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Issue: 2740

Dated: 02 Feb 2021

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Tories lock refugees in a coronavirus ‘breeding ground’

Asylum seekers held at an ex-army camp in Kent have protested against the appalling conditions they’ve been kept in during the Covid-19 pandemic

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Tory vaccine rollout fails black and Asian people despite higher risk of death

Black and Asian people have died from coronavirus in disproportionate numbers because of disastrous Tory policies and systematic racism. And now it’s emerged that NHS England hadn’t even been counting how many had have been vaccinated. 

Activists battle eviction of anti-HS2 protest camp

Environmental activists on Wednesday were defying police attempts to remove them in central London

Anti-racists slam new Tory block on child refugees coming to Britain

The Tory government has slammed the door shut on unaccompanied child refugees trying to make it to safety in Britain.

British Gas workers return to strikes to beat back bosses’ assault

The new contract means an hourly rate 15 percent lower than agreed rates

Prison death figures reveal terrible toll of Tories’ ‘law and order’ rhetoric

Six prisoners are dying a week in English and Welsh prisons—nearly one a day.

British Gas workers strike for a ninth day

British Gas workers took to picket lines and organised protests on their ninth day of strikes on Friday.

Solidarity needed as leading Palestinian activist faces jail

Issa Amro spoke to Socialist Worker about what his case reveals about Israel’s military occupation in the West Bank

Anti-racists celebrate after Stansted 15 court victory

Melanie Strickland, one of the Stansted 15, told Socialist Worker, 'It feels great to win. It’s been nearly four years since the action, I thought it would never end.'

GameStop—war on Wall Street or more capitalist profiteering?

Fat cats lost out after Reddit users bought up shares in a failing firm, but gambling on the stock market offers nothing to ordinary people, say Isabel Ringrose and Simon Basketter

Labour pushes for a return to schools

Boris Johnson has said that schools in England could fully reopen from 8 March. But Johnson said this would depend “on lots of things going right”.

Staff could strike over coronavirus safety at Swansea DVLA

Workers at a dangerously overcrowded government workplace in Swansea have said they are ready to strike over safety.

DHL strikers won’t give up on pay fight

Unite union members were set to walk out from Tuesday this week and continue the action until Tuesday next week.

Stats reveal institutional racism in punishment of young people

Government figures have revealed that a record-high number of children in youth custody are black

New strikes over jobs set for Brighton university

A five-day strike is set to hit Brighton university from Monday of next week.

Bus battle at Go North West + Strikes win a new deal at British Airways cargo + Scunthorpe scaffolders

Workers’ action has taken fire and rehire off the table at British Airways cargo.

Wilko sick pay cuts scandal + Universal Credit protests + Cleaners fight + Hospitals pay battle + Hackney education strikes

High street giant Wilko is disgracefully planning to cut sick pay for tens of thousands of its workers.

The Scottish budget and the independence struggle

The need for radical change in Scotland was highlighted by the Scottish government’s budget plans set out last Thursday.

British Gas strikers are resolute

Every trade unionist should support the strikers and invite speakers to online union meetings.

Heartlands hospital porters defy threat of the sack from bullying bosses

Striking porters at Heartlands hospital in Birmingham are livid after being told they will be sacked this week—unless they sign new, worse contracts


Indian farmers reap success after state violence fails to stop march into New Delhi

Farmers’ protests across India have been a massive blow to the ruling hard right BJP party. 

Back on the streets fighting for abortion rights in Poland

'A draconian new law amounts to the torture of pregnant women and is a reminder for us all that our rights are never set in stone'

Protests in Russia take aim at Putin and poverty

Alexei Navalny supporters are on the streets but have no more to offer working people than Vladimir Putin

Far right moves to smash farmers in India

 A coalition of far right thugs, police and government ministers are out to smash the Indian farmers’ movement.


Vaccine nationalism will endanger us all

Farcical aspects aside, the row over the European Union’s vaccine supplies reveals the inability of the present system to manage the Covid-19 pandemic.


Vicious racist history feeds fear of Covid-19 vaccine

There are fears that some black people will reject the Covid-19 vaccine. Socialist Worker looks at how abhorrent treatment at the hands of the state and doctors is to blame

Biden’s ‘back to normal’ plans aren’t the change that’s needed

US bombers flew over the Persian Gulf—close to Iran—last week, while American soldiers are to be sent to new bases in preparation for war.

The Egyptian Revolution—how workers terrified bosses

A decade ago images of protests in Tahrir Square shook the world. Workers took the revolution to the next level, explains Sadie Robinson

Homes under the hammer—tenants face homelessness but council ‘doesn’t care’

A group of mainly black single mothers at Prospect House face pollution, unsafe homes, rodent infestations—and now the risk of homelessness. Residents told Isabel Ringrose that racism worsens their appalling treatment. Pictures by Guy Smallman


Masterpiece drama It’s a Sin tells the hidden stories of the Aids crisis

It’s a Sin is both a joyful celebration of self expression—and an angry tribute to those whose lives were betrayed by homophobia

Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy—the truth about the war on drugs

In this new Netflix documentary, a timeline of events unfold during the period of the “crack epidemic” which began in the early 1980s in US cities.

What We Think

Vaccines don’t mean it’s the end of the virus

The Tories want us to think that a full and safe return to workplaces and schools is just around the corner. It's a lie.

Rulers’ ‘democracy’ a lie

Western politicians love to demand democracy—but only where it suits them.

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Gerry Lecointe, 1964-2021

Comrades will be saddened to hear of the sudden death of Gerry Lecointe, at the tragically young age of 56.

Letters—Bosses ignoring our safety to keep shipyard open

I work in a shipyard and we’ve been open throughout the Covid-19 lockdown. 

Chagos Islanders denied money from support fund

Less than £12,000 of a £40 million fund set up to compensate Chagos islanders who were forcibly evicted from their home by the British government has reached those living here.

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