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Issue: 2737

Dated: 12 Jan 2021

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Coronavirus rips through dangerously overcrowded hospitals 

Death has become a regular experience for Emily and her colleagues at Homerton Hospital in east London.

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Britain’s top bosses grab average worker’s annual pay in under a week

Bosses of Britain’s biggest companies have taken more in the first three days of this week than their average workers earn in a year

British Gas workers begin strike to stop fire and rehire assault on conditions

Centrica, British Gas’s parent company, wants to cut pay, terms and conditions by firing workers and rehiring them on the worse contracts

Nursery workers are ‘incensed’ by Tory plans

Early years workers are ­resisting Tory plans to force them into unsafe workplaces.

Nationalise private healthcare to protect NHS

While the NHS lurches deeper into crisis, private health care for the rich is cashing in.

SWP conference—Debating where next for the left

Revolutionaries debated the political situation and how to shape it at the 2021 Socialist Workers Party conference

Has fightback saved jobs at Rolls-Royce?

After nine weeks of strikes, workers at the Rolls-Royce factory in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, were voting this week on a possible deal to end the action.

Resistance in Scottish further education saves lives

Scottish further education (FE) workers have revolted over safety.

NHS workers would strike + Sage action + BT ballot + Courts battle

The majority of Scottish nurses are willing to strike due to being “burnt out and undervalued” and suffering from bullying during the coronavirus crisis.

Family demand justice for Mohamud Hassan

Mohamud Mohammed Hassan was arrested at his home in Cardiff last Friday, released without charge on Saturday morning and died on Saturday night

Election achievement for left wing Unison activist Paul Holmes

Socialists in the Unison union were feeling encouraged after left candidate Paul Holmes delivered a strong result in the general secretary election

Brexit Party—now Reform UK—says ‘learn to live with virus’

The racist Brexit Party was officially renamed as Reform UK last week

Tories give green light to evictions

Landlords now have the power to evict tenants for not paying rent during lockdown


‘We can beat back the fascists,’ says US socialist

Socialists in the United States are vowing to double down on their efforts to stamp on the fascist and racist threat

Fascism is more than a racist movement

A sinister collection of Trump supporters, far right conspiracy theorists and outright fascists were in the crowd that broke in the US Capitol building. There is no doubt Nazis were at the core.

Georgia Democrat wins mark Southern change

The victory of two Democrat senators in the southern state of Georgia has tipped the scales in Joe Biden’s favour just before he becomes president.

Israel keeps coronavirus vaccine from people in Palestine

The latest outrage shows that the so-called ‘two-state solution’ is a sham, says Nick Clark

A year since the first Covid-19 death, global rulers have failed to contain coronavirus

Monday marked one year since the first Covid-19 death in Wuhan, China.


Trump has mobilised a dangerous far right movement—it won’t be beaten by the Democrats, the state or the ‘centre ground’

The mobilisation in Washington DC by far right protesters on Wednesday should be a spur to working class struggle

Don’t let lockdown laws stop our right to resist

The latest lockdown legislation brings in worrying assaults on protest rights

Jail the war criminals, not those who expose them

A court decision earlier this month blocking WikiLeaks’ founder Julian Assange from being extradited to the United States is a blow to imperialism.


Workers hold the power

Those at the top of society tell workers that they have no power. Sadie Robinson looks at recent school stoppages and says that workers can halt the assaults on ordinary people


The true story of how the FBI smeared Martin Luther King

Using newly revealed documents, MLK/FBI delves into how the US ruling class sought to undermine the Civil Rights movement

Baghlan Boy—a warts and all tale of survival and people trafficking

Michael Crowley tells a story of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants fleeing war, poverty, domestic violence and other horrors crossing continents to try to find a better life

Spare Ribs adds new layers to Sleaford Mods’ sound

This is a brilliant album from the East Midlands two-piece Sleaford Mods

What We Think

Get angry at profiteers, not ordinary people

Every action from the Tories rams home that the class divide runs through the whole approach to the virus.

A climate of punishment

The people at the top are actively punishing those who draw attention to the scale of the emergency

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LETTERS—Keir Starmer blaming the wrong people for Covid-19 spread

In an appearance on TV’s Good Morning Britain last week Keir Starmer voiced his support for emergency legislation to deal with anti-vaxxer campaigns.

The Troublemaker —council votes to review construction of Margaret Thatcher statue

Previously, South Kesteven district council had agreed to fund the event, due to be held in Grantham, Lincolnshire, this year.

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