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Issue: 2721

Dated: 08 Sep 2020

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Tories—not young people—risk our lives

The Tories are casting about for someone to blame for rising coronavirus cases. Their current favourite scapegoat is young people.  

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Climate activists stage second day of rebellion

Climate crisis activists across Britain took to the streets on Wednesday, as part of the second day of protests of the latest Rebellion.

Students return to schools despite safety fears

Children across England have begun returning to schools this week. The Tories claim they want everyone back so that students don’t miss out on education and vulnerable children have more support.

Heathrow prepares mass ‘fire and rehire’ to force through pay cuts

Heathrow Airport Holdings (HAL) has told workers they must take pay cuts of up to 20 percent or face mass job losses.

LGBT+ protests cancelled after police threats

LGBT+ campaigners have warned that the “right to protest is being curtailed” after police threats forced the cancellation of two protests in London.

Doctors reveal systematic failure to deal with Covid-19 in workplaces

A group of doctors is arguing that workplaces are now the frontline in the battle against Covid-19—and hazardous working conditions are responsible for mass outbreaks.

Extinction Rebellion continue to fight for the climate

Climate rebels have turned their fire on the billionaire-owned press, racist Home Office and cash-guzzling HS2 developers in their latest protests.

Universal Credit claimant has payments snatched

The government is snatching money from Universal Credit (UC) claimants with no explanation or warning. And claimants are finding it almost impossible to challenge the robbery.

Julian Assange hearing begins

Julian Assange began his latest fight against extradition to the US in the Old Bailey on Monday.

Defend Richie Venton, sacked by Ikea

Protesters from several trade unions picketed a Glasgow Ikea store last Friday to demand the reinstatement of a union rep sacked for fighting cuts to workers’ conditions.

Poverty, poor housing and racism has made Covid-19 ‘endemic’ in parts of Britain

Covid-19 could now be endemic in some of the poorest areas of Britain.

Socialist on ballot paper for Unison general secretary + Soas strike vote + Trans rights march

Socialist candidate Paul Holmes has won enough nominations to guarantee a place on the ballot paper for the Unison union general secretary election.

Extinction Rebellion takes on the right wing media barons

Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests—which began in London, Manchester and Cardiff last Tuesday—have drawn thousands of people worried about the climate crisis onto the streets.

Massive surge in virus cases shows Tory failures

Britain recorded an ­enormous rise in coronavirus cases on Sunday. Some 2,988 people tested positive, compared to 1,813 on Saturday—a rise of over 50 percent.

Coronavirus outbreaks in schools means students and staff still at risk

Over 100 school outbreaks of coronavirus had been reported across Britain by Friday of last week. They include 73 in Scotland, where schools began to reopen from mid-August.

NHS workers organise protests to demand a pay rise

Health workers were set to take to the streets in towns and cities across Britain on Saturday in their latest day of action to demand a pay rise.

Activists are organising to build anti-racist movement

Supporters of Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) across Britain planned to “take the knee” for Black Lives Matter on Friday this week.

Damning new report blasts the GMB union

Britain’s third largest trade union is “institutionally sexist” and “bullying, misogyny, cronyism and sexual harassment are endemic”, according to a lawyer’s report published last week.

Tate workers build the resistance

Workers on all out strike at the Tate Modern protested on London’s South Bank last Saturday after several of them were issued redundancy notices.

Tories vote against implementing Grenfell fire recommendations

Measures included guidelines for carrying out evacuations of high-rise buildings and regular fire door checks


Millions starve across the world during pandemic

Almost unnoticed among other aspects of the coronavirus crisis, hundreds of millions of people across the world face hunger, malnutrition and—for some—starvation.

Belarusian protesters defy state brutality

Ten of thousands of people took to the streets of Belarus over the weekend in defiance of president Aleksander Lukashenko’s threats and intimidation.

Republicans and Democrats compete to condemn anti-racists in the US

All of Donald Trump’s November re-election hopes are pinned on a scaremongering, racist campaign against the Black Lives Matter movement


Brexit bluster can’t hide Tories’ EU troubles

A year ago Brexit dominated the headlines to the point of utter tedium. Now, of course, it’s the Covid-19 pandemic, which is too deadly to tolerate boredom. But Brexit is mounting a comeback, with a vengeance.


Is Akon City Black Power forever?

Rapper Akon plans to build a new city where black people can escape racism. But, as Yuri Prasad writes, any system based on riches for a few means oppression will remain

Frantz Fanon—a vital defence of violence by the oppressed

Every struggle that confronts the violence of the system by throwing back some of its own faces the accusation that resistance itself is the problem. In response many turn to the ideas of Frantz Fanon—the anti-colonial writer and activist.

Put people before profit to protect us from coronavirus

The bosses and their backers are screaming for a return to “business as usual”. They say if we don’t accept this, we will be stuck with lockdown measures that get in the way of profits—known as “the economy”.

Rebelling against the system

As Extinction Rebellion takes to the streets of London, Manchester and Cardiff, Sarah Bates looks at the movement demanding urgent action on climate change


Audacious film about police brutality in French suburbs

This impressive debut film of the black French filmmaker Ladj Ly, Les Miserables, is an incendiary provocative drama.

What We Think

Bosses’ press isn’t free

When Extinction Rebellion (XR) blockaded the entrances of two printing plants last week, it might not have anticipated the vitriolic response. 

Other Categories

Daniela Briggs 1969-2020

Daniela was particularly involved in anti-racist work, having been a member of Stand Up To Racism in Harlow since its inception

Ray Holmes 1938-2020

Ray was one of a generation of rank and file miners who led and campaigned for militant strikes. This often brought them into conflict not just with managers but with the established leadership of the union

Letters—It’s time for a new squatters’ movement to win us housing

The horrendous situation facing renters during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the private sector, is going to get much worse after 21 September

Cummings’ PR mates keep getting lucrative contracts

A lobbying and PR firm co-founded by an ally of Dominic Cummings has been given two government contracts without competitive tenders during the pandemic.

QAnon conspiracy theorists are important for Trump—and they’re dangerous

QAnon followers have been egged on by a president who promised them vengeance against their enemies and never followed through

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