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Issue: 2729

Dated: 04 Nov 2020

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Class struggle is the only alternative to an unfair system

The US political system is rotten and offers nothing to ordinary people. This is the main conclusion from this week’s election.

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Scottish miners could be pardoned, but fight for justice continues

Hundreds of miners in Scotland who were convicted of crimes during the 1984-5 Miners’ Strike might be pardoned  

Keir Starmer uses antisemitism report to suspend Corbyn and attack solidarity with Palestine

There is now no doubt that Labour leader Keir Starmer is determined to drive the left out of the party, or to force them into humiliated submission.

Philadelphia revolts against racism after police killing of black man

The city of Philadelphia has seen two days of militant mass protests after the police shot and killed Walter Wallace, a 27 year old black man on Monday.

Panicked Tories announce lockdown - but it is too little, too late

The Tories announced a month-long national lockdown across England on Saturday as their coronavirus policies degenerated further into fatal chaos

People Before Profit campaigners demand more jobs protection for workers

Hundreds of people joined an online rally and physical protests against the “job loss nightmare” on Halloween.

Education workers demand schools close during lockdown, and discuss how to make it happen

The Tory plan leaves schools, colleges and universities – major sources of virus transmission – open

Keir Starmer’s suspension of Jeremy Corbyn means war on the left

There is now no doubt that Labour leader Keir Starmer is determined to drive the left out of the party—or force it into ­humiliated submission.

Debates and divisions in unions and the left on how to respond to the attacks in Labour

Two online rallies revealed debates on how the left should respond to the right’s assault.

Spy cops inquiry gives glimpse of scale of state infiltration

An inquiry has told 19 families that their dead children’s identities were stolen by spycops

Reports round-up—Optare strikers keep up the struggle for pay justice


Barnoldswick battle to stop 350 job losses

Barnoldswick battle to stop 350 job losses

Facebook cleaners win, but fights go on

Fifteen cleaning workers will keep their jobs on the same contracts and hours at Facebook headquarters in London on the back of weeks of protest.


Belarusian workers and students defy repression to face down Lukashenko

The revolt against Belarusian ruler Aleksander Lukashenko is at a critical stage after opposition leaders’ call for a general strike failed to break the stalemate. 

Pro-choice protests transform Poland as state fails to slander the movement

The mass pro-choice protests in Poland are growing. A march on Warsaw last Friday was 100,000-strong, according to organisers and the city council. People came from all over the country to demonstrate in the capital.

Teachers’ strikes and student blockades in France over lack of virus safety in schools

Thousands of teachers struck across France on Monday and Tuesday in protest at the lack of coronavirus safety in schools.

Joe Biden refused to tap into the power that can win change

Inspiring mass ­movements of struggle and resistance have sprung up repeatedly under Donald Trump’s reign.

Joe Biden’s failures let Trump try to grab victory

Racist, warmonger Donald Trump declared victory in the US presidential election—while results were still coming in—as Socialist Worker went to press on Wednesday

Democrats offered no hope to US electorate

Joe Biden’s failure to ride easily into the White House on the back of a wave of anger against Trump is damning. 

The US left needs a new strategy

Most of the left backed Joe Biden’s campaign. Most groups abandoned their criticism of the Democrats and fell into step with their campaign.


‘We’re learning that our power is stronger together‘ —Activists in the US speak out

As millions of people submit their votes in the US presidential election, Socialist Worker spoke to activists about the election and how to win real change

Trump’s Republicans at odds with big business

Amid all the uncertainties of this week’s US presidential election, one thing’s for sure. The Republican Party’s relationship with its social base is cracking apart


Young workers speak out—‘The Tories don’t care about us’

The economic impact of the pandemic has devastated millions of workers’ lives across Britain.

It’s time to leave Labour

Keir Starmer’s assault on the left shows that Labour is a trap for socialists. It’s time to leave and fight for real change argues Charlie Kimber, editor of Socialist Worker

Spy cops inquiry will not give their victims justice

As the Undercover Policing Inquiry hearings begin, Simon Basketter says this latest chapter will not tell us the whole truth


Borat—subsequent Moviefilm for make benefit of liberalism

The second Borat film caught the US right in compromising positions. But its own liberal racism shouldn’t get a free pass

Looted—an understated look at a life going nowhere

Looted is billed as a crime thriller, but it’s not really that at all

Mr Wilder & Me is a novel to give you hope

Jonathan Coe’s latest novel might be described as “life-affirming” but it is so much better than that makes it sound.

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LETTERS—Gardner’s occupation drove others to fight Thatcherism

The occupation of the Gardner’s factory 40 years ago was an inspiration to many workplaces.

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