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Issue: 2703

Dated: 05 May 2020

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We have to fight to stop return to work

The Tories have spent the past month telling us, “Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.” They may as well adopt a new mantra now—“Get back to work, protect the economy, save the bosses.”

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Court victory for Palestine solidarity

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) is celebrating a victory against Tory attempts to clamp down on boycotts of Israel, after a court ruling on Tuesday.

Royal Mail bosses ‘declare war’ on postal workers with major assault on jobs

National strikes in Royal Mail could be back on the cards

People forced to food banks as they are ‘swept into destitution’

Huge numbers of people are being driven to food banks as the coronavirus crisis deepens

Workers’ anger forces Royal Mail bosses into retreat

Royal Mail bosses have backed off from a major attack on jobs and working conditions

Workers thrown on the scrapheap at Taco Bell store

A millionaire fast food boss sacked all his workers at a site in Great Yarmouth just as the lockdown began

Day of action called for no return to unsafe workplaces

On 7 May the government will have to decide its next phase of lockdown plans

Anti-HS2 campaigners want money spent on NHS instead

Climate catastrophe activists blocked HS2 construction on Monday morning as part of their rebellion against the hugely damaging high speed railway.

Councils in crisis as Tories won’t pay up

Vital public services are threatened as the Tory government fails to cough up the cash for local government.

Don’t open schools too early, teachers warn

Tory plans to get parents back to work are unsafe—and totally dishonest

Transport round-up: Fight for airline jobs AND Suspend Dial-a-Ride

Airline bosses are making mass job cuts and forcing through pay cuts. 

‘Why did Scotland follow Johnson?’ asks new report

Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party Scottish government are coming under increased attention

Openreach: fury over holiday attacks AND Union criticises Vivid Housing

The CWU union has expressed its anger and dismay at telecommunications firm Openreach’s decision to announce unagreed changes to its approach to annual leave.

How the benefits system abused Errol Graham

Errol Graham, who died of starvation when his benefits were cut off, had become so mentally distressed that his family believe he pulled out two of his own teeth with pliers.

Section 60 orders rise as coppers clamp down over coronavirus

Are the cops preparing the ground for repression? They already have extra powers under new laws, such as to fine those deemed to be breaching the rules.


Greek workers take to streets to protect lives and jobs from coronavirus crisis

Hospitality workers in Greece stopped work and protested on Tuesday demanding bosses protect their lives—and their jobs—from the coronavirus outbreak.

Inspiring US housing campaigns could launch rent strikes

Covid-19 has laid bare the US’s massive housing crisis—but it’s also highlighted inspiring grassroots campaigns

Mass protest returns to the streets of Lebanon

Protests have exploded back onto the streets of Lebanon, as people battled cops and soldiers and set fire to banks over poverty and hardship.

International round-up: French teachers could walk out over schools reopening

French teachers could walk out


Imperialist rivalries heighten the crisis

The Coronavirus pandemic represents a crisis that is simultaneously biological, economic, and political


Union leaders’ inaction flows from drive to compromise

In a crisis that puts workers’ lives at great risk, union leaders must step up the fight. Tomáš Tengely-Evans explains why most have failed to do so

Homeless people abandoned in a system ‘designed to fail’

Despite Tory promises to house homeless people, the most vulnerable are left struggling with a situation that’s only getting worse

VE Day—did workers win the peace?

As we mark 75 years since Victory in Europe Day, Donny Gluckstein looks at the class forces behind the frontline that helped to shape the post-war world


Moffie—an unsettling film about gay repression under apartheid

Moffie, a new film released to Curzon Home Cinema, is about two soldiers in apartheid South Africa struggling with their sexuality

The Midnight Gospel is a spectacular—if weird—cult cartoon

Psychedelia is back with a 21st century twist in this animated chat show

What We Think

No national unity

People at the top like to claim we’re “all in it together”—that we must make sacrifices to get through the coronavirus crisis. But the only people making sacrifices are those at the bottom

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Pete Gillard, 1949-2020

Pete Gillard, who died recently, was a longtime Socialist Workers Party (SWP) member, Unite union activist and NHS campaigner.

Stevie Darlington, 1957-2020

Our friend and comrade Stevie Darlington died last month after a long period of ill-health. Throughout his working life, Stevie was a principled trade unionist, a socialist and committed anti-racist. 

Letters : We made silence political 

In Oxfordshire we wanted to make sure that last week’s Workers’ Memorial Day action to remember health and care staff was more than a silent protest.

The things they say

‘Wonderful news. Many congratulations to Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds’

Tory government has lied over free school meals for poor children

Many parents across England have been unable to access vouchers or meals to support children while schools are closed due to the crisis.

Virus in prison system puts inmates' lives at risk

Coronavirus is ripping through prisons, as cruel conditions put tens of thousands of people at risk. 

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