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Issue: 2722

Dated: 15 Sep 2020

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It’s one rule for us and another for the rich

The government’s whole approach is sunk in hypocrisy

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New coronavirus rules punish ordinary people for the Tories’ failures

Boris Johnson’s calamitous Tories are rushing through panic measures following a sharp rise in Covid-19 cases

Super-rich ‘doing better than ever’ during pandemic

Ordinary people in the US face rampant coronavirus, mass unemployment, and reduced wages. But for those at the top it’s boom time

XR climate rebellion ends with rage at financial system

Extinction Rebellion finished ten days of protests in London with a lively march through the heart of the City financial district.

Anger at coronavirus rules that force women to give birth alone

Women are demanding NHS bosses act after harsh coronavirus restrictions leave them facing giving birth alone

NHS pay protesters refuse to shelve their anger

Health workers in towns and cities across Britain protested to demand a pay rise

Anger, militancy and radicalism on Trans+ pride march

London Trans+ Pride hit the streets of central London to call for transgender rights.

Misery for workers as hundreds of thousands to lose jobs 

Unemployment will be the worst “in at least a generation” by the autumn as Tories and bosses try to make workers pay for the coronavirus crisis. 

Tate workers stand firm in all-out strike

Workers on strike at the Tate galleries in London marched to a rally at Parliament Square last Saturday.

Ten days of strikes against We Are With You bosses

Alcohol and drug rehab workers in Wigan and Leigh in north west England are returning to the picket lines in their long-running fight for pay equality

Bosses take the biscuit but can't dodge strikes

Workers who make Wagon Wheels and Jammie Dodgers plan further walkouts over pay.

Brighton council battle over terms and conditions

Workers at Brighton and Hove City Council’s building maintenance department struck for five days last week in a dispute over terms, conditions and sick pay.

Protest tells Manchester bus bosses not to go ahead with attacks

The Unite union is fighting attacks on conditions and victimisation

Tory testing catastrophe pushes virus to spread

Thousands of used coronavirus tests are being thrown away because there isn’t the capacity to analyse them. The shocking news means that many people who have taken a test will never get a result. 

Schools on brink of outbreaks

Scores of schools across England have closed or partially closed after positive coronavirus cases. 

Solidarity with Soas strikes planned to fight redundancies

Unison union members at Soas University of London are set to strike on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

Landlords can turf out tenants despite ban

People will continue to be made homeless despite an extension of the ban on eviction enforcement announced by the Tories last week.  


Fire destroys refugee camp in Lesvos

A huge fire has destroyed the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesvos, where tens of thousands of people fleeing war and poverty are trapped

US wildfires—‘This is a climate damn emergency. This is real and it’s happening’

Human and ecological catastrophe is raging through the western United States.

Refugees on Lesvos defy repression to march for freedom

Thousands of stranded refugees demonstrated on the Greek island of Lesvos after the camp they were kept in burned down this week. They were met by riot police with teargas

Yellow Vest actions hit cities all over France

Demonstrators continued their fight this weekend despite police repression


OnlyFans—another way to profit from our bodies

Women posting explicit pictures are not being ‘liberated’—they are being pushed to provide whatever will sell the best, writes Sarah Bates

International law is made for capitalism

International law helps to regulate the relations between capitalist states. It plays an increasingly important role in providing a framework for the activities of transnational corporation


The crimes of Captain Kimber

In 1791 an atrocity so hideous occurred on a slave ship in the Atlantic that its captain was brought to a British court. The verdict was a damning indictment of both the ruling class and the way it got its riches

No Fixed Abode—why homelessness isn’t inevitable

The solution to ­homelessness in Britain is “almost laughably simple” according to Maeve McClenaghan, author of a new book on the issue.

James Baldwin—a lifetime issuing an anti-racist call to arms

When James Baldwin was born in Harlem, New York, he was “set down in a ghetto” where society “intended you should perish”.


Lovecraft Country turns horror tropes back at racism

Horror author HP Lovecraft supported lynching, and hated black people and Jews. But this new drama series subverts his legacy

Grindcore veterans Napalm Death are back with hardcore politics

Napalm Death are certainly not mellowing with age

What We Think

Stop the jobs massacre when furlough ends

People are being thrown out of work at the sharpest rate since the recession in 2009

Other Categories

Letters—The lack of Covid-19 testing is yet another Tory disaster

Cambridge university recently announced that it will be providing free weekly Covid-19 tests to all students living in college accommodation.

Billionaires are still cashing in on the Coronavirus crisis

“Pandemic be damned”. That’s the message from Forbes, which calls itself “the defining voice of ­entrepreneurial capitalism.”

The story of how Corbyn’s compromises led to defeat

Left Out is a book for people who think Keir Starmer is doing a good job. But it also holds some valuable lessons for genuine socialists—and hard truths about the Labour Party.

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