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Issue: 2738

Dated: 19 Jan 2021

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Beware of Biden’s empty promises

 Joe Biden was set to become US president on Wednesday this week, but don’t think that means ­justice for black people or an end to attacks on workers.

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Poor plunged further into poverty in pandemic, report finds

People who were poor before the pandemic have been pushed further into poverty because of the way the government has handled the virus. 

Labour ditches left wing policies and promises ‘responsible government’ for bankers

The Labour Party has dropped the left wing pledges to spend more money on jobs, pay, public services and the climate crisis promised by Jeremy Corbyn.

Ambulance workers say low grade protective masks are putting lives at risk

Failure to provide ambulance workers with the highest grade protective equipment is putting lives at risk, a London paramedic has told Socialist Worker.

Richard Leonard resignation adds to Scottish Labour crisis

Richard Leonard's resignation on Thursday as leader of Scottish Labour comes as the party faces a deep crisis.

‘Intensive care is in crisis and it’s about to get worse’—nurse speaks out

Plans to enlarge intensive care units by allowing nurses to care for more than one patient puts people at risk. Nurse and union rep Joan Pons Laplana spoke to Socialist Worker about the dangers, and why putting profit first created a disaster for the NHS

‘We are going to win,’ say Sage care home strikers

A group of mainly migrant workers at a north London care home are fighting for higher pay. 

Cardiff BLM activists defiant after fine for protests over Mohamud Hassan’s death

Police have moved to fine a Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist in Cardiff, South Wales, after she was part of protests over the death of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan.

University of East London cleaners fight victimisation of union rep

Outsourced workers at the University of East London (UEL) are fighting victimisation after daring to fight back. 

Thousands of workers forced back to unsafe workplaces

Thousands of workers across England have felt pressured to return to workplaces, despite government advice to work from home.

Parents denied furlough payments by the bosses

A majority of parents who have asked for furlough to take care of their children while schools are shut have been refused by bosses.

Labour woos the bosses and maps out a path to the right

A series of speeches by leading Labour figures have mapped out a further shift right, says Nick Clark

Turn anger over NHS pay into effective action

It’s urgent that the heath unions step up campaigning to win a pay rise for all NHS workers.

Rolls-Royce battle shows strikes are the best way to fight back

A deal has been agreed at the Rolls-Royce plant in Barnoldswick, Lancashire, that has saved jobs.

Unsafe universities + Chichester College + People Before Profit event + Rail safety + School jobs fight

The UCU union has said it could strike if universities are fully reopened this academic year. It said teaching should remain online to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

New strikes coming in bitter DHL battle

According to the Unite union, DHL offered a rise of less than the cost of half a packet of Jammie Dodgers per hour.

Vaccine hesitancy a result of racism 

Who’s to blame if black people refuse the jab?

‘Fire and rehire will be the norm if we don’t fight,’ says British Gas striker

Thousands of British Gas workers were set to strike on Wednesday and Friday this week, and Monday next week.

School workers are up to seven times more likely to contract Covid-19

Devastating figures reveal the human cost of Tory lies about 'safe schools'

DHL workers deliver solid strike in Liverpool

DHL delivery workers in Liverpool began a 48-hour walkout on Thursday as they launched a series of strikes over pay and victimisation.

British Gas workers take to picket lines over ‘fire and rehire’

British Gas workers burnt new contracts on Wednesday as they began a fresh round of strikes


Report on deaths of 9,000 Irish children is a cover-up

An Irish investigation reported last week on how over 9,000 children died at 18 institutions for “unmarried mothers” and their babies between 1922 and 1998.

‘Our action is a real step forward,’ say French health workers ahead of strikes

Health unions and patient groups were set for a day of strikes and protests across France on Thursday this week.

New elections for Palestinian Authority

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has said it will have its first elections in 15 years

Anti-apartheid hero Ronnie Kasrils slams South African police attack on disabled people

There is anger in South Africa after police water-cannoned poor, black, disabled people while a government minister looked on.


Indian government’s attempts to sow division fail to stop farmers’ protests

India’s highest court has decided to suspend temporarily the implementation of new farming laws that led to a huge, weeks-long protest movement.

Mike Davis—‘Put forward radical demands and match the mood for socialism’

US writer and activist Mike Davis spoke at a Socialist Workers Party meeting this week on what the US crisis means for those at the top of society—and for the left

Stock market booms as economy suffers

The most bizarre single feature of capitalism is probably the stock market. It seems to have the ability to defy mere economic reality.


The social media bosses are not on our side

With Donald Trump banned from social media Sarah Bates asks what are the implications of such measures for the left

Alexandra Kollontai—a fighter from the struggle

Writings From The Struggle contains new translations of Alexandra Kollontai’s work. Isabel Ringrose looks at a revolutionary committed to liberation and socialism

Israeli group labels regime ‘apartheid’ in a new report

An authoritative report calling the occupation of Palestine ‘apartheid’ is an important statement from an Israeli organisation, explains Nick Clark

The Egyptian Revolution—18 days that shook the world

A revolution in Egypt in 2011 overthrew a brutal dictator and gave a glimpse of how society could be run differently. Egyptian revolutionary Hossam el‑Hamalawy tells the story of the revolt and looks at the lessons it holds for struggle today


Four icons of black liberation argue racism and resistance in One Night in Miami

One Night in Miami imagines a real life meeting between heroes of the Civil Rights Movement—and brings intense debates to life

What We Think

Turn rage against the Tories into action

It’s not a new phenomenon that the Tories are lurching from crisis to crisis. But the government’s latest debacles over key elements of their coronavirus strategy has left them weak.

End cops’ racist system

A BBC Panorama programme this week shone a light on deaths in police custody. Just days before it was broadcast, Mohamud Hassan died after being held by police in Cardiff, south Wales.

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Ann Rose 1927-2021

Comrades in Greater Manchester were very sad to learn of the death of our comrade Ann Rose on 1 January aged 93.

Letters—blame the government for the pressures of online education

I write as a grandparent of two primary age grandchildren and as a retired teacher. I think there is a lot of pressure from the department for education on heads to try to force their staff to provide huge amounts of work for their pupils

The Troublemaker—Tories criminalise Travellers who have no place to go

Travellers will bear the brunt of a new discriminatory law from the Tories.

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