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Issue: 2694

Dated: 03 Mar 2020

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‘Bring in all the refugees —give them asylum now’

As European border forces prepare to beat back thousands of refugees, the call needs to go out to let them in.

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Solidarity boosts university strikers on day four of their action

John McDonnell said, 'We will do all we can in parliament to support you. But on the streets is where we need to be.'

‘No human should have to live like this’—Harmondsworth detainee speaks out

A partially-blind man who has lived, studied and worked in Britain since the age of 15 fears he could be deported to Jamaica.

University strikers march and prepare for stronger resistance

Up to 1,000 university strikers, students and supporters marched through central London on Wednesday on the final day of a three-day strike.

Blood on Modi’s hands as riots sweep India’s capital

Anti-Muslim attacks have hit New Delhi - but there is also resistance

Sixth form strikers ramp up pressure on colleges and Tories

Sixth form college workers struck over pay and funding - and escalation could be coming

Activists celebrate ruling against Heathrow third runway—but prepare to fight on

Activists were celebrating on Thursday after plans against Heathrow Airport expansion were blocked in a dramatic court ruling

Tens of thousands march with Greta Thunberg in Bristol

School climate strikers poured on to the streets and demanded urgent action

Keep fighting as university strikes have bosses under pressure

Tens of thousands of university workers entered their third week of a wave of strikes on Monday. They need solidarity and an outgoing strike.

Spread of coronavirus reveals fatal flaws in global health care

As the deadly disease spreads to new countries, Socialist Worker investigates why health care systems and pharmaceutical companies run for profit fail those most in need of help

Labour left issue a call for movement outside of party

“No going back” is the new rallying cry for the left in the Labour Party.

Climate round-up: Activists follow school strike with forum to prepare for more action

Around 140 climate activists gathered to debate how to take the fight for ecological justice forward in Bristol on Saturday.

Transport round up: South Western Railway strikes are coming down the line

Bosses at the South Western Railway (SWR) are braced for another round of strikes as workers battle to protect their jobs and passenger safety.

Post workers begin ballot in vital battle

Royal Mail postal workers began their second national strike ballot in recent months on Tuesday in a momentous battle over jobs, conditions—and the future of the industry.

‘We are not with you’, Wigan charity strikers tell the bosses

Privatised health workers in Wigan and Leigh have launched a fresh round of strikes in their long-running fight for NHS rates of pay.

Reports round up: UEL university cleaners fight for dignity at work

UEL cleaners fight for dignity at work

Striking trinity of east London schools take on academisation

Workers at St Michael’s, St Bonaventure’s and St Bede’s schools in east London struck over academisation last week.

Detainee died ‘in plain sight’

A man died from dehydration, malnutrition and hypothermia “in plain sight” in a detention centre, an inquest has found.

Don’t let bosses boot out leading PCS union rep Paul Williams

The PCS union has launched a campaign against the victimisation of leading rep Paul Williams.


French government vows to ram through pension assault

 Angry demonstrations took place in cities across France on Saturday evening after the government announced it would implement attacks on pensions without a vote in parliament.

Israeli elections leave right claiming victory while scrabbling for power

Right wing parties declared victory in Israel’s elections on Monday, promising a government that will annexe all of the Palestinian West Bank.


Erdogan’s imperial play comes undone

The Brazilian Marxist Ruy Mauro Marini coined the concept of “sub-imperialism” back in the 1960s. The concept applies perfectly to Turkey under president Recep Tayyip Erdogan


Bernie Sanders, the Democrats and the fears of the US establishment

Key elections are coming for the Democratic Party nomination for US president. Can Bernie Sanders win, and what will this signify?

Sex, gender and women’s liberation

The reality of women’s oppression is all around us. For all the advances won by resistance and struggle, capitalist society is riven with deeply entrenched sexism—unequal pay, ­sexual harassment, attacks on reproductive rights and objectification.


Escape from Pretoria film is a powerful thriller about the ingenuity of resistance

Escape from Pretoria is the extraordinary true story of two anti-apartheid activists. Moyra Samuels reviews the film—and speaks to two of those depicted in the film.

There’s nought to make you cross about Noughts and Crosses adaptation

Reflections of racism today are echoed in this adaptation of Malorie Blackman's series of young adult novels says Siobhan Brown

What We Think

Afghan deal is a blow for West’s imperialism

When the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001, CIA officer Milton Bearden warned it could “end up on the ash heap of Afghan history”.

Charge Grenfell firms

The Grenfell Inquiry is helping the guilty to escape. It resumed on Monday after staff of companies and organisations involved in work on the tower were assured that their evidence would not be used to prosecute them.

Other Categories

Letters- Students are supporting the strikes at our universities

At York university we are trying to get campus campaigns to work together through the Students Support the Strike group.

Rich buy access to the Tory party at a renamed dinner

‘People’s Prime minister’ Boris Johnson rolled out the red carpet for super-rich Tory supporters worth in excess of £25 billion at a lavish ball.

Why you should join the march against racism

We need to hurl back the Tory government’s racist offensive. Activists say you should join the Stand Up To Racism national demonstrations in London and Glasgow on Saturday 21 March

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