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Issue: 2680

Dated: 12 Nov 2019

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Trump twins team up to keep toxic Tories on top

The bigots united this week to try and stop Jeremy Corbyn winning next month’s general election.

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Victory for Extinction Rebellion as court rules that police ban on protest was ‘illegal’

Extinction Rebellion (XR) was vindicated in the High Court on Wednesday as judges ruled that a police order banning its International Rebellion was unlawful.

Labour ban on Chris Williamson raises questions about a Corbyn government

The Labour Party’s national executive has refused to endorse Derby North MP Chris Williamson as a general election candidate. It made the decision by 20 votes to five on Wednesday.

Cop charged with murder over the death of former footballer Dalian Atkinson

A police officer has been charged with the murder of black footballer Dalian Atkinson.

Fury after Royal Mail bosses run to the courts to try and block a post workers’ strike

Postal workers are fuming after Royal Mail bosses ran to the courts on Friday to try and block a national strike.

Fear and loathing - and hope - inside the Labour Party election campaign

A Labour Party conference in London on Saturday saw activists discuss the positives - and negatives - of the party election campaign, reports Nick Clark

Letters—EU can’t have cake and eat it on Brexit food standards

The latest Brexit scare story is that a trade deal with the US will undermine food standards in Britain.

McStrikers walk out over pay, union rights and to ‘take back control over our lives’

McDonald’s workers struck across six stores in south London on Tuesday to demand £15 an hour and union rights. It marked the fourth “McStrike” in the Bfawu union’s long-running campaign for fast food workers’ rights.

Will Labour's manifesto ignore members’ votes to support radical policies?

Labour’s ruling body was set to meet on Saturday to finalise its election manifesto.

Transport round up: Month of South Western strikes to guard safety

Train guards at South Western Railway (SWR) are gifting 27 days of strikes to train bosses this Christmas.

1,000 ready to strike to stay fully in the NHS

Over 1,000 health workers in the Home Counties plan to stage a two-day walkout against privatisation

After deadly floods - anger at authorities’ failures and Tory cuts

There is rising anger across Yorkshire and the Midlands at authorities’ ­failure to protect people from flooding.

Reports round-up: Cleaners at Foreign Office walk out

Workers at St Catherine’s Catholic School in Bexleyheath, south east London, began a three-day strike on Tuesday.

Poorly-paid health staff are sick of low wages

Striking health workers staged a sit-in in the lobby of St Mary’s Hospital in west London


Vicious coup in Bolivia forces out president Evo Morales

Bolivia’s president Evo Morales has been forced out by a coup. It was orchestrated by the army and police—and backed by Donald Trump and the US.

Vote for far right Vox rocks elections in Spain

Elections in Spain last Sunday produced almost the same result as in April—except for a very disturbing rise for the far right party Vox.

Hong Kong cops shoot activists while protest death toll rises in Iraq

Police in Hong Kong shot at least one protester during mass protests on Monday of this week.

Australian wildfires - winds fan the flames that surround Sydney

Thousands of people in Australia have seen their lives, homes and livelihoods threatened as catastrophic fires ripped through the country.


Spending smears are a sign of the storm ahead

No general election would be complete without the Tories denouncing Labour for its irresponsible fiscal plans. The classic example was the 1992 campaign, when John Major’s team first warned against “Labour’s Tax Bombshell”, soon to be followed by “Labour’s Double Whammy—1. More Taxes, 2. Higher Prices.”


Addaction—fighting the charities taking over health services that won’t pay up

Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at what a strike at a rehabilitation service says about the health service

Will fake news win the general election?

Mainstream pundits are in a tizz over misinformation on the web. But as Nick Clark argues, lying in the media isn’t new—and the key thing isn’t what it says, but what we do

Rising up for higher education - UCU activists on why they are striking back

A revolt is brewing on university campuses across Britain as UCU union members—lecturers, researchers and support staff—prepare for eight days of strikes over pay and pensions later this month.


BBC’s War of the Worlds can hold its own among the best

This new steampunk adaptation of HG Wells’ classic is hardly a first—but it’s well-made, well-acted, exciting—and has a lot of potential, says Gabby Thorpe

Agent Running in the Field—a complex game in John Le Carre’s latest spy thriller

Nat is a not quite 50, not quite on the shelf officer of the Secret Intelligence Service.

What We Think

Moderation from Labour struggles to beat the Tories in general election campaign

The Tories should be reeling. Despite the helping hand Nigel Farage gave Boris Johnson this week the campaign has exposed the ruling class arrogance and racism that runs through the party.

Climate chaos shows a burning need for change

As fires rage through Australia and flood waters rise in Yorkshire, climate catastrophe has rarely felt so imminent.

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Caroline Diss 1959-2019

Caroline will be remembered by all those who knew and loved her for her courage, her audacity and solidarity with anyone resisting injustice

The Troublemaker—Academy heads make vast fortunes for failing children

Head teachers and academy trust leaders in the state sector are collecting “fat cat” pay packages with some pocketing nearly half a million pounds a year.

Why workers are right to strike during the general election campaign

For at least some days during the election campaign the pictures will be strikers with placards, not politicians behind podiums.

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