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Issue: 2714

Dated: 21 Jul 2020

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Fight for more than the Tories’ puny pay deal

Don’t listen to the noise coming from the Treasury, the Tories are doing their best to hammer workers into the ground. 

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Determined Tower Hamlets workers begin second three-day strike

Scenes of resistance erupted on the streets of Tower Hamlets on Wednesday as council workers across the borough struck to defend their jobs.

Soaring numbers are out of work - we need resistance to the jobs slaughter

The number of people out of work in Britain has soared by nearly 650,000, according to new figures. The figure does not include the estimated 9.4 million jobs that have been furloughed on the government’s “job retention” scheme.

A win for Tower Hamlets council workers would be a victory for us all

Striking council workers in east London concluded their second round of strikes on Friday with defiant picket lines and a vow to keep on fighting.

Terrorism Act 2000 - 20 years of increased racism, repression and injustice

The introduction of the Terrorism Act 2000 created a “racist, fear-based environment” argues a new report from human rights group Cage.

Leaders of major unions to step down amid jobs onslaught

The leaderships of the three biggest trade unions in Britain are up for election—and there will be an intensified debate about class struggle and resistance.

Russia, Britain and the money connection

A report, carried out by parliament’s intelligence and security committee, showed links with the Russian rich.

Lisa Nandy draws line under Corbyn and attacks Tories from the right

The Labour Party is desperate to prove it can be right wing over accusations of Russian interference and the West’s trade war with China.

The truth behind the Tories’ ‘back to normal’ lies

As Boris Johnson pushes to reopen all workplaces, Sarah Bates exposes the myths that tell us it’s safe to return

Reject Centrica blackmail on jobs and pay cuts

Centrica, The owner of British Gas, will tell thousands of workers to accept new conditions, including no extra overtime pay, or risk losing their jobs.

Edinburgh protest for Scottish independence

Around 60 people joined an All Under One Banner demonstration at the Scottish parliament on Monday.

Carmarthen protest says Picton monument must fall

Around 100 people gathered in Carmarthen in west Wales last Saturday to demand the toppling of the town’s Picton monument.

Action call in hospitality + Jamie’s pukka payout + New moves on pensions

Hospitality workers in the Unite union held a socially-distanced “Save our Jobs” protest on Tuesday of this week.


Response to Covid-19 outbreak in Victoria treats ordinary people as ‘expendable’

The Australian state of Victoria recorded 363 new coronavirus cases on Saturday amid growing anger at how the authorities are failing to protect people.

Record rises in global coronavirus cases warn against a return to ‘normal’

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recorded two consecutive record daily increases in coronavirus cases across the globe on Friday and Saturday.

Struggle wins pay rise from Macron, but health workers in France protest for more

Mass demonstrations, strikes and consistent campaigning have forced the French government to give a pay rise to health workers.

Black Lives strike hits 160 cities across US

Workers’ action on Monday showed the anger at racism and poor conditions, says Sophie Squire


Huawei ban is about West’s tech control

The Tories last week announced the removal of Chinese technology firm Huawei from Britain’s new 5G network


The private firms making a killing from Covid

Under the cover of coronavirus, the Tories have used the real need to stock up on personal protective equipment and other much needed supplies to hand over billions of pounds to private companies. Tomáš Tengely-Evans investigates

Assata Shakur—a revolutionary who defied US state repression

To be a black revolutionary in the US in the early 1970s was to accept the likelihood of prison or death. Assata Shakur, who was born JoAnne Deborah Bryon, knew the risks and faced both.

Labour report will be used to tarnish the left as ‘racist’

A report into alleged antisemitism in the Labour Party will be used as another way to push back activists, says Nick Clark

Comintern, July 1920—a critical juncture

The Comintern met for the second time 100 years ago. Simon Basketter looks at how the debates there help us to understand and challenge the capitalist system today


The Streets moved on, but lost something on the way

Mike Skinner’s return showcases brilliant musical talent, but None of Us Are Getting Out of This Life Alive is not as sharp lyrically

Stateless—a drama that only touches the surface of racist detention camps

Stateless begins with the rarely-told story of the horrific journey refugees go through to seek safety

What We Think

Hypocrisy from the top over China's oppressed Uyghur minority

British politicians have suddenly discovered they’re passionate defenders of human rights again.

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Allan Matusevics 1960-2020

SWP member Allan worked at Wallington sorting office where he took his role as CWU trade union rep very seriously

Letters—New law in Philippines spells danger for all political activists

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte finally passed the dangerous new anti-terror bill into law this month.

Boris year zero—a year of lies, cuts, corruption,  racism and ‘getting it done’

There were those who thought a year of Boris Johnson as prime minister would spell disaster. 

Racist legacy to blame for Blackburn Covid-19 spike

A sharp increase in coronavirus cases has taken Blackburn back to the brink of lockdown, and some have a racist solution.

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