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Issue: 2682

Dated: 26 Nov 2019

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World leaders are floating on a sea of climate lies

As governments prepare for COP 2019 global gathering, Sarah Bates analyses the climate talks

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Jeremy Corbyn wins TV debate while Boris bores on Brexit

Between an Emmerdale cliffhanger and the start of I’m A Celebrity stood Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson. Despite the fact that neither politicians nor viewers were desperate to see the first TV debate, it nonetheless taught us something.

Angry sixth form college strikers say, ‘Education cuts are an election issue’

Strikes hit some 34 sixth form colleges on Wednesday as NEU union members walked out. The action was the third walkout in the union’s campaign over pay and funding – and the biggest so far.

Labour launches its ‘manifesto for hope’, but there’s still a fight ahead for Corbyn

Overall, the tone of the manifesto is more combative than the one Labour released in 2017, bit there are important concessions to the right.

Postal workers tell bosses ‘we will not be moved’

Thousands of postal workers gathered outside their workplaces on Friday to tell Royal Mail bosses they won’t back down.

Why Roger Hallam was wrong about the Holocaust

 Hallam downplayed the Holocaust as “just another fuckery in human history” and “almost a normal event”.

Tory manifesto set to lay out more attacks on working class

The Tories are expected to announce on Sunday that they will bring in new laws to outlaw some rail strikes.

Lying Tories release their manifesto

Tory prime minister Boris Johnson presented himself as a champion of ordinary people against the politicians at the party’s manifesto launch in Telford, Shropshire, on Sunday.

Strikers at UCL speak out over UCU union fight over pay, pensions and conditions

Workers and students staged determined picket lines across Britain on Monday as an eight-day strike got underway.

One-state solution is the only way to free Palestine

The US announced last week that it considers Israeli settlements on Palestinian land to be legal.

Start of strike at 60 universities is a stunning success

Big picket lines, student support, enthusiastic particpation and union recruitment as eight-day strike begins

UCU strikes see ‘festive’ second day

Striking university staff were in a buoyant mood as they entered the second day of an eight-day walkout on Tuesday.

Get ready to protest against Trump’s London trip

Donald Trump is set to fly to London next week to attend a two-day summit of the Nato warmongers’ alliance

‘Bigger turnouts than ever’ as strike wave sweeps across universities

An eight-day strike across 60 universities got off to a fantastic start on Monday.

Cruel Tory policies mean more homeless people die

While Boris Johnson speaks of a “one nation” Britain, at least five homeless people have died in the last few weeks.

All out for latest global climate strike

School students across the world were making posters, preparing slogans and dropping banners to organise for their next day of climate action.

University bosses fail to stop student solidarity

Ahead of the university strikes, a number of institutions wrote to students trying to dissuade them from showing solidarity with the UCU.

South West strikes to derail attack on safety

Rail workers are gearing up for what could be one of the biggest battles against the train bosses and their Tory backers.

Health round up: North West strikers keep up fight for equal pay

Hundreds of health workers in the north west of England began their fifth round of strikes for equal pay this week.

Reports round up: Strikers pile on pressure at Westex carpets

Workers at Westex Carpets in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, are on all-out indefinite strike over pay.

Number of NHS beds at an all-time low after a decade of Tory cuts

The number of hospital beds in England has fallen to the lowest level since records began—and a decade of Tory cuts is to blame.

Hope and worry among activists on the Labour Party’s campaign

Labour Party activists have held mass canvassing sessions in marginal seats across Britain as part of their campaign to win the general election.

Brexit Party wants tax cuts for rich, and racism

Nigel Farage unveiled the Brexit Party’s “contract with the people” last week. The document is effectively the party’s general election manifesto.


More revolts in Latin American countries

Strikes in Peru and Colombia have marked the spread of revolt

Hong Kong voters back democracy

Voters in Hong Kong delivered an unprecedented landslide for pro-democracy candidates in local elections

Demonstrators killed in Iran

Security forces in Iran have reportedly killed at least 115 protesters


Ukraine shows splits in the US ruling class

There’s a large element of accident in how Ukraine has come to dominate the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump


1974 Labour government shows voting left isn't enough

Jeremy Corbyn’s radical manifesto isn’t the first time that Labour has pledged to take on the rich. Charlie Kimber looks at how this played out for the 1974 government


Motherless Brooklyn—a feast for film noir fans old and new

Edward Norton’s new film is an ode to past classics that also takes a fresh look at the inequality and corruption of today

William Hogarth shows up an ugly system

Reviews of paintings by William Hogarth almost universally remark that his themes of corruption, prostitution, alcohol abuse and urban chaos are instantly recognisable today

What We Think

Antisemitism fuelled by the right—not Labour

Antisemitism is “sanctioned from the top”—but not, as the Chief Rabbi wrote this week, from the top of the Labour Party.

Movements show how Labour campaign can be electrified

This week we saw examples of how Labour’s election campaign could be electrified.

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LETTERS - PM’s response to flooding shows he’s part of the elite

Boris Johnson’s response to the flooding in South Yorkshire exposed that he doesn’t understand what it’s like to live on very little money (Socialist Worker, 20 November).

The Things They Say

‘They’re unanimous in their hate for me, and I welcome their hatred’

Prince Andrew’s lies on abuse scandal start to unravel

Prince Andrew secretly met Ghislaine Maxwell inside Buckingham Palace

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