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Issue: 2700

Dated: 14 Apr 2020

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Tories’ lies mean thousands die of virus

Tory lies over the coronavirus crisis mean many more people will die. And we are not all in it together—poor, black and vulnerable people will be the hardest hit.

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Health workers protest against poor response to virus in Greece

 Health workers in Greece protested at 28 hospitals around the country on Tuesday, against their right wing government’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Argos workers angry at being seen as ‘collateral damage’

Argos warehouse workers are being “put in danger” to keep profits rolling in during coronavirus crisis. 

The Declaration of Arbroath in 1320: Scotland’s claim to independence?

What was important to the Scottish ruling class was that they were free to exploit their serfs without interference from English Kings.

Thousands of older people and workers at risk of virus in care homes

Care workers are speaking out after pressure mounts on them to deliver critical frontline services amid high levels of staff sickness, unsafe conditions and resident deaths. 

Food poverty is hitting millions during lockdown

Millions of people in Britain are going hungry during the coronavirus crisis, according to new research.

Half a million people with serious conditions left off 'extremely vulnerable' list

The government list of “extremely vulnerable people” who need maximum protection and extra support during the coronavirus crisis has missed off over half a million people.

New emergency laws used to target solidarity with refugees

Police in Melbourne, Australia, fined and harassed activists using powers granted to deal with coronavirus

Four work stoppages by postal workers over coronavirus safety fears

Union rep says 'If people don’t feel safe they should remove themselves from the building"

Privatised care services are putting people at risk

Vulnerable people in social care are left at a heightened risk of coronavirus because of the failures of local government bosses, private care providers and national government

Labour officials plotted to sabotage Jeremy Corbyn

A leaked Labour Party report has exposed how a faction lodged inside the party’s headquarters sabotaged Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership—and waged war on the members.

British economy is heading for a slump that is ‘off the scale’

The British economy is ­heading for a recession ­forecast to be deeper than the 2007 financial crisis—and one of the most severe since 1900.

Wirral bin workers refuse to carry on without bosses’ guarantees

Bin workers on the Wirral on Merseyside stopped work over coronavirus health and safety last week

London transport chiefs are a ‘disgrace’ say bus drivers

At least eleven London bus workers have now died after contracting Covid-19, with tens of thousands more transport workers terrified of the same fate

Move to restart economy is driven by state’s rivalry

Global deaths from the ­coronavirus surpassed 100,000 at the end of last week. In many countries there is no let-up in the grim statistics of infection and deaths.

Tories still wage their war on low paid migrant workers

The Home Office confirmed last week that migrants deemed “low skilled” would have no opportunity to make a life in Britain after Brexit

Coronavirus death toll is far higher than Tories announced

Hundreds of people have already died in care homes, yet they are not being counted towards national daily totals. 

NHS workers call day of action

 Health workers are organising a day of action after Tory minister Matt Hancock sparked outrage for telling them to not to overuse protective kit.

Workers’ campaign wins safety results

Workers at a council in the south of England last week forced their bosses to take action to protect their safety

Tower Hamlets council retreats—for the moment

in a dramatic move, the Labour council said it would suspend its attacks on workers until June.

Construction workers’ resistance during the pandemic

It's possible to fight and win

Higher education needs change after coronavirus crisis

An open letter, backed by the UCU Left group, demands emergency measures

RMT’s Steve Hedley suspended by the union

Some union members are opposing the move

Profit is behind Starmer lining up with Tories to get people back to work

Labour leader Keir Starmer is helping those Tory ministers who want to see the lockdown end and people pushed back to work in order to make profits.

Public health document is ‘an insult to the lives of frontline workers’

Health workers could be forced to reuse protective clothing as a “last resort”, according to a document from Public Health England.


Mass graves in United States

US president Donald Trump last week said that he wants to kickstart the economy with a “big bang”.

International round-up - quarantine for refugees, food riot and pause in Yemen war

Italy has quarantined refugees on a boat, police sparked a food riot in Nairobi and the bloody war in Yemen is paused


Racism, not genetics, explains why Covid-19 hits black and Asian people harder

The front page of Socialist Worker last week featured faces of some of the many workers in Britain who have died from coronavirus. Of the eight people pictured, six were black or Asian.

We’re in the fight of our lives—to save our lives

“History has brought mankind to that pinnacle on which the total obliteration of mankind is at last a practical possibility,” wrote the radical scholar Norman O Brown. 


The state—whose side is it on?

The coronavirus crisis has seen governments across the world bring in harsh new state powers. Nick Clark looks at how so-called temporary restrictions on our rights can often become permanent 


Devs is a sci-fi thriller that asks ambitious questions

This major series, new to the BBC, treads some familiar ground—but it’s a good mix of standard sci-fi with a cultish, religious theme

Heaven to a Tortured Mind is a genre-crossing album to get lost in

This is Yves Tumor’s fourth full-length release, and it’s as elusive and mysterious as ever.

What We Think

Flying into a storm

Keir Starmer has already failed spectacularly to challenge the Tories since being elected Labour Party leader earlier this month.

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Letters: Say no to the sick idea of the ‘survival of the fittest’

A new scandal over Do Not Attempt Resuscitation (DNAR) orders has revived previously unthinkable eugenic notions about the “survival of the fittest”. 

The things they say

‘The health of Boris Johnson is the health of the body politic and, by extension, the health of the nation’

Tory adviser says there is nothing to do but work during coronavirus crisis

Workers can’t “hide” from the coronavirus forever, a government adviser has said. Rupert Shute is the deputy scientific adviser at the Home Office.

Viruses and the sick system that destroys our environment

Pandemics and viral outbreaks aren’t an accident of nature. Fresh research confirms how tearing up animals’ natural habitats and intensive farming are to blame, writes Sadie Robinson

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