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Issue: 2718

Dated: 18 Aug 2020

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Fury forces Tory exam cheats to retreat—now Gavin Williamson must go

 Widespread fury over the exams degrading scandal has forced the Tories into a humiliating U-turn

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Workers’ strikes and protests increase pressure on regime in Belarus

Resistance to Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko’s regime is growing in the streets and workplaces.

Poorest show ‘early signs’ of malnutrition in coronavirus crisis

Poor people are in a food crisis—with many showing “early signs” of malnutrition.

Take to streets against Tory exams injustice

The downgrading of student A-Level results across England and Wales is a disgraceful attack that has to be resisted.

Tower Hamlets strikers savage Labour mayor and his vicious attacks

Workers in east London have fired the opening shot in the latest round of council strikes.

Furious students protest over A-Levels scandal

Students marched in central London on Friday demanding that Tory education secretary Gavin Williamson resign. They chanted 'No Tories, no cheats, no Eton elites'.

Production continues as 300 workers test positive for Covid-19 at sandwich plant

Overpriced, pre-packaged sandwiches shouldn’t be a matter of life and death, but for Greencore factory workers that could be the case.

Interview with Catalan political prisoner Jordi Cuixart - ‘The state does not tolerate being questioned’

Jordi Cuixart, president of the biggest pro-independence organisation in Catalonia, was interviewed by David Karvala, just as the Spanish Supreme Court sent Cuixart back to prison after a short period of parole in his nine-year sentence for organising protests

Tories fiddle figures to hide truth about virus death toll

The government’s estimate of the number of people in England who have died from coronavirus was last week reduced by more than 5,000—leading to a wave of suspicion that it was an attempt to manipulate the figures.

Tower Hamlets strikers block road as defiant resistance continues

Workers in east London finished their latest round of strikes by marching to demand the Labour council call off their attacks.

Workers face a jobs massacre - and the worst is still ahead

Britain is heading for unemployment levels “not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s”, a think tank has warned. It comes after the economy officially entered a recession.

Left candidate for union general secretary says, ‘Let's shake up Unison’

Paul Holmes is winning wide support on a platform of pushing for a fighting and member-led union

University workers rally and protest against mass job cuts

UCU union members held protests and an online rally on Thursday of last week over job cuts.

Tate galleries strikers battle to stop 313 redundancies

Angry PCS union members at the Tate galleries in London launched a strike on Tuesday against over 300 job cuts. The redundancies target those who work for Tate Commerce in shops, restaurants and publishing across all of the Tate galleries.

NHS workers prepare for day of action against Tory pay insult

Health workers plan ­rallies outside hospitals across Britain on Wednesday of next week to demand a pay rise.

Racist ‘illegal’ pushbacks put migrants’ lives at risk

 At least 1,072 refugees have been left to die at sea by the Greek coastguard since March this year. The Greece government follows the same racist logic as Boris Johnson

Murder that’s set in a world of the odd and infuriating 

Anthony Horowitz’s latest crime thriller, Moonflower Murders, hides its clues in a second story. The device increases the intrigue, says Sadie Robinson


Strikes and protests spread as Belarusian regime clings to power

The Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko was fighting for the survival of his regime on Monday.


Betrayal of Palestine will aid Israel and US

For decades Arab rulers’ betrayals have allowed Israel to grab more Palestinian land under the guise of a “peace process”.


Scottsboro—A case that put racism on trial

When nine black teenagers were falsely accused of raping two white women in the US Deep South in 1931, most expected they’d suffer the death sentence. But, says Judy Cox, they’d reckoned without the Communist Party

Is it inevitable there will be a rise in unemployment?

Job losses aren’t just about coronavirus. Sarah Bates says we need to fight for jobs and against a system that destroys them

Futures ruined by Tories’ rigged results

Class is trashing the lives of hundreds of thousands of students. The ­downgrading of swathes of A-Level students’ grades in England and Wales has exposed how the system operates to keep working class people in check. 

William Cuffay - a fighter to the end against the rich ‘vermin’

William Cuffay was one of the most prominent leaders of the working class movement in 19th century Britain.

Pritilata Waddedar - demanding equality in the struggle for Indian freedom

She said, 'Today if our brothers can enlist in the war of independence, we too the women should be allowed to do the same'


Award-winning animation is beautiful

Away is a film from the prodigious Gints Zilbalodis, who wrote, designed, animated and scored the whole thing himself.

What We Think

Workplace outbreaks underline continued risk posed by Covid-19

The government has not conquered coronavirus, and its failed policies are increasing the risk of a deadly second wave.

Exams U-turn shows that action can beat the Tories

Students have taught all of us a lesson in class war. Protest gets results.

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Letters—The Met fails again over the Stephen Lawrence murder


How super-rich buy their way out of the coronavirus crisis

The super-rich are ­buying citizenship in countries with lower coronavirus rates in order to protect their health.

Joe Biden’s coronation will not bring real change 

As Democrats pick corporate favourite Joe Biden as their presidential candidate to face Donald Trump,  Sophie Squire says hope lies outside the party machine 

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