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Issue: 2681

Dated: 19 Nov 2019

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We must take on the rich to win real change

Will a Labour government fulfil Jeremy Corbyn’s promises to “pull down a corrupt system and build a fairer country?”

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Outrage after court rules against strike in Royal Mail

A 97 percent Yes vote on a 76 percent turnout has been pushed aside. The best response would be to walk out anyway.

Money going to shareholders has gone up six times faster than wages

Payouts to shareholders in major firms rose over six times faster than wages between 2014 and 2018, says new research.

McCluskey’s opposition to Labour’s free movement policy gives into racist myths

As Labour prepares its election manifesto, Unite union general secretary Len McCluskey has insisted that freedom of movement for migrants won’t be in it.

Flames spread across ‘flammable cladding’ in fire at Bolton students’ flats

A fire tore through a block of student flats in Bolton on Friday

Letters—Labour Party’s retreat over Kashmir is a worrying sign

I was enraged to hear that the Labour Party had declared the question of Kashmir to be a “bilateral issue” between India and Pakistan in which Labour will not interfere.

Sixth form college walkouts grow as more NEU union branches join the picket lines

Workers at 34 sixth form colleges across England were set to strike on Wednesday—the third walkout in a fight over pay and funding.

Tories plan tax cuts for businesses as key services face crisis

Boris Johnson prepared for his television debate with Jeremy Corbyn this week by announcing a massive handout to the rich.

Labour set to bow to McCluskey demand to drop free movement from its manifesto

The Labour Party looked almost certain to ignore party members’ demands to include defending freedom of movement in its manifesto, set for publication this week.

Protesters in Wales fight for ‘Tory Free Zone’ and Lancaster kicks out Brexit Party

Under the banner of Operation: Make West Wales a Tory Free Zone we have organised a series of events to unseat two Tory MPs.

Reports round up: Campaigners join Silent Walk for Grenfell

Cleaners at HMRC tax offices in Liverpool and Bootle were set to strike on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Tories expose their racist rot in general election campaign

Boris Johnson has announced a huge rollback of migrants’ rights in a bid to divert blame for the Tory-made crisis in the NHS and public services.

Education round up: Notts College strikers agree to new deal

Workers at Nottingham College have voted overwhelmingly to accept a deal to end a long-running dispute. Some 15 days of strikes by UCU union members—and the threat of more—has blocked bosses’ attempts to drive down their pay and conditions.

Students get prepared for the next global climate strike

Students across the world are busy using the last few days before the next climate strike to hammer home the urgency of ecological catastrophe

Anger at scale of floods in Fishlake

Over 100 flood alerts were in place across Britain on Monday

Hundreds of health workers strike against privatisation

Hundreds of health workers in Berkshire and Surrey began a two-day strike against privatisation on Monday.

Bradford library workers stage fourth round of action

Library and museums workers in West Yorkshire began their fourth round of strikes against “devastating cuts” on Monday.


Angry Hong Kong protests push authorities ‘to the brink’

Cops in Hong Kong say that protests are bringing the city to the “brink of total collapse”.

Israel kills more than 30 Palestinians in bloody offensive against Gaza

Israel has killed more than 30 Palestinians in a fresh round of bombings on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Child dies in the European Union’s border crackdown

The European Union’s (EU) border policy has caused the death of a nine month old baby in one of Greece’s vast, overcrowded refugee camps.

Brutal Hong Kong police target university in drive to crush pro-democracy movement

Huge battles were taking place in Hong Kong as Socialist Worker went to press, as the authorities escalated their repression of pro-democracy protests.

After a year of the Yellow Vests - a new chance for united struggle in France

Richard Greeman, a Marxist writer and activist best known for his work on Victor Serge, marks the one-year anniversary of the Yellow Vests by looking at what the movement has achieved and the prospects for future struggles

International round-up - killings in Gaza, protests hit Iran, general strike in Chile

Israel killed unleashed a fresh round of bombings on the besieged Gaza Strip last week.


Neoliberalism takes revenge in Bolivia

Bad things have been happening lately in Latin America. But the worst to date is the right wing coup in Bolivia


Cracks in US ruling class are chance to dump Donald Trump

US establishment figures hope they can impeach Trump over ‘Ukrainegate’. We need to go beyond their narrow differences, writes Gabby Thorpe

Ten years of austerity - the brutal reality of Tory rule

A decade of Tory rule has slashed key services, savaged spending and driven more people into poverty. And if they aren’t kicked out, life for working class people is set to get worse, report Sarah Bates and Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Harriet Tubman - freedom fighter

Ahead of a new film telling the story of Harriet Tubman, the escaped slave who helped others on their way to freedom, Socialist Worker celebrates the life of a legend


The Irishman—an unsettling and melancholy film about age and regret

The Irishman has everything you’d want from a Scorsese gangster film, writes Simon Basketter, but there’s humour and sadness amid the violence

May Morris: Art & Life

This landmark exhibition explores the life and work of May Morris, one of the most significant artists of the British arts .

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Will Whatsapp win the election?

Momentum says it’s driving forward path-breaking campaigning methods that will win the election.

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‘Look, this is either the Clash or the Rolling Stones’

The Troublemaker—British soldiers’ torture and murder covered up

Evidence implicating British soldiers in the murder of children and the torture of civilians was covered up by military commanders

Strikes to hit 60 universities as UCU members fight for the future of education

Tens of thousands of UCU union members are preparing for their return to the picket line. Sadie Robinson talks to activists about how they’re building solidarity—and how to win

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