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Issue: 2717

Dated: 11 Aug 2020

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Tories’ racist migrant plan is a death sentence for refugees

The government is using racist scapegoating against desperate refugees trying to cross the English Channel and reach safety.

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Downgrades of Scottish exam results shows class bias

Scottish teachers' judgements about pupils' exam grades have been overruled, and there's a strong element of class inequality built into the process.

Horrific Beirut explosion fuels anger against Lebanon’s corrupt elite

An enormous explosion in Beirut will cause more misery for ordinary people—and could spur further rage at the government.

Black coronavirus rates result of social and economic factors, not biology

Early in Britain’s Covid-19 crisis, when figures revealed that black people were dying at a disproportional rate, right wingers rushed to explain this as a biological trait. It was proof, they said, of inherent racial differences.

Testing flops and firms profit from the virus

The latest test and trace figures for England, released on Thursday, are another record of disaster.

NHS pay fightback continues as thousands of health workers fill the streets

The NHS pay revolt took off on Saturday as thousands marched in towns and cities across Britain. 

Hundreds demand justice for victims of police brutality in north London

Over 700 people gathered in Tottenham, north London, to protest against police brutality on Saturday.

Tories try to justify an unsafe return to schools

Boris Johnson has made it his “national priority” to get all children back to school next month regardless of whether it is safe.

Back new strikes by Tower Hamlets council workers

A THREE-DAY strike was set to hit Tower Hamlets council this week, with workers planning to walk out to defend terms and conditions.

Back Paul Holmes for Unison union leader

SUPPORT IS growing for Paul Holmes to be the next Unison union general secretary. Nominations for the post opened this week.

Strikes called at Tate after bosses cut hundreds of jobs

Over 100 workers at the Tate galleries in London are set to strike next week over job cuts.

Solidarity with the fightback in universities

UCU union activists planed protests and rallies on Thursday this week against mass job cuts and the gutting of education.

NHS pay revolt—union wage claim does not match what workers need

Activists at the forefront of the pay revolt have come out against union leaders’ attempts to dampen down workers’ demands.  

Heatwaves show need for action on climate

People are paying with their lives as extreme weather hits across the world, reports Sarah Bates

Debenhams workers speak out after ‘heartbreaking’ redundancies’

Around 2,500 Debenhams workers were cruelly sacked by profiteering bosses on Tuesday, as the retail giant announced massive cuts in the department stores and warehouses. 

Tory retreat on exams still fails to make the grade

The Tories are scrambling to try and contain an outpouring of anger over student exam results. Fury at the downgrading of hundreds of thousands of students’ grades has pushed education secretary Gavin Williamson into a humiliating retreat.


Eyewitness from Beirut—‘The explosion means we have to change everything’

“We have been fighting the system for a long time, now our anger has overflowed, it has gone beyond everything normal because the explosion at the harbour means we have to change everything.

Fury at rigged presidential election sparks big demonstrations in Belarus

Thousands of defiant protesters clashed with riot police on the streets of Belarus in eastern Europe on Sunday.

All-female health staff group stages a two-day strike across India

Hundreds of thousands of workers held a two-day walkout last week as confirmed coronavirus cases in India passed two million


Israeli state is worried about questioning of its history 

As Seth Rogen talks about Israel’s lies, Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at the myths around the foundation of the state

Battles and infighting inside Labour reflect the party’s limits

 A vicious battle is being fought inside the Labour Party over a dizzyingly complex series of leaks, rumours and court cases.


Stokely Carmichael —‘What we gonna start saying is Black Power’

 He said, “This is the twenty-seventh time I have been arrested. I ain’t going to jail no more. What we gonna start saying now is ‘Black Power’.”

The legacy of empire behind Lebanon’s explosion

The devastating blast in Beirut highlighted Lebanon’s rotten political system. This sectarian set-up was built by Western imperialism, writes Nick Clark

Women’s lives are forgotten in pandemic

As schools are forced to close and childcare becomes less available the pressure on women as primary caregivers to children has greatly increased.Sarah Bates looks at why this is and talks to those bearing the brunt of this crisis


New stand-up show already feels like outdated humour

Sam Jay’s new Netflix special 3 In The Morning is refreshing in some ways. But there are too many jokes that leave you cold, says Jasmine Fischer 

What We Think

A jobs massacre has begun—time to fight

Britain is in the middle of a horrific jobs slaughter—some 730,000 jobs have already gone since March. 

End an unfair exam system

Class, not ability, determines what grades you get in school— and the exams fiasco in Scotland made that explicit.  

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Letters- 'We are determined to stay on the streets in Portland'

Our protests In Portland started with the Minneapolis uprising and have continued every day for well over two months.

Face masks that didn’t fit, the tax haven, and who profited

Fifty million face masks purchased by the government from a private equity investment company can’t be used by the NHS because they failed to meet basic safety requirements.

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