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Issue: 2725

Dated: 06 Oct 2020

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Coronavirus cases soar after Tories’ new failures over testing

Official cases of coronavirus in Britain shot up last weekend after a failure in the Tories’ test and trace system.

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Activists gather to launch emergency coronavirus programme

 A coalition of Labour MPs, trade unionists, campaigners and socialists have called for a “fightback to demand ordinary people won’t pay for the crisis”.

Report on potential mass extinction of plant species is a warning to all

Some two in five of the world’s plant species stand at risk of extinction because of climate and ecological chaos, a new report has revealed.

Eight die of Covid-19 in hospital in Wales forcing it to suspend services

A hospital in the South Wales Valleys has stopped operations amid an outbreak of 82 new coronavirus cases linked to the site.

‘We are motivated by the irresponsible attitude of the government,’ say students in occupation in Greece

Students have occupied more than 700 schools across Greece, forcing them to close, in protest at the unsafe push to return.

Rehab workers lead the way as they come to end of ten day strike

Striking rehab workers from Wigan and Leigh took their fight for equal pay to We Are With You’s headquarters in central London on Thursday.

Shortage of flu vaccines during Covid- 19 pandemic will put millions at risk

Millions of vulnerable people are facing a terrifying winter as they struggle to get flu vaccines that could mean the difference between life and death.

Leaked measures show Tories want to stop refugees crossing to Britain by any means

Anti-racists staged a protest outside Downing Street against proposed Tory plans to ramp up repression against refugees.

Student protests as coronavirus sweeps through universities

As Covid-19 outbreaks in universities spread across Britain, students and staff are gearing up for a fightback against universities who have put profits before safety.

Macron’s calls to fight ‘Islamist separatism’ is a way to scapegoat Muslims

French president Emmanuel Macron has launched a brutal islamophobic assault. He described Islam as “a religion in crisis all over the world today that is corrupted by radical forms”.

Activists organise resistance amid unemployment horror

Tory chancellor Rishi Sunak’s pro-business measures will not stop millions of people facing the threat of mass ­unemployment this autumn.

‘We’ll keep fighting,’ say We Are With You rehab strikers

Workers at We Are With You rehab service in Wigan and Leigh ended their two-week strike last week. But the battle is far from over.

Tate strikes suspended but battle for jobs continues

Workers at the Tate galleries have voted to suspend their strike.

Struggle on Serco’s Caledonian Sleeper + Heathrow strike vote + Bus drivers fight sign on scheme + Yodel pay

Railway workers began their first 48-hour strike for safe working conditions on the Caledonian Sleeper last Sunday.

Tory plans to limit vaccinations for coronavirus will put ordinary people’s lives at risk

Most people in Britain won’t be vaccinated for coronavirus when a vaccine becomes available. 

Care homes ‘managed death’ in first wave of virus

The full horror wreaked upon care homes during coronavirus has been revealed by a new Amnesty International report. 


Woman’s rape and murder sees mass revulsion across India

A wave of anger at police, politicians and caste violence has spread across India after four upper-caste men allegedly raped and murdered a low-caste Dalit woman. 


European economies are headed for crash

The political disarray the pandemic is causing in Britain and the United States has made the European Union (EU) look good by comparison.


Frank Crichlow— taking an inspiring stand against the establishment

Frank Crichlow “first came into contact with Notting Hill police station” after he opened a cafe in west London in 1959. He was to become an icon of ­resistance to the cops’ repression for the rest of his life.

Damning report exposes racist school discipline measures

An Institute of Race Relations report published last week showed how school sets up poorer black boys in particular for a life of exclusion.

How British imperialism split Cyprus

With Turkey and Greece the closest to conflict than they have been in years Nick Clark explains why Cyprus has been such a focus point for imperialist powers, especially Britain

Oil workers say the system is rigged against green jobs

Large numbers of offshore workers want green industries and jobs. They can deliver change—but they are ignored by those at the top, reports Sarah Bates 

Donald Trump’s four years of horror

Isabel Ringrose looks at Donald Trump’s four years in the White House, and examines the way in which his every move has been met with a fight from below


The Rhino Conspiracy—a novel that’s more than a thriller

The Rhino Conspiracy by Peter Hain follows a veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle taking on corruption in the governing elite

Public Enemy release a nostalgic album for new struggles

Fans have been waiting for Public Enemy to drop their new album What you Gonna Do When The Grid Goes Down? since they returned to the Def Jam label

What We Think

Labour doesn’t want to spook the establishment

Gary Haggarty, a member of the pro-British paramilitary organisation the Ulster Volunteer Force in Northern Ireland, worked as a paid agent of Special Branch cops.

A failure of the system, not individuals

The Tories have repeatedly tried to scapegoat ordinary people to avoid responsibility for their own mishandling of the pandemic.

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Bob Batts 1954-2020

Bob Batts died suddenly and unexpectedly on 28 September, aged 66. His partner of 40 years, Brenda, was with him.

Letters—Don’t let them copy Australia’s offshore detention centres 

Home Secretary Priti Patel’s proposal to dump asylum seekers on the remote volcanic outcrop of Ascension Island is mimicking Australia’s racist refugee policy.

Eight people die in Glasgow hotel during Covid-19 crisis

Eight people have died at a Glasgow hotel used to shelter the homeless during lockdown.  

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