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Issue: 2716

Dated: 04 Aug 2020

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Tories’ dodgy tests will only spell more misery

The government is suggesting a second Covid-19 wave is about to hit Britain—but they aren’t doing nearly enough to prepare properly for a new onslaught.

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Governments’ failures mean coronavirus accelerates across the world

The World Health Organisation recorded the highest daily number of new cases globally on Saturday. 

​​​​​​​Tax office cleaners launch walkouts to win living wage

Cleaners at HMRC tax offices in Liverpool and Bootle began a four week strike on Monday—part of a long-running battle for a living wage.

Letters—Museum is wrong, we won’t walk in under slaver’s boot

The Fight continues to remove the statue of Robert Geffrye at the Museum of the Home, in Hackney, east London.

Reports expose racism in police and schools

Cops are more likely to use force against black people, and schools are more likely to exclude them

Step up universities fight after rotten deal rejected

Workers in the UCU union across the higher education sector have voted to reject the employers’ offer to end the “four fights” dispute.

Disastrous Tory policy endangers shielders

Government ministers have ‘paused’ a vital measure to protect the most vulnerable—without any evidence

Warnings at company at heart of Covid-19 spike

A logistics firm at the centre of a spike of coronavirus was slammed for poor health and safety at the beginning of the crisis.

New strikes called in crucial Tower Hamlets battle

Unison union memberas are set to strike on Thursday 13, Friday 14 and Monday 17 August against attacks from the Labour council

Outsourced workers at Homerton hospital celebrate sick pay victory

Outsourced workers at Homerton University Hospital in east London have won sick pay after a long-running campaign.

Protest over theft of TV licences from over-75s

A 40-strong protest took place last week at 10 Downing Street, called by the National Pensioners Convention, over the Tories' betrayal on free TV licences for over-75s.

Health workers take to the streets to demand pay rise

Health workers’ fury burst onto the streets of London on Wednesday as over 1,500 marched on Downing Street.

Tory government responsible for highest Covid-19 death toll in Europe

England has had “the longest continuous period of excess mortality” and “the highest levels of excess mortality” in Europe.

New figures show ‘rape has been effectively decriminalised’, say campaigners

Rape convictions in England and Wales fell to a record low last year.  The number of prosecutions and convictions has been slashed by half in just three years.

Local lockdowns are a racist bid to shift second wave blame

The Tories are trying to blame ordinary people and scapegoat Muslims for their failures to stop the spread of coronavirus.


Protests take fight to Trump

Donald Trump is ­stepping up his right wing threats as he tries to secure his presidency.

Workers in Russia riot and strike over unpaid wages

A wave of workers’ protests and riots over unpaid wages and working conditions has swept Russia during the coronavirus pandemic.

Millions in danger as Covid-19 sweeps through India's slums

A new report reveals that Covid-19 is tightening its grip on India, and that millions of the world’s poorest people are in grave danger.


What are the roots of antisemitism?

Antisemitism belongs to the right. That’s a simple and straightforward fact. But it’s an important argument in the face of attempts to cast the whole of left wing politics as tarnished with antisemitism.


The NHS workers leading a grassroots pay revolt say—‘we’ve had enough!’

Health workers across Britain are taking the pay fight into their own hands

Thomas Sankara—Goal of liberation couldn’t come from above

Thomas Sankara is ­sometimes referred to as “Africa’s Che Guevara”. 

Why the right hate our parties

Moral panic over ‘illegal raves’ is nothing new. Sarah Bates looks at how the state tries to police ordinary people come together—and says it’s our job to repetitively beat them back


Court in the constitution—the lawyers taking on Trump

The American Civil Liberties Union is the focus of the resistance to Trump in documentary The Fight. But it can’t overcome its limitations

Jeffrey Epstein documentary exposes corruption and sexism at heart of system

This four-part documentary has been out on Netflix since May

What We Think

We can still fight Israel


NHS protests point the way to win change

The NHS workers’ pay revolt is hugely welcome. It shows how there is real anger in society and working class fury can explode unexpectedly, often outside the official channels of the labour movement.

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When Labour leader Starmer stood up for Palestinian rights

In 2019 the vile slur was spread that the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PCS) is antisemitic.

Blame Tories not the poor for obesity and hunger

The rolling out of new measures to tackle obesity shames poor people and will not tackle a crisis that the Tories made worse, says Sarah Bates

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