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Issue: 2720

Dated: 01 Sep 2020

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This is a crisis of capitalism, not virus lockdowns

As millions of people fear for their jobs, bankers and bosses celebrated a bonanza on the stock market.

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NHS workers protest over pay insult

Health workers rally against the Tory pay insult in towns and cities across Britain.

Extinction Rebellion plans protests despite police intimidation

The police are trying to intimidate Extinction Rebellion (XR) activists away from protests.

Algorithms - why assumptions made by computers aren’t neutral

Algorithms aren’t neutral or simply technical. They are based on assumptions and views about people as individuals and as classes.

Tories want us to risk our health for their profits

On Friday, The Tories ramped up their drive to get people back to offices with a mixture of contrived compassion and thinly-veiled threats. Their demand for a return to work and school has only to do with profits.

Extinction Rebellion stage protests for the climate

Climate change protesters with Extinction Rebellion (XR) are staging protests in towns and cities across Britain over the weekend, ahead of a new International Rebellion.

Cop who told of Lawrence case corruption in perjury probe

A corrupt detective turned supergrass whose claims against Scotland Yard led to the second Stephen Lawrence inquiry is being probed for perjury.

Notting Hill protest calls for justice and equality

The Black Lives Matter that burst onto the streets in the wake of the police murder of George Floyd has not gone away

No cash for virus health and safety as schools open doors

Schools don’t have enough money to protect children and staff against coronavirus. Yet the Tories want schools across England to begin fully reopening from this week.

Reactionary protest says no to Covid-19 safety measures

A protest in London demanded ‘freedom’ but it gave the far right an opportunity to organise, says Isabel Ringrose

Tories hope rave fines will shift the blame for the rise in virus cases

Fines of up to £10,000 have been issued to people organising raves in England and Wales.

Protests and strikes against arts job cull

Art workers protested outside the National Theatre in London last Saturday against more than 1,000 “callous” job cuts.

Journalists strike against attacks on jobs and pay

Local newspaper journalists in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands launched a second round of strikes on Tuesday of this week.

Metroline bus drivers in revolt at new sign-on system  

Under remote signing on, drivers would not report to a depot but would meet their bus and begin work at a location such as a bus stop

Labour campaign director accused of undermining the leader of his own party

A former senior Labour Party official has admitted to undermining left wing leader Jeremy Corbyn during the 2017 general election campaign.

Tens of thousands face death says leaked report

Some 85,000 people could die from Covid-19 in Britain this winter, according to a leaked government report.

Extinction Rebellion back on the streets

Extinction Rebellion kicked off ten days of protests with defiant action in London, Cardiff and Manchester


Protests rage across US following shootings

Protests have swept Kenosha, Wisconsin, after a far right gunman shot down protesters against police violence.

Black Lives Matter protests in US demand justice

The Black Lives Matter movement continues to inspire millions of Americans to take action. Thousands of marchers descended on Washington’s National Mall on Friday to demand racial justice and to mourn black Americans killed by racist police.

Defiant workers protest and stage ‘go slows’ in Belarus

Belarusian ruler Aleksander Lukashenko is trying to wear down the opposition movement through arrests, sackings and intimidation.

International round up: Israeli army attacks Gaza

Israeli tanks shelled the Gaza Strip last Sunday as part of a continuing assault on the besieged Palestinian enclave.

What’s behind the new wave of Covid-19 in South Korea?

South Korean socialist Jang Ho-jong says the state bears the responsibilty for increased infections


Energy rows in the Mediterranean reflect deepening imperialist rivalries

There is a scramble going on to grab the gas reserves in the north eastern Mediterranean. Competition over energy is interwoven with the growing struggle for dominance in a Middle East thrown into chaos


Chile 1970—why the hope was broken

50 years ago Salvador Allende was elected Chile’s president. A US-backed coup overthrew him three years later. But, writes Sophie Squire, there were deeper problems than the US and the military that helped turn hope into horror

Cruel Britannia—the bloody truth about the British Empire

Isabel Ringrose tells the terrible truth about the British Empire that Boris Johnson expects us to salute

Carlota Lucumi—when Spanish slave owners cowered in fear

Waves of rebellions—from on ships to at plantations—were central to ending slavery.


Civil rights, black power and the music at the soul of the fight

The worst of times produced the best of soul, says BBC documentary Soul America

Two Heads Creek—a satirical horror that can’t hide its own prejudices

Think Hot Fuzz but set in Australia and not as good, and that’s Two Heads Creek.

What We Think

Donald Trump’s shooter comments show how racism comes from the top

President Donald Trump’s response to the murder of two anti-racist protesters was to support the killer.

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Letters - Debenhams workers show fighting back is possible

On 11 August, I along with thousands of other workers at Debenhams, was made redundant. The primary emotion that all of us are feeling is shock, but we are also angry. 

Tour de France—how bosses are putting profits above safety

As the year’s biggest cycling event begins Nick Clark investigates if such sporting events can be safe in the Covid-19 pandemic

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