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Issue: 2728

Dated: 27 Oct 2020

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Parents slam Tories over free school meals - ‘They don’t care about our kids’

Fury is growing over the Tories’ refusal to extend free school meals (FSM) in England during the holidays.

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School students organise powerful anti-racist revolt

Students at Nonsuch High School For Girls in Cheam, west of London, have launched a fight against racism in their school. Their committed protests have included an 800-strong demonstration at the school.

Revolt in Nigeria continues after massacre of protesters

The government of Nigeria in west Africa sent soldiers firing live ammunition to massacre protesters in the capital, Lagos, on Tuesday. Members of the Socialist Workers and Youth League write from Nigeria.

Tories scramble to prop up business

The Tories fear that their policies are leading to an economic catastrophe, but they are bailing out the corporations rather than workers

Young people put at risk by Tory Covid-19 failures

Coronavirus infections and deaths are soaring out of control.

Protesting at Tory scum who deny children food and destroy jobs

Protesters have taken to the streets over the decision to deny children free school meals and to end the furlough scheme

More workers join the Facebook fight

Angry cleaning workers gathered outside Facebook headquarters in central London to protest redundancies and dodgy pay deals on Friday.

Tories’ racist immigration rules will punish migrant workers

The Tories have pushed through legal changes to make Britain’s immigration system even more racist.

Jobs nightmare for millions of workers as furlough ends on Halloween

Millions of working class people face the nightmare of mass unemployment as the Tories prepare to scrap the furlough scheme on Halloween.

Interview with Paul Holmes—‘Unions need to use their power for their members’

Sarah Bates talked to socialist candidate Paul Holmes about his plans to shake things up in the public sector trade union

Labour Leadership continues to show that criticism of Israel will not be tolerated

The Labour Party leadership has told off MP Stephen Kinnock for making a speech criticising Israel, according to reports.

Bus manufacturing workers strike in major battle over wages

Workers at a bus manufacturer near Leeds are fighting against bosses’ “false promises and outright lies” over pay. 

Action and strike votes at universities and colleges

Strike vote over redundancies at Heriot-Watt and action planned at Forth Valley College over a new role

Battles for jobs at Hoyer Petrolog and Rolls-Royce Barnoldswick

Fuel tanker drivers employed by Hoyer Petrolog UK are set to strike on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week. Roll-Royce workers are set for three weeks of strikes

Sage cleaners back strike + BT Technology workers hold action vote

Workers in the UVW union at a Service to the Aged (Sage) care home in north London have returned a 100 percent yes vote for strikes.

High Storrs school says Black Lives Matter

Outraged students of High Storrs school in Sheffield organised a protest last week against racism from a student in Year 11. 

Coronavirus round-up - Paper claims older people were sacrificed in first wave

Older people were excluded from receiving lifesaving care at the height of the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring, the Sunday Times newspaper has claimed. 

Refugees drown in Channel as a result of killer border regime

Four people, including two children, have died after the small boat in which they had set out from France to try and reach Britain sank in the English Channel.


Canada—big business launches racist offensive on indigenous fishers

A pitched battle is being fought over fishing rights in Nova Scotia, Canada. On one side, is the Mi’kmaw nation, and on the other stands commercial fishers backed by big business. 

Pro-choice protests sweep through Poland

An explosion of daily mass demonstrations for abortion rights has swept dozens of towns and cities across Poland. 


Joe Biden can’t contain the deep bitterness that exists in the US

It was one of Bill Clinton’s advisers who coined the slogan, “It’s the Economy Stupid!” But this has been Donald Trump’s recipe for getting re-elected.


Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti—Defying colonialism for women’s liberation

British rulers of Nigeria had hoped that Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti could be an emblem of their “benevolent imperialism”.

The shock figures that show we’re choking to death

Londoners are paying the heaviest health price in Europe for toxic levels of air pollution.

The Gardner’s occupation—a jobs fight that won

Forty years ago this month a workers’ occupation of Gardner’s factory in Eccles, Salford, showed it’s possible to stop mass redundancies. Geoff Brown tells the story. Pictures by John Sturrock

US election—an American horror story

As people brace themselves for the latest election night episode of the American horror story, we all hope for Trump’s exorcism from the White House. But, argues Sophie Squire, the real alternative lies with the mass movements, not Joe Biden, the Democrats and the neoliberal centre

Rosa Parks—A radical civil rights activist who fought tirelessly

In a testimonial to other activists, Rosa Parks wrote, “freedom fighters never retire”. And for her, this proved to be true.


The Gambler—biography that’s a weak effort to show Boris Johnson’s ‘greatness’

Journalist Tom Bower’s last biography was a hatchet job on Jeremy Corbyn. His latest book fawns over Boris Johnson

La Revolution is a confusing “re-imagining” of the French Revolution

From the beginning La Revolution seems to touch on the upheaval that led to one of the most famous uprisings in history.

What We Think

Systematic racism is to blame for black and Asian coronavirus deaths

Coronavirus has “thrived on” systematic racism—and more black people will “unnecessarily die” unless there’s urgent action.

Solidarity not charity is answer to Tory cruelty

The Tories’ refusal to give free school meals to children in the holidays has seen an outpouring of support for poor children from ordinary people.

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Letters—Andy Burnham is leading a fight, and we should support him

We believe that Socialist Worker should have backed Burnham’s position more forcefully

Deported under new regime for being a rough sleeper

Rough sleepers in Britain who have come from other countries face deportation under new immigration laws. These will be introduced when the Brexit transition period ends.

Grenfell firms try to avoid justice during blaze inquiry

Landlords for the Grenfell tower have unveiled shocking revelations at the inquiry into the blaze. Their evidence shows that at every turn profit was prioritised over safety.

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