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Issue: 2719

Dated: 25 Aug 2020

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Challenge the system to fight for black lives

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement forced institutional racism onto the political agenda and shook the establishment.

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Refugee drowns in the Channel as Tories call for more repression

The 16 year old was trying to cross the Channel in an inflatable dinghy using shovels for oars

Student revolt continues as Williamson clings on and key issues remain

One student says, 'The U-turn was a massive victory, but this is only going to finish when we get education reform and get rid of scum like Gavin Williamson and Boris Johnson'

How the British military works with the generals in Belarus

The British state had trained Belarusian troops—including in “urban warfare tactics”—before condemning the regime’s crackdown on protesters.

Unfair exam grades still punishing students

A fresh row has broken out over exam grades. And it exposes the way that the system operates to drive down the results of working class children

Rebel for the climate in Manchester, Cardiff and London

Extinction Rebellion (XR) was set to launch the latest phase of its global rebellion on Tuesday of next week

Tories plough ahead with unsafe return to schools

Boris Johnson this week reiterated his drive to get all children in England back to school full time next month. Yet the Tories are refusing to put in place measures to make schools safer, such as smaller class sizes to enable social distancing.

Bosses axe thousands more jobs

The jobs massacre continues across Britain, as does an almost total lack of response from union leaders.

Tate strikers keep up fight to halt job cuts

Workers at the Tate galleries in London arecontinuing their lively strikes.

£563,000 to consultants for six weeks work on ‘narrative’

Consultants McKinsey was paid more than half a million pounds by the British government for “six weeks of work” to decide the “vision, purpose and narrative” of a new public health authority in England.

Resistance to ‘fire and rehire’ threat at BA and British Gas

British Airways (BA) workers could be moving closer to strikes to defend their jobs, wages and redundancy pay.

Manchester LGBT+ demo AND Napier strike vote gets results AND Sheffield Deliveroo revolt

A protest was called by a Polish LGBT+ activist living in Britain to express solidarity with LGBT+ people in Poland facing vicious bigotry

Infection rate soars, but number could be much higher

In a dangerous new sign of spreading infection, the numbers of people testing positive for the coronavirus in hospitals rose by more than a third last week.

Further workplace outbreaks are putting more lives at risk

A sandwich-making factory where hundreds of workers tested positive for Covid-19 has—at last and far too late—been temporarily closed.

Protests to stuff Tories’ NHS pay insult

Health workers across Britain planned a series of workplace rallies and demonstrations for pay justice this week.

Woman refugee in ‘extreme poverty’ found dead next to baby in Glasgow

Mercy Baguma was a victim of a brutal welfare system and of a racist immigration regime

Poorer families abandoned during pandemic

Poorer families have been abandoned by the government to deep hardship during the coronavirus crisis. A new report underlines just how tough it has been for people on benefits and low pay.


Mali’s military oust Western-backed president amid mass protests

The French-backed president of Mali, West Africa, resigned on Tuesday after soldiers seized him from his home. His demise follows months of mass protests against corruption and lack of democracy.

California wildfires show need for climate action

Wildfires have caused devastation across northern California with a state of emergency declared across the US state.

Student protests in Thailand demand democracy

Crowds of up to 50,000 pro-democracy protesters gathered around the Democracy Monument in the centre of the capital Bangkok last week.

Israel shells and bombs besieged Gaza Strip

Israel had pounded the Gaza Strip with airstrikes and shells for at least 12 days in a row as of last Friday.

Protests call for freedom in Belarus as Lukashenko issues threats

Belarusian president Aleksander Lukashenko launched a fresh crackdown on the democracy movement on Monday.



Iran 1953—Britain’s role in coup for oil and profit

Coup 53 tells a story from Britain’s shameful history in the Middle East, says Isabel Ringrose

Trespass, capitalism and land

Simon Basketter looks at a new book examining how the rich have stolen huge swathes of public land—and passed centuries of laws keep everybody else out

Trump campaign tries to stamp on postal service

The White House hopes that suppressing postal voting will deliver victory for Donald Trump in November’s presidential election.

Crash on the streets—how cruel Tory plans will fuel homeless crisis

Sackings and benefits sanctions have left ever more people struggling to pay their rent. The Tories’ plan to end a ban on evictions in September—meaning thousands could be thrown out


The sun should have set on the Twilight saga long ago

Midnight Sun is yet another re-telling of the original Twilight story by Stephenie Meyer—who stretches it to breaking point

The Killings at Kingfisher Hill is everything you’d want from a Poirot novel

If you are missing Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s famous detective, then read the latest novel from Sophie Hannah

What We Think

Why the Labour left is weak

Even some of the Labour right are starting to get fed up with their party leader Keir Starmer.

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Letters—Scrapping our public health body is all about deflection

Scapegoating is behind the Tory decision to scrap Public Health England (PHE), growing support for Scottish independence, plus more.

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