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Issue: 2713

Dated: 14 Jul 2020

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Billions for bosses—job losses for us

Vast bailouts are being gifted to the bosses to boost the economy. But this won’t stop businesses from cutting jobs and the wages of workers

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Rishi Sunak’s ‘kickstart’ scheme is an attack on workers that must be fought

Sunak’s Summer Statement was a mix of ineffectual half-measures and attacks on the working class

Women’s lives damaged by dangerous medical procedures—and the systemic sexism that enabled them

“Systemic failings” by the health service have ruined the lives of untold numbers of women and their children

Letters: Unite against all of those who peddle racism and transphobia

It’s a shame there’s no invisibility cloak to throw at transphobic authors

Thousands join Black Lives Matter protests in Britain

Protests across Britain show there is still anger more than a month after the Black Lives Matter movement erupted over the murder of George Floyd by police.

Priti Patel announces new racist regulation

The Tories’ new points-based system comes alongside brutal attacks on refugees, writes Sophie Squire

Over 100 Covid-19 outbreaks a week following lifting of lockdown

Figures released last week suggest that new infections are on the rise in dozens of towns and cities across Britain

Tories—not ‘political correctness’—are why sweatshops stayed open

Workers in Leicester were pushed to work in unsafe conditions for less than the minimum wage during the pandemic

Construction workers build fight for a safer industry

Members of the construction safety campaign organised a protest at the site of a crane collapse in east London last week.

UCU says reject new offer

Activists in the UCU union are organising to reject an offer on long-running disputes over pay, contracts, workload and equality.

Reports round-up: Government cleaners win Covid-19 sick pay battle

A campaign by the United Voices of the World (UVW) union has won at the Ministry of Justice, (MOJ) after bosses announced that its cleaners would receive full pay if self-isolating or ill.

Councils use virus crisis to plan grim new cuts

Local councils across England plan swingeing cuts in the wake of the ­coronavirus pandemic.

Tower Hamlets workers are right to strike - and they need your solidarity

Council workers in east London are preparing for three days of strikes against a bullying management determined to undermine their terms and conditions.

Nissan workers protest against pensions attack

Hundreds of workers at the Nissan car plant in Sunderland protested on Saturday against attacks on their pension scheme.

Savage jobs massacre as bosses grab Tory bailouts

More than 60,000 ­workers were sacked or put at risk of redundancy last week. Some industry experts predict that as many as 250,000 people could be made redundant.

Grenfell dangers were ignored, inquiry hears

Fire safety concerns relating to Grenfell Tower were ignored, an inquiry into the 2017 fire has heard.


US ‘Strike for black lives’ called as details emerge of George Floyd’s killing

A coalition of trade unions and campaign groups in the US is organising a “strike for black lives,” set for Monday 20 July.

Right only narrowly win in Polish presidential elections

Right-wing president Andrzej Duda took 51.03 percent of the vote to narrowly beat liberal Rafał Trzaskowski who took 48.97 percent in the second round of the Polish presidential elections last Sunday.

Millions threatened by a famine driven by the coronavirus

The World Health Organisation recorded a record number of global cases on Sunday.


Cops reflect racism from the top of society

The police are to face a review into allegations of racial profiling. They must be found guilty

Movements will mean trouble for Trump

Donald Trump’s reaction to the two major crises in US politics has been to play to the most racist, reactionary sections of society. But it doesn’t look like it’s working for him.


Ida B Wells, a writer who exposed the racist terror of lynching

'Tell the world the facts,' said Wells as she unmasked US racism

Tower Hamlets workers say, ‘We can win this strike’

Some 1,500 workers in east London are standing up to a bullying Labour council hellbent on making their lives worse. Sarah Bates spoke to strikers about why workers are angry, what’s at stake and why solidarity matters


Hamilton is entertaining—but seriously dodgy history

Antony Hamilton weighs in on Alexander Hamilton

Protomartyr’s latest album is angry and exhilarating

There’s enough surprise and pay-off to keep you hooked throughout, while taking aim at corporate crime and the underbelly of society

What We Think

Don’t look to Starmer to resist the Tories

Here’s a forensic look at some of the big moments of Keir Starmer’s first 100 days as Labour leader.

Unmasking Tory chaos

The government has announced that wearing face masks in shops will be compulsory in England from 24 July.

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Nick Jackson 1961-2020

It is with tears and sadness that we have to announce the death of our comrade, Nick Jackson, from a long battle with brain cancer.

The things they say

‘Coisa de viado’

Tories back pension scandal that cost women ‘over £100 million’

The government has refused to identify and contact women who could have missed out on over £100 million in state ­pension payments.

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