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Issue: 2736

Dated: 05 Jan 2021

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Workers’ action in schools forces huge Tory retreat

Boris Johnson was forced on Monday evening to announce a new lockdown across England. It followed Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon’s announcement of a lockdown in Scotland earlier in the day.  

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White men most likely to commit child sexual exploitation, says Home Office report

Most of those who commit child sex exploitation (CSE) offences in groups are white men, according to a Home Office report. 

Anger as Heathrow airport ruling boosts climate-wrecking project

A new court ruling means a third runway at Heathrow airport could be back on the cards, overturning a previous decision to block the project. 

School closes on health grounds after pressure from union members

Fighting school by school isn't enough, A stronger national response from unions is needed.

Hackney special school strikers demand improvements for workers and students

Action continued at Leaways special school in Hackney, with three days of strikes this week.

Bosses enjoy soaring salaries while workers scrape by on paltry pay, new report shows

It found bosses at top companies earn on average 100 times that of their lowest-paid workers.

Scottish further education lecturers ready for battle

Further Education lecturers in the Scottish teaching union, EIS, have voted decisively to oppose college managements' attempts to replace them with instructors.

2020: a year in 12 photos

Socialist Worker photographer Guy Smallman's year reflected in a photograph for each month.

Protest calls for sacking of cop after attack on black teenager

Anti-racists rallied on the road outside Tottenham police station on Saturday after fresh footage emerged of a violent assault on a black teenager.

Action needed now to stop Tories’ disastrous Covid-19 policies

The desperate U-turn by Boris Johnson over coronavirus restrictions highlights the gross failings of the Tories’ handling of the pandemic.

Active strike at DHL, and action coming at British Gas

Striking Unite union members at DHL Supply Chain in Liverpool disrupted production at the Distribution centre on Monday.

Five articles on Brexit

It’s impossible at this stage to give a proper analysis of the new Brexit deal. But here are five articles that give the background.

Fears grow for the health of Egyptian detainee Hisham Fouad

Hisham Fouad has been detained for 18 months and is being denied medical treatment

Don’t back Tory Brexit deal—or line up with the European Union

Tory claims about an approaching glorious future after the trade deal with the European Union are nonsense.  

Overcrowded homes have sent virus cases soaring among the poorest in Britain

Overcrowded housing has increased the spread of Covid-19 among poorer people and black people in England according to research by the Health Foundation.

The Tories, not the new coronavirus strain, have created the crisis in the NHS

The NHS stands on the brink of a catastrophic breakdown.

Billionaires and corporations owe workers millions in unpaid wages

Corporate giants and firms owned by billionaires have been exposed as not even paying their workers the minimum wage.

Vaccine delays and shortages—Tories’ latest coronavirus scandal

The Tories are ensuring thousands more deaths by failing to roll out coronavirus vaccination effectively

Workers send message to Tories—keep all schools shut or we could walk out

Workers are demanding that all schools should move to online learning for at least two weeks because it is not safe for them to fully reopen

Job losses and obscene riches mark start of 2021

Almost 30,000 restaurant workers lost their jobs last year, while the richest 1 percent of households have stashed away almost £800 billion in hidden wealth

Reports round-up: British Gas strike fuelled by fire and rehire attacks on workers

Over 7,000 British Gas workers were set to walk out over bosses’ “fire and rehire” plans on Thursday of this week

Many primary schools shut despite attempts by the Tories to keep them open

Large numbers of primary schools across England were closed to most children on Monday as workers refused to return on safety grounds.

Tories to blame for NHS virus collapse

Health workers say the NHS is “on the cusp of being overwhelmed” as hospitals struggle to cope with the surge in coronavirus cases.

Workers’ safety fights at colleges and universities

Union activists fought to resist the unsafe reopening of universities and colleges this week.

Reports round-up: Parents fought to shut schools

More than 5,000 people tuned into a parent meeting about school safety on Monday evening. And 600 people joined the Zoom event, called by Parents For a Safe Return.

What’s the deal in Royal Mail?

Postal workers in Royal Mail have been presented with a deal to end a long running dispute.

NHS pay rise delayed + workers’ action round-up

Health secretary Matt Hancock has outrageously announced that the promised pay rise for health workers has been “unfortunately delayed”.

Project Selborne: military training outsourced to British, US and Israeli firms

The Boris Johnson government has recently awarded a contract for running the Navy and Marine training establishments to the Fisher Training consortium.


Trump resorts to threats in bid to cling onto power

US president Donald Trump is still refusing to concede defeat in last November’s election. 

International round-up: Millions of workers could add to Indian farmers’ protests

Protests by hundreds of thousands of farmers in India continue to grow despite cold and heavy rain in the capital New Delhi. 


Joe Biden’s presidency will pollute the planet

Biden has consistently backed fracking, although he now claims he wants to see it banned on federal land.

Covid-19 hasn’t stopped capitalism from changing

For many of us—especially those lucky enough not to have caught Covid-19—the past year has been as if our lives have been put on hold.


New report proves inequality has made the pandemic worse 

Austerity and racism combined with Covid-19 to cause many thousands of deaths, says a health expert’s new analysis. Tomáš Tengely-Evans investigates

Islamophobia—the hate the state made

Rulers across the world are planning fresh assaults on Muslims in 2021

Breaking up with marriage—why our relationships matter to our rulers

With a new law making divorce easier set to be passed in Britain this year, Sarah Bates asks why the people at the top of society still care about marriage


Little known stories of the women who led struggles

New book Rebellious Daughters of History brings to light inspiring lives of women that fought for change

Excel Esports documentary reveals pressure and stress of pro gaming industry

Here’s an unsettling glimpse inside a new but highly lucrative entertainment industry

What We Think

Free Julian Assange

A court decision on Monday blocked Wikileaks founder Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States.

Only workers’ action can stop the horror

Primary school workers have a lesson for Keir Starmer. While they were shutting down unsafe workplaces and forcing Boris Johnson into yet another damning U-turn he was cowering behind the government.

Other Categories

Letters—Union wrong to counterpose saving jobs to saving planet 

Scarborough police broke up our socially-distanced anti‑offshore gas field demo this week.

Fat cat corporations not even paying the minimum wage

Corporate giants and firms owned by billionaires have been exposed as not even paying their workers the minimum wage.

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