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Issue: 2697

Dated: 24 Mar 2020

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Reckless bosses put people at risk

Bosses are putting workers at risk as firms try to keep operating during the coronavirus crisis.

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Workers’ action wins safety demands over coronavirus

More trade unionists are organising in their workplaces to protect people from coronavirus.

Boris Johnson plans power grab for cops and border guards amid coronavirus crisis

The Tories plan to grab more powers for the police and immigration officials under the guise of tackling the coronavirus crisis.

Did British government and Libyan regime conspire to torture suspect?

New revelations about accusations that involve Boris Johnson

Windrush report slams government, but pulls back from fundamental change

The Tories’ treatment of the Windrush generation of migrants was “consistent with some elements” of institutional racism, according to an official report.

Fear and uncertainty for workers who can’t stay home in ghost town Britain

Parts of Britain look increasingly like a ghost town after the government advised workers to work from home where possible.

Walkout at ten south London libraries over coronavirus safety

Lambeth library workers said they were angry at managers' lack of action

State support for wages shows scale of crisis, but don’t stop fighting

The Tories were forced to unveil measures “unprecedented in the history of the British state” on Friday.

‘Profit, profit, profit’—how Tony Blair helped destroy our capacity to test for coronavirus

Why has Britain tested so few people for coronavirus?

No care for ill or infirm people under Tory corona plans

The government has said that around 1.5 million people in England are in so much danger due to coronavirus they must “take themselves out of society”.

‘Just in time’ production for profit to blame for empty supermarket shelves

The Tories are trying to deflect blame for food shortages at supermarkets onto ordinary people.

Tory wages plan subsidises the bosses—not workers

Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a scheme to subsidise wages that was hailed as a total transformation in policy. But the details showed that it’s far less generous than it might have seemed

Local government round up: Success for battling Bexley bin workers

Bin workers in south east London won health and safety demands over coronavirus after a walkout on Wednesday of last week.

It is no time for a truce with bullying post bosses

Walkouts by postal workers on Monday in Bridgwater in Somerset and Southwark in south London underlined the angry mood among post workers.

Don’t put universities fight on ‘back burner’

A number of UCU union branches called off planned strikes in universities as the coronavirus crisis grew.

‘Our dispute is not over,’ say sixth form strikers

Two contradictory developments in the sixth form colleges dispute crashed into one another last week

Reports round up: Protest stunt outside Downing Street over coronavirus

The Pause the System group staged a protest last week to demand action

International Round Up: First coronavirus cases detected in Gaza strip

The first two cases of coronavirus were detected in the Gaza Strip on Sunday of last week. Two people have been put in quarantine.

Tories’ measures are not enough to beat back virus

Boris Johnson announced lockdown conditions for Britain in a televised address on Monday of this week.


Horror for refugees as conditions make coronavirus more deadly

In Greece overcrowded refugee camps on islands in the Aegean sea have been put on lockdown.

Donald Trump’s corona crisis measures are handout for the rich

Trillions of dollars for a coronavirus aid package in the United States is mainly about protecting profits, writes Gabby Thorpe

Bosses are rocked by the ‘brutal change of attitude’ among workers

A series of strikes in French factories engaged in non-essential production has forced employers to close some of them down, at least temporarily.


Coronavirus crisis is a big blow to neoliberalism

If you want a sense of how bad the crisis is, just look at Boris Johnson’s face


Massacre that exposed apartheid—60 years after Sharpeville

Sixty years ago this week the small township of Sharpeville in South Africa hit the headlines around the world. In 1985 Socialist Worker’s Alan Gibson looked at what happened.

The ‘national interest’ is not the interest of workers

During times of turmoil, the ruling class will tell us to come together. Behind this is the drive to keep making profits writes Nick Clark

Anxious, exhausted and angry—health workers speak out

The coronavirus crisis has laid bare the dire state of Britain’s underfunded NHS. Health workers battling the virus spoke to Socialist Worker about the harsh reality of being on the frontline

Corona crisis shows need to break from chaos of capitalism

A society based on democratic planning could meet the needs of everyone and boost innovation. Socialist Worker looks at how ordinary people could reshape our world


Vivarium—a sci-fi thriller where the real horror is at home

Claustrophobic, stuck indoors and can’t get away from the children. That’s the setting for a new film that probes family life

People’s Republic of Congo is setting for Alain Mabanckou's lively and chilling novel

Set in the People’s Republic of Congo in 1977, The Death of Comrade President is based on real events

What We Think

Coronavirus exposes capitalist greed

The crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak is testing every political force in society—and exposing some basic truths.

Labour and union chiefs fail coronavirus test

The crisis caused by coronavirus is testing every political force in society—and exposing some basic truths. One remarkable feature is how often the Labour Party agrees with the right wing Tory government.

An imperial disaster

If coronavirus rips through countries ravaged by imperialism, it would spell catastrophe for millions.

Other Categories

LETTERS—We need to fight to bail out people, not rich businesses

I’ve helped to set up a mutual aid group in Mile End, east London. We’ve distributed leaflets telling people how to access help at food banks, mosques, churches and charities. 

Never mind the coronavirus, what about the bottom line?

Never mind the coronavirus, what about the bottom line?

New laws give dangerous powers to the state

The Tories rushed through new laws to ‘deal’ with coronavirus—but parts of them are a threat to us all

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