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Issue: 2707

Dated: 02 Jun 2020

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This militant movement shows we can fight back

An inspirational movement against police violence has taken on our rulers and terrified them. 

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New Labour general secretary could wage ‘factional warfare‘ against left

Labour Party members fear a purge of left wing activists after the party’s ruling body appointed a right wing general secretary.

Workers rush into trade unions to fight profit-hungry bosses

There’s good news—the number of British workers in trade union members rose last year by 91,000 to 6.44 million.

Defy Johnson’s reckless wider school reopening that will mean more deaths

The NEU union’s joint general secretary Mary Bousted said the strategy meant “risks” to health and was a “disaster”. She added that government guidance on social distancing is “impossible” in schools.

Black and Asian nurses struggle to get vital protective kit

A shocking new report says that black and minority ethnic (BME) nurses find it harder to get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) than their white colleagues.

‘People want justice, it feels like a revolution is coming’

Tanner Herndon was one of a group of people who blocked a freeway in Houston on Saturday during a protest after the killing of George Floyd. He told Socialist Worker what happened.

‘We can’t wait—we need to fight now’ say Black Lives Matter protesters in London

The movement against police brutality burst onto the streets of Britain on Sunday, as at least 5,000 people marched through central London declaring that Black Lives Matter.

Riots are an act of rage against an unequal and oppressive society

Those in power denounce riots and looting, and the media is quick to seek out and blame a fringe minority of “extremists”.

Lockdown relaxation puts profit before lives

The Tories want to dump the lockdown—and blame ordinary people for undermining it if there’s a devastating second wave of the virus

Still no justice for Windrush scandal victims as compensation goes unpaid

Only 60 people who applied for the Windrush Compensation Scheme have received any money, according to official figures

US cops use racist violence to protect racist, violent system

The police form a racist, violent institution that works to crush ordinary people and uphold the interests of the powerful.

Outrage at south London incident

Anti-racists in south east London were set to protest on Wednesday of this week after footage showed a woman shouting, “I can’t breathe” as she was restrained by police in Lewisham.

Rail strike call over plan for ‘volunteers’

The government has revealed an outrageous plan to use volunteers on the rail network, and unions have responded with a threat of strikes.

Blackburn and Coventry college workers face a battle over job cuts

The UCU union has denounced a plan by bosses at Blackburn College to slash jobs while giving top managers more money.

Derby care homes saved + BT terms fight + NHS safety scandals

In the face of a union campaign and mounting public pressure, Derbyshire county council last week announced a reversal of plans to close seven care homes in the county.

Cops arrest climate protesters

Around 2,000 climate rebels took to the streets on Saturday to demand “No going back” to environmental and ecological crisis. 

Keep up fight on schools return

The Tory plan to get many more children back into schools on 1 June has failed. It’s a significant setback for them—but the battle is far from over.

New ruling protects firms at Grenfell inquiry

Companies’ words to the Grenfell Tower Inquiry can’t be used as evidence against them, the government’s top lawyer has said. 

Hong Kong’s National Security Law triggers new mass mobilisation

A continuous week of demonstrations shows the bravery of the people, youth and students. But some of the demonstrators also had limitations.

As car bosses want job cuts, we need unity to resist

Auto bosses are setting workers against each other as they seek to restart profit-making.


Protesters demand justice for George Floyd

Over a thousand furious people have taken to the streets of Minnesota to demand justice over the violent police murder of George Floyd.

Uprising grows against racist killings by US police

A great revolt is taking place in the US. It is against police murders but also about the whole way black people are treated

Rebellion against police murder tears through United States

A rebellion against police brutality and institutional racism is gaining momentum as it roars across the United States. It is driven by anger at a system filled by inequality and racism.

10,000 protesters take on far right Slovenian government

There have been six weeks of protests against the prime minister


Renewables are a must but can’t be run for profits

Cleve Hill, Britain’s biggest solar panel project, was given the go-ahead to start construction by the government last week. 

The Spectator—a sordid establishment journal

The Spectator magazine claims it invented the usage of “the establishment” in 1955 to mean the networks of power that run society

Racism and revolution in the United States

Why 'black faces in high places' has failed to bring change, and what's the alternative

Trump banks on racial polarisation

The protests against the killing of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police are swelling into an uprising of national proportions.


Who is really running Britain?

The Dominic Cummings affair has exposed how far the Tories will go to protect unelected advisers. Nick Clark looks at what the scandal says about how society is run

Tory racist rules leave a million migrants living in squalor

A million people in Britain are banned from claiming any benefits—and the coronavirus crisis will throw hundreds of thousands more into the same situation. Tomáš Tengely-Evans lifts the lid on a horrific, hidden world

‘My son was murdered’—two decades of racist killings

 A revolt is exploding over George Floyd’s racist murder at the hands of the cops. Socialist Worker looks at a horrific history of killings in the United States—and the inspiring resistance to them


Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always—a powerful and necessary film about abortion access

Never, Rarely, Sometimes, Always is about a teenager struggling to get support as she seeks an abortion. It’s an important watch

History show that’s full of facts but not much else

The premise of Netflix’s History 101—a series of bitesize history documentaries—seems ambitious

What We Think

US revolt against a racist system must spread

The United States has erupted into historic scenes of resistance in the last week. It has transformed the political landscape as huge protests—often led by young, black people—have risen up against the violence and hatred suffered at the hands of the racist police force.

It is right to protest at school openings

Millions of parents faced an agonising choice this week of whether to send their children back to school. The Tories wanted primary school children in reception, year 1 and year 6 to start returning from Monday of this week.

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Ron Singer, 1948-2020

Ron Singer was born in the NHS in its very first year of existence. He spent the whole of his adult life working in it and fighting for it.

Letters - South Korea’s second wave is a real warning for Britain 

South Korea is witnessing what seems to be the beginning of a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Plan for new repressive laws reignites rage in Hong Kong

For the second time this year, pro-democracy protesters have filled the streets of Hong Kong. Sadie Robinson looks at what’s driving their anger

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