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Issue: 2689

Dated: 28 Jan 2020

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‘Protest against racism’—victim of vicious attack in Edinburgh speaks out

An Asian man who was viciously beaten up in Edinburgh has called on people to “please come and protest” against racism.

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Rebecca Long-Bailey rally shows left has limited its sights

A Corbyn rally it was not—but perhaps these are early days.

Wildcat strike and upbeat student rally at Soas university in London

Hundreds of students and workers protested at management attacks on staff and education

Lockdown and panic won’t stop spread of virus in China

The spread of a virus in China worked the British rightwing press into a frenzy.

Setback for Salvini, but the right is a real threat

Italy’s right wing League leader Matteo Salvini failed to overturn decades of left of centre rule in the northern region of Emilia-Romagna last Sunday.

Scrap HS2 and take rail off the fat cats

A new report laid bare the growing chaos behind the the HS2 project, just as Northern Rail hits the buffers

Western threats split protests in Iraq

Tens of thousands of people marched in Iraq’s capital Baghdad on Friday of last week to demand the withdrawal of US soldiers from the country.

Radical action needed for Scottish independence fight

Charlie McKinnon argues that activists should push for a new phase of a resistance to force the break up of the British state

Carpet workers say pile on the pressure

The resolve of Westex carpet workers in West Yorkshire had not weakened as they began the tenth week of an all-out strike on Monday.

Defend the right to stand with Palestinian people

We will continue to stand up for Palestine. That was the message as Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) members packed Conway Hall in London for their annual general meeting last Saturday.

Don’t let the bosses stop postal workers’ walkouts

Workers at several Royal Mail workplaces are set to start ballots for local strikes after bosses pushed ahead with major attacks on jobs and working conditions.

Big vote for more strikes on South Western Railway

Further strikes are planned on South Western Railway (SWR) after workers voted overwhelmingly for more action.

Services brought in-house after action hits Sirona

In a welcome victory for the defence of public services, adult social care services are coming back into the control of the local council in Bath and North East Somerset.

Union leaders split over who should head Labour as candidates shift right

Trade union leaders are split over who to back to be the Labour Party’s next leader and deputy leader.

University staff could stage further strikes as reballot results due

More strikes could be called in universities across Britain this week, as reballots for action close in 37 UCU union branches.

‘Campaign in every way we know how’ for safety of child refugees, says Alf Dubs

Labour peer Alf Dubs has urged campaigners to “use every means possible to keep up pressure” after Tory MPs voted to dump protections for child refugees

East London school takes action over academy selloff plan

NEU union members at St Michael’s Catholic Primary School in Newham, east London, struck for three days last week to stop the school being turned into an academy.

Round-up: cops called to St George’s pickets, cleaners strike, ferry walkout and more

Security guards at St George’s medical school in south London struck for a further three days from Monday.

‘Lives were ruined and we want justice says’ Grenfell resident

“Lives were ruined and we want justice,” a former Grenfell resident told Socialist Worker on Monday. He was speaking as the second phase of the Grenfell Tower Inquiry got underway.

Protesters at fascist reading

People protested outside the public reading of a fascist book in Vauxhall, south London


Hunger for change feeds Bernie Sanders campaign

Bernie Sanders’ campaign to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for US president is winning real enthusiasm as the process to choose the nominee begins.

Strikes and protests sweep across France in seventh day of national action

A huge day of strikes and demonstrations in France on Friday has reinvigorated the battle against attacks on pensions.

‘We can’t give in to Emmanuel Macron’

A huge day of strikes and demonstrations in France on Friday has reinvigorated the battle against attacks on pensions. Another day of national action was set for Wednesday this week.

Crisis after floods and landslides in Brazil

Over 50 people have been killed and tens of thousands displaced from their homes after floods and landslides hit Brazil. The country has recorded its heaviest rainfall in 110 years.


Britain in firing line of US-EU trade war

China and the United States have agreed to a truce in the trade war they have been waging for the past two years. What is supposed to be “phase one” of a larger trade deal was signed in Washington last week.


The fight for trans rights

A new book by Laura Miles looks at the origins of trans people’s oppression, and what socialists should say. Tomáš Tengely-Evans read it—and says you should too

Brexit—is it all over?

As Britain leaves the European Union, Sophie Squire and Sarah Bates look at the problems that lie ahead for the Tories, big business and Labour


Universal Credit doc is just a propaganda whitewash

A new BBC documentary is supposed to give an honest view of the benefits system. But it hides the real truth

The Windermere Children

August, 1945. A coachload of children arrive at the Calgarth Estate by Lake Windermere, England.

What We Think

Tories’ assembly of inaction on climate change

Around 150 people have begun the process of kick-starting Britain’s first “climate assembly”.

Get Trump’s hands off Palestine

“We will make history,” said Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu ahead of an announcement by Donald Trump on Tuesday. One way or another, that’s almost certainly true.

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Letters—We marched to shut down the billionaire hypocrites

As one of the organisers made clear, “We make no demands on the World Economic Forum—we come here to shut it down.”

Bare faced cheek of London cops spying on everyone

The Metropolitan police has announced it will use live facial recognition cameras operationally for the first time on London streets

Big support for walkout that takes on bosses at Soas university

Soas management have launched a vicious attack on some of the lowest-paid academic staff—but it has been met by resistance, reports Sadie Robinson

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