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Issue: 2690

Dated: 04 Feb 2020

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Right want to use south London stabbings for more repression

Boris Johnson unveiled a wish list of repressive measures after the shooting of Sudesh Amman in Streatham, south London, on Sunday.

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Grenfell cladding witnesses threaten to withhold evidence

Important witnesses at the Grenfell Tower Inquiry may refuse to give evidence, unless they receive and assurance that they are free the threat of criminal prosecution.

Workers could strike at 74 universities after overwhelming vote

UCU union members have delivered overwhelming votes for strikes to defend their pensions, pay, contracts and conditions.

Strikes win victory over outsourcing at St Mary’s hospital

Over 200 porters, cleaners and caterers have won their fight over pay, conditions and to be brought in-house.

The scandal of soaring self-harm in prisons

'Prioritising prison building and punitive policies will only do more harm and exacerbate this already failing system,' says charity

Victims of contaminated blood were treated with contempt—and are still denied justice

New evidence shows people who contracted serious diseases were kept in the dark, ostracised and blamed

Dial-a-strike: Transport for London workers fight for living wage

Chants of “Shame” rang out against Transport for London (TfL) bosses at the headquarters in Southwark, south London, as hundreds of workers struck on Thursday.

York students say they won’t be divided by coronavirus fears

 Students fear a rise in racism after the first British cases of coronavirus infection were revealed to be from their university.

Building movements to defend the planet from the climate catastrophe

It’s not just the planet that’s hotting up—action to defend it is also ramping up a gear.

Anti-racism round up: Protest after attack on two Edinburgh shopkeepers

Anti-racists rallied in Edinburgh last Thursday after an assault on two Asian shopkeepers. Around 50 people joined the Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) protest.

Attacks at Royal Mail spark local strike votes

Postal workers at Royal Mail workplaces across Britain are gearing up for local strikes after bosses pushed ahead with attacks on jobs and conditions.

Sixth form college workers get set for more strikes over funding and pay

Workers at 34 sixth form colleges were set to strike on Wednesday of next week.

UCU calls 14 days of walkouts in 74 universities

Strikes will hit 74 universities across Britain in February and March.

Roll out support for all-out walkout at Westex carpets

Carpet workers in West Yorkshire remained “absolutely solid” as they began the 11th week of an indefinite strike over pay.

Bromley library workers go back to work

Library workers in Bromley, south east London, went back to work on Wednesday after an all-out strike that lasted eight months.

Unison union backs Scottish referendum

The Unison union’s Scottish council has voted to support a second independence referendum at a time chosen by the Scottish parliament.

Outrage after homophobic assault in Chelmsford

A man in Chelmsford, Essex, suffered a brutal homophobic assault on Sunday of last week.

Reports round-up—Ealing tax office, Harrods ballot, RSPCA workers and more

Trade unionists rallied in solidarity with workers at a west London tax office last week. PCS union members at the HMRC office in Ealing picketed against its closure at the start of a half-day strike last Thursday and stayed out for a full day on Friday.

Transport round up: 20,000 London bus workers vote on fight against fatigue

Bus drivers in London are getting ready to vote for militant action over widespread worker fatigue.

Irish elections set to show long term shift away from three main parties

Irish taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar was hoping to get an easy ride to re-election this week.

No-cuts pledge from Liverpool mayor reopens debates for Labour

A Labour Party mayor has said his council will refuse to implement any more cuts—raising the prospect of a fight with the Tory government.

Further austerity on the way

Boris Johnson has ordered cuts of at least 5 percent to every government department. His call comes ahead of the budget on 11 March.

PCS union walkout escalates at Foreign Office

Union members working for private contractors at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office began a month-long strike on Monday of this week.


Strikes defy French cops as union leaders seek shoddy deals

Another day of national strikes and demonstrations was set for Thursday this week in France.

Iowa vote launches Democrats into chaos

Bernie Sanders is proving to be a challenge to the Democratic Party establishment, says Gabby Thorpe


Do not value migrants just for their ‘productivity’

We mustn’t let business interests dominate arguments against the Tories’ vicious immigration bill, says Tomáš Tengely-Evans

The left must move on from Brexit splits

“I have taken great care not to deride, bewail, or execrate human actions, but to understand them, ” the great philosopher Baruch Spinoza wrote in the Introduction to his Political Treatise, unfinished when he died in 1677.


No ‘peace or prosperity’ in Palestine

US president Donald Trump unveiled his ‘deal of the century’ for ‘peace’ in Palestine last week. His plan will entrench occupation and leave Israel in charge, writes Nick Clark

Yalta 1945—how they carved up the globe

Seventy five years ago, a cabal of world leaders crafted a secret plan to divide up Europe. Socialist Worker looks at how workers’ resistance forced their hand


Parasite is a movie that will resonate all over the world

This film from Korea is winning plaudits as a strange, well-made dark comedy. But more than that, writes Irang Bak, its message about inequality is universal

Sensational Man Like Mobeen breaks new ground

The latest series of the sitcom-drama Man Like Mobeen is now on BBC3 catch-up, alongside the previous two seasons.

What We Think

Build resistance after Tory climate cop outs

Boris Johnson has unveiled the Tories’ “strategy” in hosting the United Nations (UN) Cop 26 climate talks in November.

Be scared—into action

Fear and anger are powerful emotions.

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Obituary - Dave Waller, 1953-2020

Comrades in Norwich were saddened to hear about the death of Socialist Workers Party (SWP) member Dave Waller last month.

Letters—Media racism exposed in coverage of coronavirus

Panic around the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan has led to a rise in racist attacks against Chinese and East Asian people.

Things they say

‘Courtesy not least of Jeremy Corbyn’

Grenfell Inquiry—firms ‘pass buck and blame each other’

The inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire heard last week that corporations had killed residents “in the pursuit of money”.

The woman who is taking Universal Credit to court

Hated benefits rules left Nichola Salvato in debt over childcare costs. Now, reports Sadie Robinson, she’s on a legal crusade to have them overturned

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