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Issue: 2715

Dated: 28 Jul 2020

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Boris Johnson peddles obesity line to deflect blame for virus deaths

The Tories are getting stuck into their latest tactic to divert blame from their own fatal failings.

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Sunak’s savage pension attack will snatch tens of thousands of pounds from workers

More than ten million people with pensions linked to their final salary face losing tens of thousands of pounds.

Labour payouts after antisemitism claims will mean more assaults on the left

The left faces further assaults from the right following a huge pay-out and apology to so-called whistleblowers who appeared in a BBC documentary last year.

Tories didn’t prepare for a pandemic and then made up policy ‘on the hoof’

The government showed an “astonishing” failure to plan for the economic fallout from a pandemic, according to a group of MPs.

Sturgeon might sound good, but the virus has been a disaster in Scotland

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has received glowing reviews for her handling of the Covid-19 crisis.

Poor twice as likely to die from virus as business booms for the bosses

Class and wealth shapes who lives and who dies from coronavirus.

Bin workers strike for pay and respect

Bin workers in south London are taking the fight against poverty pay to the outsourcing giant Serco.

Reports round up: Keep up the university fights on jobs, pay, equality 

UCU union members were expecting this week to hear the results of their consultative ballot on the employers’ offer in the “Four Fights” dispute.

Smears used by the Labour right to marginalise the left

Right wing politicians, journalists and ­supporters of Israel have launched a new attack on the left after the Labour Party apologised to people who labelled it antisemitic.

A weekend of protests— from treetops to river rigs

A weekend of action against climate catastrophe saw activists clamber up trees, board drilling rigs and occupy roads in London and the surrounding area.

‘Race and class’ at the heart of disaster

The families of those who died in the Grenfell fire and campaigners are calling for a separate investigation into the role of both race and class in their deaths. 

Stop and search and Section 60 come under fire

Hundreds of people marched in south London last Saturday to demand an end to police stop and search powers.

NHS workers in a pay revolt

Health workers are in revolt over the Tory refusal to give a pay rise to hundreds of thousands of people who work in the NHS.


Migrants locked up in Russia stage mass hunger strike

Socialists in Russia report on a hunger strike and sit-in by migrants trapped in Russia's detention system

Anti-racist protesters face repression in Portland - but refuse to be cowed

Anti-racist protesters in Portland, Oregon are continuing their battles against police and federal troops sent in by US president Donald Trump.

Global spread of coronavirus is a warning of the threat from reckless Tory policies

Coronavirus continues to sweep across the globe, with underfunded and understaffed health services struggling to provide care. 

US federal forces rampage to put down BLM risings

Protesters in Portland, Oregon, have night after night fought back against repression by Donald Trump’s federal troops.

Florida teachers resist unsafe return to school

The biggest teaching union in Florida has filed a lawsuit to challenge an order to reopen schools next month.


Tories’ pitiful ‘green’ plan is completely inadequate

The government’s latest ‘green’ economic recovery plan is a cover for policies that benefit polluting big businesses writes Nick Clark

Fight the claim that the left is antisemitic 

The renewed assault on the left is bigger than Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party. Disgraceful accusations of antisemitism are flung almost indiscriminately at the whole of the left.

Tories won’t tackle racism—they’ll fuel it

The government’s lie that it’s “committed to tackling racism” has been exposed once again. The Metropolitan Police has increased its use of stop and search powers. 

Make rich pay for care

The Tories are looking to any avenue to solve the crisis in adult social care—without taxing the rich.


The Communist Party of Great Britain—a party that began as radical

The Communist Party of Great Britain was founded 100 years ago to fight for revolutionary change. Ken Olende looks at its roots and the debates that took place as it was formed

‘We’ve been thrown on the scrap heap by the Tories’

Workers facing poverty, unemployment and insecurity told Sadie Robinson why they feel they have been completely abandoned by their bosses and the government

CLR James —‘The coming revolution will be black and white’

Black people’s resistance was key to abolishing slavery and ending feudalism—and it will be key to winning socialism.


Gaslighter is a furious return for country-pop legends The Chicks

The Chicks’ first album in 14 years makes the personal political—and is a welcome comeback for a band not afraid to speak its mind

Don’t bank on this lacklustre comedy for laughs

Kelsey Grammer—probably best known as Frasier, or as Sideshow Bob in The Simpsons—plays a posh English buffoon in this twee comedy about bankers

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Letters - ‘Kickstart’ program will give bosses opportunity to exploit

Measures announced in Rishi Sunak’s mini-budget supposedly to help workers have been welcomed by the TUC.

Woman died weighing 3 stone after DWP stopped her benefits

A cancer patient has died weighing just three stone after the Department for Work and Pensions stopped her benefits.

Don’t rush in to wrong explanations of Russian interference

Vladimir Putin and the Russian state are ruthless. But so is Britain. The real story is about competition, cooperation and corruption under capitalism

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