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Issue: 2691

Dated: 11 Feb 2020

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Fresh deportations show up cruelty of Tory racism

“I’m going to die if I go back— the same people who killed my father will kill me,” Christopher, a man threatened with imminent deportation, spoke to Socialist Worker.

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Trump’s state of the union speech was a celebration of racism and the rich

Donald Trump gave his state of the union address on Tuesday evening, spurred on by the prospect of unsuccessful attempts by his opponents to impeach him.

Foreign Office cleaners say, ‘We want Dominic Raab to come down here and talk to us’

“We need respect,” says Beatriz—not her real name—a cleaner at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. “The way they treat people, the cleaners, it’s not good.”

Sanders wins most votes in Iowa with message of change

With all the votes counted in the Democratic caucus in Iowa, Bernie Sanders has won the highest number of votes.

Take to the streets to demand action on climate catastrophe

The climate delayers and deniers in government reaffirmed their commitment to ignoring ecological breakdown this week.

Fury as Tories prepare mass deportations to Jamaica

Boris Johnson’s plan to deport as many as 50 people to Jamaica next Tuesday has sparked mass outrage.

Stand Up To Racism conference calls for action in the workplace

Up to 250 trade unionists and campaigners rallied against racism in Central London on Saturday.

Tory plan for mass deportation to Jamaica suffers setback

A Jamaican man says he faces “death and nothing else” if the Tories manage to deport him on Tuesday.

Right wingers lead as Labour leadership race enters final stage

Right wing Labour leadership candidate Keir Starmer looked set to enter the final round of the contest with the most nominations by far.

Protest can turn climate chaos into Tory chaos for Johnson

Boris Johnson has lurched into the chaos of cobbling together a team and strategy for hosting the United Nations (UN) Cop26 talks

Post workers ready to deliver strike vote

Royal Mail workers are gearing up for a second national strike ballot, as bosses promise to steamroll ahead with attacks on jobs, pay and conditions.

Bus drivers in London steer to strikes after overwhelming vote for action

Bus workers in London have delivered an overwhelming vote to strike in a consultative ballot in a crucial fight over safety of workers and passengers.

Fight against academisation heats up in east London

Workers at St Michael’s, a small primary school in Newham, east London, struck for the seventh time on Thursday of last week.

Hackney traffic wardens won’t wait to win pay justice

Traffic wardens in Hackney, east London, launched a two-week walkout for higher pay on Monday.

Panic measures and racism are no cure for coronavirus

A mixture of apolocalyptic and racist headlines in Britain makes a rational response to the virus less likely

Westex carpet strikers question what happened to ballot

Strikers at Westex carpet in West Yorkshire are frustrated that they may be forced to end their fight for higher pay.

Shamima Begum loses legal appeal

Shamima Begum

Sixth form college walkouts hit hard

 Workers are striking back against savage cuts crushing education

Reports round up: Protest in solidarity with Turkish workers

Jam workers in Histon, near Cambridge, could walk out to defend their terms and conditions.

Workers ready for strikes to sweep 74 universities

 Workers at scores of universities are set to strike for two days from Thursday of next week—kicking off some 14 days of walkouts.

Sixth form strikers take to picket line over pay and funding

Workers at sixth form colleges across England braved cold, rain, hail and even blizzards on Wednesday to strike for more pay and funding for education.


Irish elections show angry rejection of establishment

The major establishment parties took a kicking in the Irish general election last Saturday.

New action dates called for French pension war

The fight isn’t over, but the unions need to call for coordinated resistance, says Charlie Kimber

International round-up—Protests in Germany beat back right and US elections

Mass pressure from below has blocked the further entry of the far right AfD party into German mainstream politics.


What comes next for the left after Corbyn?

Activists gathered in London last week to debate why Labour lost last year’s general election, and where now for the left after the end of Corbynism

Drive for profit benefits the spread of disease

Environmental changes mean more risk of viruses being passed from animals to humans says Yuri Prasad

Israel supporters are on a new offensive

The Witchhunt smearing anti-Zionists as antisemites has moved on to new targets


Who are Sinn Fein?

As counting begins in the Irish elections, Socialist Worker wishes the best to Solidarity-People Before Profit. With Sinn Fein neck and neck for top spot according to exit polls, Simon Basketter looks at the party’s history.

Capitalism—a system rigged for oil

Multinational bosses plan to keep pumping out more oil and gas—despite climate catastrophe. Sarah Bates looks at why we have to keep fossil fuels in the ground and why the industry is so central to how capitalism operates


Mr Jones shows the horror of Stalin’s counter-revolution

A film about a journalist who uncovers famine in Ukraine could have fallen to smug pro-Westernism. But it has more to say

Du Bois’s graphics challenged racism

These posters showed that black Americans—and their art, culture and education—were flourishing in just four decades after the civil war that ended slavery

What We Think

Build the resistance to Tories’ rancid racism

Anti-racists and socialists have repeatedly said that Boris Johnson will use racism in order to shore up his rule and divide opposition. His 81-seat majority in parliament makes it easier for the Tories to force through more attacks.

Trade unions—act, don’t just talk

Heart Unions Week—the TUC union federation’s annual publicity campaign—this year focuses on challenging sexual harassment at work.

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Letters—Is HS2 good news for planet or environmental disaster?

The development of railways is needed to take cars and much lorry traffic off heavily-polluting, CO2-creating, dangerous roads.

The Things They Say

‘A diluted version of Corbyn’s tax raids on the rich’

Tories underestimate number killed by Universal Credit

The government has investigated 69 suicides that could have been linked to problems with benefit claims over the last six years

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