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Issue: 2724

Dated: 29 Sep 2020

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The Tories’ jobs scheme—patching up a failing jobs market

The new jobs scheme announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak on Thursday reflects growing panic over the end of the furlough scheme, which closes on 31 October. However, it will not prevent surging unemployment in Britain or offer workers the protection they need.

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“We felt abandoned by the state”—health workers speak out as they prepare for second wave

Health workers are “physically and emotionally on their knees” as they prepare for a second wave of coronavirus.

Tories’ virus failures fuel a growing crisis for Johnson

The Tories were set to suffer a humiliating defeat in parliament this week over their handling of the coronavirus crisis. But they looked set to be saved by a speaker’s ruling.  

Anti-racist solidarity in West Wales

Anti-racists are organising to show solidarity with refugees housed in a former military camp in Penally, near Tenby in West Wales.

We Are With You, a vital battle for pay justice and the NHS

Rehab workers in Wigan and Leigh working for We Are With You began the second round of their ten-day strike for equal pay on Monday.

Ford Bridgend closure is a warning of the need for resistance

Friday of last week marked the final day of engine production at Ford’s Bridgend plant in South Wales.

Support Tate galleries jobs fight

Tate gallery workers were set to protest on Wednesday of this week after more than a month on all-out strike.

Over 100 branches back Paul Holmes for Unison leader

Left activists in Unison are celebrating this week after scoring a fantastic result in the nominations for the Unison general secretary election.

Scottish FE lecturers face important battle + Peterborough post strike vote

Scottish FE lecturers in the EIS-FELA union are going into dispute over attempts by management to replace teaching with training. This will force lecturers on to instructor and assessor contracts.

Heriot-Watt strike ballot over threat of 130 job cuts

Members of the UCU union at Heriot-Watt University based in Edinburgh are being balloted for strikes over compulsory job losses.

Bloody Sunday soldiers will not be prosecuted

Northern Ireland’s Public Prosecution Service (PPS) has decided to uphold its decision not to prosecute 15 former British soldiers over the Bloody Sunday killings in Derry 48 years ago.

Grenfell inquiry hear details of cost cutting and incompetence that led to tragedy

The project manager responsible for overseeing work on Grenfell Tower’s cladding system didn’t properly understand safety warnings, an inquiry has heard.  

Asylum seeker left in legal limbo refuses to end hunger strike

An asylum seeker in Glasgow is refusing to end a hunger strike until the Home Office allows him to stay in Britain.

Sacking of MPs shows Keir Starmer is looking to bury anti war politics in Labour

Keir Starmer has sacked three Labour MPs for voting against a bill that protects British war criminals. It was the first sign that his new love of patriotism and security means defending Britain’s crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sunak gives bosses another bailout while workers still face job and pay cuts

Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak announced another bailout package for bosses on Thursday as the coronavirus crisis deepens.

Anger on the streets after killers of Breonna Taylor not charged for her death

Protests have erupted across the US after the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor in March were not charged for her death.

Asylum seeker granted limited leave to stay but says the fight isn't over

An asylum seeker in Glasgow finished his hunger strike after the Home Office granted him limited leave to remain in Britain on Thursday. Abdul Safi stitched his lips shut and went on hunger strike on Monday in protest at 12 years of living in legal limbo.

People Before Profit launch emergency jobs programme

Labour MPs, trade unionists, campaigners and socialists have joined forces to call for a “fightback across workplaces and communities to demand ordinary people won’t pay for the crisis”.


Armenia and Azerbaijan—rival powers threaten war

A long-running border dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan has flared up with some of the heaviest fighting in four years.

Anger in the streets as killer cops in US let off

US Black Lives Matter ­protesters continue to take to the streets over the decision not to charge the cops with the murder of Breonna Taylor. 

International round up: Students stage worldwide climate strikes

Students organised strikes and protests on a global day of action for the climate last week.


Covid-19 is creating new political divides

More and more coronavirus is reshaping politics


Students locked in at universities as system profits

Thousands of people are isolating in student accommodation after a spate of virus outbreaks at universities. Students told Sophie Squire that they are being left without support—and slammed the ‘entirely predictable’ crisis

Udham Singh—revolutionary who took revenge for empire

As Sir Michael O’Dwyer left the speakers’ table after his lecture for the East India Association in London 80 years ago, an Asian man rushed from the audience as if to greet him.

Handling of the virus has made mental distress worse

The virus has meant that mental health services are in crisis—Isabel Ringrose spoke to two health workers on the frontline  

The ugly face of Labour

​​​​​​​Keir Starmer is pushing a renewed right wing direction for Labour. Nick Clark looks at why that is, and examines how it’s old hat for the party that’s built on appeasement


David King—the graphic designer who printed his mark on the left

Yuri Prasad rates a new compilation of David King’s work which shows how he influenced the revolutionary left—and the commercial world beyond it

Des—the grim reality of a killer shown in all its banal horror

David Tennant is brilliant as Nilsen, creating an unsettling, disturbing character

What We Think

Resist the drive for profit that is killing us

Capitalism keeps a tiny minority of people rich off the back of work that is done by the vast majority of people.

A lockdown on dissent

There was justified anger from the left in response to new government teaching guidelines that ban anti-capitalist teaching materials from classrooms.

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LETTERS - Tory move on the GRA shows the battle is on for trans rights

When it was announced that the Tories would not reform the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) it felt like just another strike in the assault against trans people.

New law to give police and spooks a new licence to kill

Undercover cops and MI5 spooks will be given explicit permission in law to commit criminal offences under new law introduced by the Tories.

How Trump and privatised health care left US exposed

The US is the richest country in the world, but has one of the worst responses to coronavirus. Sarah Bates looks at how a a broken system killed over 200,000

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