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Issue: 2708

Dated: 09 Jun 2020

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Only our collective power can end oppression

When politicians start fretting about “mob rule” and “law and order” it’s often a racist dog whistle. But it’s also about fear of the power of ordinary people.

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Arctic oil spill means environmental catastrophe

The destruction in Norilsk, Russia, is shaped by the connected issues of climate change and the profiteering interests of private companies.

Militant marches demand Black Lives Matter across Britain

A monster march snaked through London on Sunday as tens of thousands of people protested to say Black Lives Matter. 

Tories in trouble as confidence in coronavirus strategy plummets

The Tories want to force a wider return to work and to push more children into schools—just as damning evidence of their failures grows. 

Scummy Serco takes test contract

Outsourcing giant Serco has been handed a multimillion pound contract to manage the coronavirus test and trace. 

Protesters rally around call to defund the police

Across protests in the US a furious call is going out to “defund the police”. 

Action needed over rail safety threats

Transport workers are gearing up for huge battles across the network, as the Tories try to fill buses and trains to reopen the economy.

Bridgwater postal workers walkout over manager’s attacks

Postal workers in Bridgwater, Somerset, walked out unofficially on Thursday of last week and voted to stay out on Friday.

Workplace round up: Ark Globe Academy walkout + Homerton outsourcing dispute

Cleaners at Ark Globe Academy in south London walked out on a wildcat strike on Thursday last week.

Residents pay more for failed care + new threats to homeless people

Coronavirus has ripped through adult social care.

Victory for workers and parents as Tory school plan fails

The Tories have been forced to drop plans to get all primary school children back into school before the summer term ends.

Tories doctor report over black and Asian virus deaths

Black and minority ethnic (BAME) groups in England are up to twice as likely to die of coronavirus as their white counterparts, according to an official report published on Tuesday. 

Tens of thousands join angry anti-racist demonstration in London

A big, young and angry protest filled the streets of central London on Wednesday to demand justice for George Floyd and Belly Mujinga

Thousands across Britain take the knee in solidarity with George Floyd

People across Britain “took the knee” at 6pm on Wednesday to protest against the police murder of George Floyd.

Police misconduct allegations dismissed in Anthony Grainger case

A retired assistant chief constable accused of misleading a public inquiry into the shooting of an unarmed man will not face misconduct proceedings.

Wave of protests in Britain say Black Lives Matter

Anti-racists are gearing up for a weekend of Black Lives Matter protests in London and others towns and cities in Britain.

Ten days that may have changed the world

Richard Greeman, a Marxist writer and activist best known for his work on Victor Serge, gives his analysis of the momentous US events

Tens of thousands across Britain join Black Lives Matter protests

Tens of thousands of people joined Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests across Britain on Saturday.

Rage against racism fills streets of London

“Black Lives Matter” was the urgent call to arms ricocheting off government buildings in Whitehall, central London, on Saturday. 


System is shaken by a storm of anti-racism

The Black Lives Matter ­movement has sparked a wave of mass protests in countries across the world.

Protesters defy state repression to ensure Black Lives message is heard

Many of the international solidarity protests took aim at police racism and violence in their own countries—and many defied state repression and bans.

Historic US rebellion is an inspiring challenge to the system

The magnificent uprising taking place across the US is historic. Mass demonstrations following the police murder of George Floyd have now continued for more than two weeks. The rebellion is the most significant in decades.

‘We are rebelling against the system that allows racism to exist,’ say US protesters

As repression and resistance rage on the streets of US cities more than a week after George Floyd’s murder, Socialist Worker spoke to eyewitnesses on the protests

Brazil’s murderous cops add to toll of coronavirus

Police in Rio de Janeiro killed 177 people in April alone


The revolt runs deep—take it to its most radical conclusions

The power is in the streets. It’s not enough to write to your congressman or circulate a petition anymore

Workers bring more than just numbers to protests

Organised workers make up a unique group with the power to paralyse the system, says Sarah Bates

Trump opens a rift with US ruling class

Many in the US ruling class may be beginning to wonder whether Trump is worth the trouble


United States—a history of revolts against racism

Alongside a terrible history of vicious racism in the US, there is a tradition of militant anti-racism. Yuri Prasad looks back at when black and white people have fought back together against the system

Britain’s not innocent—a history of racist cops

When David Oluwale drowned in the River Aire in Leeds in 1969, police wrote “Wog” on the nationality section of his death certificate. His killing was the first black death by cops in Britain—and shows that police racism, violence and cover-up are a very British problem.


Intense and powerful new album from Run the Jewels

Hip Hop duo Run the Jewels released their new album early, with proceeds going to help defend arrested protesters

Sitting In Limbo shows the banal horror behind Windrush

Anthony, although he doesn’t know it yet, is slap bang in the middle of the Windrush scandal

Check their privilege—the lives of Monaco’s super rich

For decades, crooks and con artists—with and without titles—have been drawn to Monaco because of its famous casino and willingness to ignore banking regulations

What We Think

Boris Johnson’s Britain is racist

‘No. The prime minister would not agree that this is a racist country,” said Boris Johnson’s spokesperson on Monday.

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Letters—We have to say her name as well—it was Breonna Taylor 

The death of George Floyd in Minneapolis has shaken the US and large parts of the world to its core.

Slaughter abroad is linked to militarisation of the US police

It was after the US’s wars in the Middle East escalated that military equipment really started flooding into police departments, writes Nick Clark 

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