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Issue: 2735

Dated: 15 Dec 2020

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2020—it’s been a year of horror and hope

This year has seen the horrors that flow from the capitalism system, but it’s also seen mass resistance. Coronavirus dominated the year, exposing and accelerating all the failings that already existed. 

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Climate crisis to blame for wildfires destroying ‘paradise’ in Australia

Devastating wildfires are ripping through one of the most precious and irreplaceable parts of the natural world.

Anger as Bristol activists who tore down slaver Colston’s statue are charged

Four protesters have been charged with criminal damage for their part in toppling a statue of slave trader Edward Colston in Bristol in June. 

LDE strikers stay strong as they plan six more days of strikes to defend union rep

NEU union members at the LDE free school in east London struck for a sixth day on Thursday. And they have voted for more strikes because they see the walkouts as their only chance to make the school better for staff and students.

A wealth tax could generate billions but the Tories attack working people instead

Instead of attacking working class people and key services, vast amounts of money could be raised by taxing the rich.

School strikes confront the bullying and victimisation of union reps

A series of strikes at an east London school has lifted the lid on an ugly culture of bullying in education.

Patients forced to wait more than a year for treatment described as a ‘national crisis’

Tens of thousands of patients have been forced to wait for more than a year to start hospital treatment in England, according to new figures.

Tories determined to axe vital council services

Vicious waves of austerity are hitting English councils, and the Tories are determined to drive through their attacks.

Ordinary people forced to pay for politicians’ Brexit wrangling

The chaotic Tory handling of Brexit limps on towards further potential disasters

Surge of anger after cops attack a black teenager

The cops are facing a backlash after a violent assault on a black teenager in north London last week. 

Windrush scandal payouts are an ‘insult’

Tory home secretary Priti Patel has been forced to fast track money to victims of the Windrush scandal. 

Sir Starmer plots a new shift to the right for Labour

Keir Starmer wants Labour to be ‘patriotic’, pander to racism and support cuts, writes Nick Clark

Tories keep repeating fatal virus blunders

The Tories put profits before people at every stage of the pandemic—and ordinary people have paid the price, says Sarah Bates

Homelessness hits a record high in London

Homelessness in London now stands at a 15-year record high, councils have warned.

Tories put safety and environment at risk with plans for new nuclear plant

The Tories have restarted negotiations over funding a new £20 billion nuclear power plant at Sizewell C in Suffolk. 

Heathrow and BA cargo workers fight fire and rehire

There's a battle on against pay and job cuts

Optare battle continues + Rolls-Royce resistance + Gosh success + Buses could stop + BT ballot

Optare strike will go on into 2021 unless the bosses concede over pay

More Action in education + Sainsburys strike called off + British Gas workers + Beis staff + Biscuit makers

 UCU union members at Brighton university began a two-day strike on Tuesday of this week to defend jobs. The action follows two walkouts last week, and a 24-hour strike earlier this month. Bosses want to impose compulsory redundancies in the IT department.

‘It’s important they know we won’t go away’—Grenfell activists speak out at Downing Street

Monday marked three and a half years since the Grenfell Tower fire. A speak out took place outside Downing Street to remember the 72 victims.


‘The crisis for the revolution in Tunisia is also a crisis for the regime’

Tunisian socialist Jaouhar Bani says revolution has left a regime in constant crisis—and increased outbursts of resistance

Farmers’ protests in India pile on pressure

Farmers’ protests in India continue to put the hard right government of Narendra Modi under extreme pressure.


Solidarity with prisoners over the holidays

As the holiday season approaches, Socialist Worker asks readers to write to political prisoners and those who have suffered at the hands of the system to show solidarity

John le Carré—the novelist who tried to unmask the truth of British intelligence

John le Carré, the great spy novelist has died aged 89. By exploring treachery at the heart of British intelligence, le Carré challenged assumptions about the Cold War.

The political choices behind hard Brexit

Whether or not there is a trade deal between Britain and the European Union, we will experience a hard Brexit, with a fair degree of economic disruption. Such an outcome was not inevitable


Kensington and Chelsea—a tale of two cities

In west London, people in poverty live side by side with some of the richest families in Britain. Isabel Ringrose looks at the lives of all the residents living in the shadow of Grenfell Tower

Tunisia in revolt—ten years on

Ten years have passed since the start of the Tunisian revolution. Nick Clark explains how it toppled a dictator, encouraged more fightbacks, and shook the world


How Marxism helps us to understand—and enjoy—art

Art is about social relationships, says writer John Molyneux—and what art is changes as society develops

Mank—an impressive caricature of Hollywood’s geniuses

Mank is about the destructiveness of trying to survive while avoiding doing the wrong thing

What We Think

Starmer's no anti-racist

Don’t let anyone tell you Keir Starmer is an anti-racist. When a caller to his radio phone-in show confronted him with a racist conspiracy theory, he appeared to understand.

Other Categories

LETTERS—Anti-trans court ruling is an attack on autonomy for all

A high Court judicial review earlier this month outlawed the use of puberty blockers for young trans people unless they can persuade doctors to go to court on their behalf.

The Troublemaker—Court says war crimes were ‘murder’ but offers no justice  

The International Criminal Court won't open a full investigation into war crimes committed by British troops in Iraq, despite finding a “reasonable basis” to believe war crimes were committed.

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