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Issue: 2686

Dated: 07 Jan 2020

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Resist Trump’s drive to war with Iran

US president Donald Trump was threatening yet more major acts of war in the Middle East following the assassination of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani.

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‘Hell on earth’ as fires sweep Australia

The bushfires that don't go out are raising a horrifying vision of a country that could be made uninhabitable by climate chaos

Trump threatens devastating war after US assassinates an Iranian leader

In a massive warmongering escalation, a US airstrike murdered general Qassem Soleimani

Protests against Trump’s drive to war

Hundreds of people protested outside Downing Street in central London on Saturday against the threat of a major war with Iran.

Socialist Workers Party conference debates where next for the left

Revolutionaries debated the political situation and how to shape it

Leadership race will pull Labour to the right

Key battles to defeat Boris Johnson’s Tory government lie outside the Labour Party

Climate catastrophe is spreading fire and floods

The climate catastrophe wreaked havoc across the world this week

Crush the Tories with indyref2

Huge numbers of people were expected to march in Glasgow this Saturday demanding another ­referendum on Scottish independence.

Protest in east London over India’s racist law

Slogans of unity against racism echoed in Newham, east London, as 3,000 people took to the streets against India’s Citizenship Amendment Act

Royal Mail workers to strike to defend union rep in Bootle

Postal Workers at the Bootle Delivery Office, Merseyside, are set to strike

Struggle against poverty pay at Liverpool tax office

Outsourced cleaners at HMRC tax offices in Liverpool struck over pay

Reports round-up: vigil against antisemitism

It was a response to antisemitic graffiti

Fighting South West Rail bosses and anti-union laws

Rail workers on South Western Railway ended a with a vow to battle Boris Johnson’s attacks on their right to strike

Metro strike wins new offer

Workers on the Tyne and Wear Metro delivered a bloody nose to bosses

Trade unionists vow to fight Boris Johnson’s attacks on their right to strike

 The queen’s speech on Thursday confirmed that the Tories are going to attack the right to strike. It is a huge challenge that has to be confronted head-on by trade unionists, socialists and campaigners.


French strikes ‘beyond trade unionism’

Another huge day of strikes and demonstrations in France against president Emmanuel Macron’s pension assaults was set for Thursday this week.

French pension strikers reject Macron’s bribes

Tens of thousands of French workers remain on indefinite strike against president Emmanuel Macron’s attacks on pensions


Don’t buy Chris Packham’s myth of overpopulation

A BBC TV programme says ‘overpopulation’ causes climate change. Gabby Thorpe debunks this dangerous racist idea


Opioids in the US - a crisis prescribed by profit

The US is in the grip of a huge health epidemic so big that it is killing more than 130 people a day.

Capitalism can’t make you well

‘Wellness’ may seem like a harmless trend. But it rests on making money from alienation and the way that capitalism damages our minds and bodies


Heavy on cliches, 1917 war film is no one-shot wonder

Sam Mendes’s latest effort is impressive but it relies too much on its unique cinematographic approach rather than original storytelling, argues?Nick Clark

Haven't They Grown—A creepy tale of mystery, determination and cruelty

Haven’t They Grown begins with a very creepy and puzzling scenario. A woman who lost touch with a close friend years ago goes to snoop on her while taking her son to a football match.

Field Music—Making a New World

Sunderland band Field Music, headed by brothers David and Peter Brewis, has made an album about the social impact of the First World War.

What We Think

Capitalism causes war and climate crises

Wildfires, floods and the threat of war ushered in 2020

Betrayed by sexist system

The sexist treatment carried out by the police and justice systems toward women alleging rape was highlighted in a recent horrifying case in Cyprus

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Letters—don’t believe the myth that trans rights threaten women

Socialists should campaign for reform of the Gender Recognition Act to allow individuals to self-identify their own gender

The things they say

‘We cannot see a way of the prime minister avoiding Gerry Adams without reverting to the undignified hiding-behind-the-potted plants scenario’

Contaminated blood scandal could have been avoided

Hundreds of people affected by the contaminated blood scandal could have avoided infection had ­officials accepted help from Scotland

Bigots organise to block new relationships and sex lessons

Bigots are organising to scupper the rollout of LGBT+ equality lessons in schools.

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