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Issue: 2701

Dated: 21 Apr 2020

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Marxism in an age of catastrophe - capitalism created an era of plagues

We live in an era of plagues because of capitalist development, argues socialist author Mike Davis.

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Health unions’ call for minute’s silence should be used to mobilise against Tories

Unison, the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of Midwives have organised a national minute’s silence for 11am on Tuesday 28 April.

Building bosses putting lives at risk by ignoring ‘distancing’

Construction bosses are putting their profits before workers' lives

Bus drivers scared and angry over dangerous conditions

Bus workers are speaking out about their “fear and anger” as transport bosses move too slowly to protect their safety

Safety gone ‘out the window’ at big distribution firm, says worker

Bosses at distribution companies are “endangering thousands” of workers

Uber driver suffered in silence, fearing eviction

An Uber driver died from coronavirus after trying to hide his illness

Thousands forced back to work in unsafe conditions at government departments

More than 5,000 people are being made to go into work to operate the government’s payment scheme for laid off workers.

Post workers strike in Suffolk over coronavirus safety fears

Postal workers in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, walked out briefly on Friday of last week over coronavirus health and safety fears.

Tories’ lies hide scale of deaths in care homes

At least 4,000 people have died of coronavirus in care homes, according to an industry body.

Walk off by St George’s workers against outsourcer

UVW union members at St George’s University of London in Tooting are demanding Personal Protective Equipment

Action is needed to win council workers’ pay rise +Merthyr victory + Dundee carers

Local government employers in England and Wales last week offered just a 2.75 percent pay rise for over a million workers for 2020-21.

Fight Durham university attacks on teaching and jobs

The UCU union has attacked a leaked plan by Durham university bosses to slash face-to-face teaching by up to a quarter.

Outsourcer Mitie uses crisis to take away Merseyrail pay award

The RMT union has blasted Merseyrail station cleaning and facilities’ contractor Mitie for using the cover of the Covid-19 crisis to withdraw a pay award.

Those who want schools re-opened must say how they will keep us safe

Schools and colleges should only reopen when it is safe to do so.

Oil prices becoming ‘negative’ is a sign of more financial chaos to come

On Monday night the price of West Texas Intermediate oil, used as a benchmark in oil pricing, plunged by over 300 percent to almost minus $40 dollars a barrel.

Big business still able to give handouts to the rich in pandemic

Don’t listen to bosses bleating about corporate hardship, they are still preparing to deliver tens of billions of pounds in dividends to shareholders.

Trade unionists in north London demand protection for bus drivers

Trade unionists gathered near Holloway bus garage in Islington, north London, on Thursday to demand protective clothing for all drivers.

Health workers protest for protective equipment

Health workers and their supporters took part in a day of symbolic action to demand “health before profit” on Thursday.

‘It feels like we’re sleepwalking into the slaughterhouse’ - bus drivers speak out

Bus workers are speaking out about their 'fear and anger' as transport bosses move too slowly in protecting their safety. 

NHS protective equipment crisis deepens, and workers pay the price

Half of nursing staff have felt pressure to work without appropriate protective equipment during the coronavirus crisis, according to a survey by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN).

Police forced to apologise for telling disabled woman to stop sitting on bench

'It’s not the same for everybody because not everybody needs to sit down.'

Johnson’s coronavirus failures are political, as a speech in February showed

A devastating article in the Sunday Times underlines the criminal complacency of the Tories. But the rot goes deeper than individuals.


International round-up: Protests in Paris, Israeli attacks hit Palestinians and Cape Town food fightback


Trump piles on pressure to end the US lockdown

US president Donald Trump is ramping up attempts to force people back to work even as coronavirus sweeps the country and deaths mount.


Will US hegemony survive pandemic?

Donald Trump's decision to withdraw United States funding for the World Health Organisation symbolises how the coronavirus pandemic has been dominated by national responses to what is a global problem. 


Lenin and his ideas today

In a time when capitalism is in crisis, the works and life of the revolutionary Vladimir Lenin—born 150 years ago this week—are still crucial, writes Tomáš Tengely-Evans

Conspiracy theories don’t explain society’s problems

Sophie Squire asks what makes people believe in conspiracy theories—and looks at why they’re ultimately a dead end

Time to leave the Labour Party and fight for change outside it

The Labour Party’s structures have always privileged its MPs and the right wing who hold members in contempt. The left shouldn’t be their willing hostages again, writes Nick Clark


Normal People is a powerful drama with truth and depth

This BBC adaptation brings the complicated—and therefore believable— characters of Sally Rooney’s popular novel to screen

The Platform—a violent and pessimistic film about human nature

Are people too selfish to prevent others from starving to death? That’s the central question of theThe Platform

Homeland Holidays—an idealised slice of working class life in the 1930s

Homeland Holidays is a short film from 1937 on resorts owned by the Workers Travel Association

What We Think

Inaction makes union leaders complicit

The failures of most trade union leaders to mount any resistance to the Tory government’s fatal handling of coronavirus intensifies the danger to workers

There are no Tories on our side

Tory disagreements over ending the lockdown reflect splits in the ruling class about how to return to “business as usual”

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Letters: ‘Radical’ left in Spain failed the test of coronavirus

I was angry to see the Spanish state relax its coronavirus lockdown last week and workers in manufacturing and construction being told to return to work.

The things they say

‘Collateral damage’

Luxury self-isolation for the haves and the have-Yachts during corona crisis

Entertainment mogul David Geffen was forced to delete a social media post boasting of isolating on a superyacht.

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