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Issue: 2727

Dated: 20 Oct 2020

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The Tories are weak— and we can stop them

The Tory government is wrecking working class people’s futures, and gambling with their lives.

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Child poverty soars across Britain under the Tories

Anna Feuchtwang from End Child Poverty said Boris Johnson should stop “resorting to his own inaccurate statistics” and admit the true scale of child poverty

Post bosses at Royal Mail site delayed deep clean after Covid-19 case due to money row

Postal workers’ demands for safety were ignored at a major Royal Mail workplace where more than 20 people have caught coronavirus.

University virus chaos shows why we need resistance - join the day of action

Students and workers are preparing for a day of action on Friday as cases of Covid-19 continue to soar in universities across Britain.

Workers are stepping up the fight for safety at universities

Higher education workers are organising to defend safety and jobs as coronavirus tears through universities  

Facebook workers speak out - ‘Bosses are taking advantage of Covid-19 to attack us’

Cleaning workers at Facebook’s head office in London have told Socialist Worker that bosses are “taking advantage of the pandemic to cut jobs and workers’ hours”.

Students and workers demand action over coronavirus at universities

In Manchester students gathered and then walked down the road, holding flares and blocking traffic.

Stand Up To Racism conference sends out message of resistance

Anti-racists in Britain celebrated blows to fascist parties in Greece, Slovakia and Austria at an international conference that began on Saturday. 

Polls show consistent support for Scottish independence

The latest IPSOS MORI opinion poll on Scottish Independence has record numbers in favour, with 58 percent saying they would vote for a break from Britain.

New domestic abuse law won’t bring change without new cash

The Domestic Abuse Bill currently going through parliament can’t solve the problem of victim’s housing—and that’s a huge problem, says Isabel Ringrose

Don’t trust Andy Burnham’s posturing over lockdown

Andy Burnham has wanted to be Labour Party leader for most of his career. He stood in two leadership elections and failed both times.

NHS charges delay vital treatments

Migrants denied NHS services under racist immigration rules had to wait an average of 37 weeks for treatment, according to a damning new report.

Union backs two-week shutdown of secondaries

The infection rate among secondary school pupils rose by more than in any other age group since September.

Fights for jobs by tanker drivers and at Rolls-Royce

Fuel tanker drivers employed by Hoyer Petrolog UK have overwhelmingly voted for strikes over job cuts.

Met’s body cam decision hides cops’ racist record

London’s Met Police has decided that evidence captured by cops’ body ¬cameras will not be routinely released—because the evidence is too damning.


Belarus revolt faces new repression, but threatens general strike

The revolt in Belarus is at a crossroads after more than two months of mass protests and strikes against president Aleksander Lukashenko

Health workers march in France and cops raid ministers’ homes

Health workers across France organised protests on Thursday against conditions that have left them on the brink of collapse.

Protesters rattle the monarchy in Thailand

The amazing demonstrations in Thailand against the military junta and the monarchy in the past few days show how far the movement has developed.

Win for left in Bolivian vote

After almost a year of an unelected right wing government backed by the US, the people of Bolivia have voted to remove the coup regime.


Why the right want to control women’s bodies

After the appointment of anti-choice judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court, Sarah Bates looks at why opposing abortion is a defining issue for the right

Can Johnson survive Covid-19 and Brexit?

Weak and nasty” has been a good description of all Tory governments since the fall of Margaret Thatcher nearly 30 years ago. None fit this description better than Boris Johnson’s administration.


How billionaires grab our money

The world’s billionaires have amassed a fortune of £7.8 trillion through tax scams, inherited wealth—and the hard work of others.

Is university online teaching an inferior form of learning?

Does online learning leave students short-changed? As more and more virus-hit universities suspend face to face teaching, it can seem like students are getting a worse education.

Fighting fascism—remembering the International Brigades

A new book tells the remarkable stories of the International Brigades who fought fascism in Spain. It’s a fascinating part of the Civil War

Hilarius Gilges—black German communist who fought Nazis

The long-feared knock at the door finally came at around 10pm. Outside the Nazi Gestapo, together with a dozen SS soldiers, barked and cheered knowing that they had got their man.


Arts workers resist the grim future Tories have planned 

The Tories’ response to the impact of the pandemic on the arts has been predictably brutal—but artists are fighting back, writes Mark Brown

Rocks—a brilliant, realistic film about young lives in London film

Rocks is a teenager struggling to take care of herself and her younger brother Emmanuel after her mum leaves them suddenly. 

Kiss the Ground—documentary delivers climate change hope

“The Truth is, I had given up.”

What We Think

French state exploits murder to attack Muslims

The murder and beheading of teacher Samuel Paty in France last week was appalling. It must not be used to deepen Islamophobia and racism.

Other Categories

LETTERS—shielding ‘guidance’ puts vulnerable people at risk

The Tories’ new guidance on shielding means there’s pressure on people to return to work.

The Troublemaker—For Serco test failures the profits are still world-beating

Outsourcing firm Serco has announced its profits are set to soar after being paid to operate NHS Test and Trace in England.

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