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Issue: 2734

Dated: 08 Dec 2020

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Defend those who back Black Lives Matter

Tory minister George Eustice has given “shelter to racists” after he failed to condemn Millwall football fans who booed players “taking the knee” for Black Lives Matter.

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Bosses snatch millions in dividends while they dole out job cuts

While poverty, food bank use and unemployment rocket, big bosses are once again cashing in on the pandemic.

Tory plans for Covid-19 vaccine roll out already raise concerns

The government’s announcement that a Covid-19 vaccine has been approved for use is a source of hope for millions of people across Britain.

LDE school staff strike to demand reinstatement of union rep Sharon Morgan

Workers at the London Design and Engineering (LDE) free school are taking action to demand the reinstatement of NEU union rep Sharon Morgan.

High Court decision over puberty blockers will put trans young people at risk

The High Court of Justice has just made a shocking and disastrous decision that reflects the poisonous atmosphere generated against trans people in recent times. It has reportedly left many young trans people distraught.

Hackney school strikers fight for their conditions and children’s education

A militant, lively picket took place on Thursday at Leaways school in Hackney, east London.

More restrictions imposed as Covid-19 deaths globally pass 1.5 million

The coronavirus pandemic has reached a grisly milestone—1.5 million deaths worldwide.

Labour leadership ramps up attacks on left

Labour’s leaders have threatened to purge “thousands and thousands” of their own members from the party in a campaign to smash the left.

Leading activists suspended from Labour as assault on the left continues

Two leading left wing Jewish activists have been suspended from the Labour Party for speaking out on Palestine and antisemitism.

Tories push to keep schools open has been disastrous as more shut everyday

Coronavirus chaos is causing soaring numbers of schools across England to close.

Students revolt against being treated without dignity

Rent strikes and other actions are spreading

Priti Patel stokes racism against desperate migrants

Tory home secretary Priti Patel is trying to stir up another “culture war” in the wake of a deportation flight to Jamaica. 

Labour leadership attempts to crush Palestine solidarity

 The Labour Party escalated its war on solidarity with Palestinians last week—banning members in east London from discussing a charity bike ride for Palestine.

School students slam the plan for exams next year

The Tories plan more misery for over 700,000 students due to sit GCSEs, A-Levels and other exams despite missing months of education due to coronavirus

Makers of insulation used on Grenfell knew it was unsafe

Flammable insulation was used in the refurbishment of Grenfell Tower under an outdated safety test

Christmas shoppers blamed for following the new rules

The attempt to blame ordinary people for the spread of coronavirus shows no sign of slowing down.

Brexit could have meant more than this

The Tories and Boris Johnson desperately continued their faltering attempts to broker a Brexit trade deal this week.

EU border agency accused of brutality against migrants seeking safety

A body that patrols the EU’s external borders has been accused of unlawfully turning migrants away and sending them back to Turkey. 

Support for solid strike at Brighton university

UCU union members at Brighton university held a solid second day of strikes on Monday of this week. 

Reports round-up: Fresh walkout at Little Ilford school

Victory after school tries  to cut £100,000 by slashing education workers’ salaries

Rolls-Royce battle for jobs now has to escalate

Trade unionists and campaigners took part in an “overwhelming display of support” for striking Rolls-Royce workers in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, last Saturday.

Protesters demand One Housing Group improves safety

A 20-kilogram piece of lead fell from a window into communal gardens

Pay fight at Alstom sites + Glasgow guards + Doncaster bins victory + Driving examiners ballot + Heartless at Heartlands

Over 20 strikers gathered outside the rail maintenance depot in Longsight, Manchester last Thursday evening.

Fighting against victimisation at Shrewsbury Colleges group

Members of Shrewsbury Colleges Group NEU union are fighting the victimisation of John Boken, one of the union reps at the college.


Police ramp up repression as tens of thousands join protests in France

Around 100,000 people joined 90 demonstrations across France on Saturday against the government’s repressive global security law.

Cops target socialists in Greece with arrests

Greek police arrested more than 100 people, including leading members of the Socialist Workers Party, at a rally on Sunday.


You can’t rely on courts to beat the Labour right

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn are avoiding a political fight with the leadership, writes Nick Clark

What lies behind the divisions over Brexit?

It’s anyone’s guess whether Britain and the European Union (EU) can reach an agreement on their new trading relationship, which is due to start on 1 January. 


Capital, the system and jobs chaos

Millions of people have been thrown onto the jobs scrapheap this year. Tomáš Tengely-Evans looks at how the capitalist system uses unemployment

War crimes—the West’s hidden horrors in Afghanistan

Murders, torture and massacres—that’s the reality of the war in Afghanistan exposed by a report into Australian war crimes. And for all its denial, Britain is just as guilty

Indian farmers join mass action after Modi government attacks 

Tens of thousands of farmers are confronting measures pushed through by Narendra Modi’s government.


The Racer shows the truth behind cycling glamour

This new film is set over 20 years ago, but the pressures on athletes remain the same today. Nick Clark recommends this visceral look into the elite sport

Don McCullin photos show reality of war and poverty

It is not often that when critiquing war we can look straight into the eyes of those most affected. 

Lights festival illuminates east London

Colourful Nights is the latest annual festival illuminating large parts of Canary Wharf in east London.

What We Think

Don’t let the Tories define anti-racism

In the wake of George Floyd’s killing, Black Lives Matter (BLM) made great advances in the struggle against racism, and what it means to be an anti-racist.

Profits from drought. Bosses speculate on water

 Capitalism has found an untapped market—speculating on water. For the first time in history, bankers and bosses will be able to bet on future water prices on Wall Street.

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LETTERS - Don’t be demoralised, get organised at work instead

It is easy to get demoralised with politics in Britain given the strength of the populist right and the weakness of the Labour Party.

The Troublemaker—Rishi Sunak eats at private club while freezing workers’ pay

Rishi Sunak dined at a lavish, exclusive private club last week after telling around 2 million workers they would see a real-terms pay cut as inflation rises.

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