corbyn announced what he called “the most ambitious and radical campaign our country has ever seen” in a speech on Thursday morning.

University workers headed for eight days of strikes over pensions and pay

Eight days of strikes are set to hit 60 universities from Monday 25 November to Wednesday 4 December after workers voted for action in two ballots.

Activists celebrate Tory U-turn on fracking—and call for total ban

Climate campaigners were celebrating after the Tories announced an immediate halt to fracking in England on Saturday.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon puts on left face at mass rally for Scottish independence

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon spoke at a mass rally in Glasgow last Saturday calling for a second independence referendum. This is the first time she has joined any such street protest in the last five years.

Arrogant, lying and weak, Johnson starts campaign

Boris Johnson began the general election campaign with arrogance, lies—and weakness.

New migrant death exposes cruelty of Britain’s border

A Nigerian refugee in Calais, France, has died of smoke inhalation

UN rapporteur—Assange’s life ‘at risk’ in prison

An independent United Nations rights expert has warned that the conditions WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is being held in are putting his life “at risk”

California wildfire chaos wrecks lives

In California, the mansions of the rich are better protected against climate catastrophe than ordinary people. Changing that means challenging the logic of profit, writes Sarah Bates

I will give ‘wealth and power to the many’ says Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn has set the tone for the Labour Party’s election campaign with rallies and speeches taking on “the establishment” and “the wealthy few”.

Election round-up—Lib Dems use EU to cosy up to favourite Tories

Jo Swinson, the Liberal Democrat leader, has claimed her party could take hundreds of seats at the general election.

Striking NHS staff speak out, ‘I work 55 hours a week to cover rent’

Hundreds of migrant workers are preparing for their second round of strikes at St Mary’s hospital in west London.

New moves in Nottingham College dispute

A planned strike at Nottingham College was suspended this week after workers received a new offer.

Library and museum workers strike against savage cuts in Bradford

Library and museum workers in West Yorkshire began a three-day walkout against millions of pounds of cuts on Tuesday.

Sixth form college strikers stand up for students and against education cuts

Workers across 25 sixth form colleges across England struck together on Tuesday.

Health round up: Strikes build against outsourcers in the NHS

Two groups of outsourced health workers are stepping up their fight for equal pay.

Reports round up: McStrike on menu at 6 stores

McDonald’s fast food workers who are members of the Bakers Food and Allied Workers’ union (Bfawu) were set to strike at six sites across south London London next Tuesday.

Post strikes could be called soon in fight against Royal Mail bosses

Postal workers in Royal Mail could soon set a date for national strikes—with the potential for action during the election period and in the run-up to Christmas.


Unofficial rail strikes in France could derail neoliberal president Macron

A series of unofficial rail strikes in France have shown the potential for massive resistance to president Emmanuel Macron.

Veteran FLN liberation fighters join protests against Algerian regime

Huge democracy demonstrations in Algeria, north Africa, last week came on a particularly important date.

Protesters stay on the streets to win change in Iraq and Lebanon

Tens of thousands of people in Iraq have fought pitched battles with police, as they blocked major roads in the centre of ­capital city Baghdad.


The left in Chile has abandoned struggle

The uprising in Chile continues, and it is raising fundamental questions about neoliberalism and even capitalism


Grenfell—still no reckoning for the real culprits

The Tory politicians and housing bosses responsible for the murder of 72 people in the Grenfell fire avoided the spotlight in the inquiry’s report last week

When the wall came tumbling down

So-called socialist regimes in eastern Europe were nothing of the kind


Sesame Street—this page is brought to you this week by the number 50

As Sesame Street approaches its 50th anniversary, Simon Basketter looks back at a show that repeatedly broke the mould and upset right wingers

What We Think

We deserve better than Tory austerity

The reality of rising debt and falling wages under Tory austerity was laid bare in new research from the TUC union federation released on Tuesday.

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LETTERS: Vote Labour—and keep up the fight against austerity

The announcement of the general election is welcome news for anyone who is committed to challenging the racism and austerity we have suffered under the Tories.

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‘These people need putting down’

The Troublemaker - Missing records point to cover-up over infected blood

The number of missing medical records, and patients whose HIV test results were withheld, are proof of a high level Whitehall cover-up, a

Is Labour gearing up for a radical general election?

With the opposition set to release its manifesto soon, Nick Clark looks at how the policies favoured by its members must not be forgotten on the campaign trail

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