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Issue: 2698

Dated: 31 Mar 2020

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Tories’ failure to test for virus will cost more lives

The Tories are trying to hide their responsibility for the coronavirus crisis as the number of patients rises by 1,000 a day.

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No hand sanitiser, no social distancing, no protection – workers speak out

Tube workers in London are furious at being asked to risk their health by working in unsafe conditions as the coronavirus crisis grows.

Cruelty of Tories’ benefit promises revealed as Universal Credit claims rise

Nearly half a million people put in claims for Universal Credit (UC) in a nine-day period as the coronavirus crisis hit.

Workers force closure of libraries they say are unsafe

Matt, a Unison union rep in Tower Hamlets, says, "There’s contempt for managers that kept facilities open despite the threat to the health of the staff.”

Climate protester told to travel 400 miles to court during lockdown

The state is calling on Extinction Rebellion members to travel across Britain during the coronavirus pandemic

Luxury furniture delivery firm claims its staff are ‘key workers’

 A logistics company that delivers luxury furniture for Marks and Spencer made call centre workers come in claiming they were “critical” to tackling coronavirus.

Boris Johnson sends coronavirus letter to every household to mask Tory failures

The Tory government is mobilising to deliver to every household across Britain. But you won’t be getting medicines or food. You will be treated to a letter from Boris Johnson.

Crucial care services are being withdrawn during coronavirus crisis

Councils and care bosses are asking people to fend for themselves 

We need action, not dodgy deals, from union leaders over virus

Action by workers has shown the type of ­resistance that’s possible against bosses who force them to work in unsafe conditions during the coronavirus outbreak.

Health workers die in lack of equipment ‘national scandal’

Weeks after the government insisted the shortage of personal protective equipment was being resolved, doctors and nurses are getting ill, and some die because they still can’t get it

Ventilators deadly shortage threatens care

Hospitals have started rationing ventilators for patients as the coronavirus death toll rises.

Poor quality food sent to children on free meals

Anger as children on free school meals are being sent food packages that will leave them hungry.

Tories abandon homeless people despite promises to give shelter

Conflicting advice from the Tory government is resulting in homeless people being at heightened risk of contracting coronavirus.

Poor quality food sent to children on free meals

Children on free school meals are being sent food packages that will leave them hungry

Pressure of ‘unity’ sees Labour shift rightwards

The Labour Party leadership contest was set to finally end this Thursday with the result to be announced on Saturday.

Capitalism brings people together — perhaps to bury it

We’re encouraged to see ourselves as competing individuals. But capitalism enables collective action that undermines those ideas

Abortion law changes do not go far enough

Rules relaxing access to abortion aren’t enough to protect women in the pandemic.

Industrial round up: Don’t let car bosses reopen factories

Car bosses are drawing up plans to restart production at plants in Britain and Europe producing non-essential vehicles. They must be stopped.


US workers stage walkouts and protests over coronavirus safety

Workers’ action is spreading across the US to stop bosses putting profit ahead of health in the coronavirus crisis. 

Millions fear starvation after shutdown imposed in India

The Indian government’s attempts to lockdown over a billion people are collapsing after only a few days.

Strikes and repression spread across the African continent

Workers have suffered repression and evictions to try and stop the spread of the virus, but there has also been fightback in the form of strikes.

Trump forced into small climbdown as death toll and US virus count rise

Trump forced into small climbdown as death toll and US virus count rise

Fresh strikes for coronavirus safety in Italy

Workers in Italy are resisting bosses’ attempts to benefit from the ­coronavirus crisis.


Government cost-cutting in the NHS over a decade ago is putting lives at risk now

Why is the NHS failing to get the right protective equipment to health workers coming face to face with the coronavirus?

Thousands across the country clap to show solidarity with the NHS

The #ClapForOurCarers this week was a huge, grassroots event that reflected a desire by ordinary people to show solidarity, pull together and help one another in difficult times.

Coronavirus crisis exposes the myth of a progressive EU

The coronavirus crisis has exposed political leaders as wanting. The systematic bungling by Boris Johnson’s government is summed up by the fact that he, his health secretary and the chief medical adviser have all tested positive for the virus.


Why Corbyn couldn’t beat capital

As Jeremy Corbyn ends his time as Labour leader, Nick Clark looks at the impact he has had—and why any attempts by Labour to change the system will be limited

The myth of the ‘Blitz spirit’

The “Blitz spirit” was then, as now, a propaganda ploy.


What to watch and listen to when you're on lockdown

Feeling starved of culture now everything is closed? Don’t worry, there’s plenty online

Fun night of poetry direct to your living room with Hollie McNish

Poet and spoken word artist Hollie McNish has had to postpone her spring tour. Luckily, she is performing three gigs from her living room.

What We Think

A warning from Hungary

Hungary’s government effectively declared itself a dictatorship on Monday under the guise of combating coronavirus.

Virus shows how capitalist system fails millions

The coronavirus crisis has exposed capitalism as a brutal and inhumane system that fails to meet people’s most basic needs.

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Manu DIBango 1933-2020

Manu Dibango’s saxophone driven mix of jazz, funk and Cameroonian call and response verses helped put Africa at the centre of European pop in the early 1970s

Nicki Sellars 1955-2020

Nicki joined the SWP in London and remained a committed revolutionary socialist.

Letters—Crisis shows how education can be organised differently 

As a teacher, socialist and trade unionist I met the cancellation of Sats, GCSEs and A Levels with mixed feelings. I have genuine sympathy for children who have been preparing long and hard for their tests and exams. 

The things they say

‘I shook hands with everybody’

Government knew years ago that the NHS could not cope with virus

The NHS failed a test of its ability to withstand a major pandemic more than three years ago but the results were not made public.

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