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Issue: 2687

Dated: 14 Jan 2020

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New racist Tory rules will murder refugee children

A vicious Tory attack could kill more child refugees as they try to make it to safety in Britain

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Marchers on Glasgow demo demand Scottish independence and end to Tory rule

Tens of thousands of people joined the march

Protesters say no to war with Iran

Thousands of people marched in central London, and hundreds protested in other towns and cities

Labour leader candidates promise lurch to the right

Labour MPs have decided overwhelmingly that the best candidate to take on the Tories as party leader is right wing, Remain-loving knight commander of the order of the bath sir Keir Starmer QC

True horror of housing benefits in Tory Britain

Hundreds of people are being driven into homelessness by errors in housing benefits appeals and overpayments.

Children at risk because of care crisis

The Children’s Commissioner has warned that social care is “in crisis” after new figures showed the number of children in care has reached a ten-year high.

Nearly 100,000 patients made to wait for accident and emergency departments

A record-breaking number of patients have been forced to wait for more than an hour before being admitted from ambulances into accident and emergency (A&E) departments.

No to witchhunt of Kirklees Unison reps

Four Unison union branch officers in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, remain suspended by their own union without knowing the charges against them.

More universities could join new wave of UCU action

Workers in 37 UCU union branches are reballoting for strikes. The branches voted overwhelmingly for walkouts in initial ballots, but failed to meet the Tories’ 50 percent turnout threshold for legal strikes.

Schools and councils round-up: strikes over ‘bullying,’ academies and more

Workers at St Catherine’s Catholic School for Girls in south east London resumed their strikes this week with a three-day walkout from Tuesday.

Police intimidation as workers fight for rights

Security staff at St George’s University Hospitals Trust (SGUL) in west London started 15 days of strikes on Monday—and immediately faced police action.

France at a crossroads

Richard Greeman, a Marxist writer and activist best known for his work on Victor Serge, looks at why Macron is so determined, and asks how workers can win

Deliver solidarity to Bootle post workers’ strikes

Royal Mail workers in Merseyside were set to strike for two days from Saturday of this week against a major attack on their CWU union.

Reports round-up: Australia bushfire protest, opposition to Stratford development and more


Billionaires get richer

The world’s 500 wealthiest people added £1,000 billion to their wealth last year


‘The poor suffer the most’—Jakarta resident speaks out on floods

As the flood waters recede—at least for now—in Jakarta, Indonesia, residents are left trying to piece their lives back together

Huge strike in India has power to challenge hard right government

Some unions say nearly a fifth of the population stayed away from work

French workers debate taking harder hitting action after ‘beautiful’ mass strike

The fourth national day of strikes and demonstrations on Thursday saw massive support against French president Emmanuel Macron’s attacks on pensions.

Government manoeuvres on pension age fail to stop protests and strikes in France

Union members are holding real debates how to take their movement forward, says Charlie Kimber

New coalition government in Spain marks a shift to the right for Podemos

A new coalition government in Spain is vowing to create “a Spain of moderation and not a Spain of tension”.

Iranians take to the streets after a week of war threats

Protests burst out in Iran last Saturday after the regime admitted to accidentally shooting down a passenger plane.


Why Donald Trump can’t win in Iran

It’s clear who the losers were in the confrontation between the United States and Iran.


How the rich and powerful let Australia burn

The Australian wildfires show the terrifying reality of catastrophic climate change

Engels showed how humans change the world

Gabby Thorpe is impressed by Camilla Royle’s new book on the life and work of Engels—a key contributor to Marxism

Behind the push for war with Iran

Decades of Western imperialism in the Middle East lie behind the latest crisis


What We Think

Rebel against Prevent

The state is so worried about Extinction Rebellion (XR) it has included the direct action group in its Prevent strategy.

Labour hopefuls unite to betray Palestinians

awitchhunt in the Labour Party is about to begin in earnest on a mass scale.

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LETTERS - George Monbiot’s lab food plan gives power to bosses

What if, instead of producing our food from animals and plants, we could grow it all in a lab?

It’s Harryverderci as racist royals regroup and rebrand

Not since the dark days of Diana has such a sense of dread and unhappiness surrounded the royal watchers of the British press.

After the earthquake—how world rulers have failed Haiti

In 2010 an earthquake killed and injured hundreds of thousands of people in Haiti and left many more homeless. But more horrific was world rulers’ response, argues Gabby Thorpe

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