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100,000 say Bush is the real enemy
The warmongers aim at new victims The US is preparing to attack more countries even as the chaos and horror in Afghanistan unfold daily. "There are 40 to 50 countries which harbour terrorists and which could be targeted for diplomatic, financial or military action," said US vice-president Dick Cheney last week.

US and Britain out of Afghanistan
Their bloody record 1960-75 Vietnam: two million dead

It's a war on the world's poor
Pretence of 'smart' bombs abandoned Now they just blast the lot The US began carpet-bombing Afghanistan with B-52 bombers last week. It is a tactic straight out of the US war on Vietnam over 30 years ago. It exposes Bush and Blair's claims that this war would be different, using "smart" bombs.

Afghanistan: Their blood on Blair's hands
As Blair demands support for US war Picture of slaughter At last this week some sections of the British press gave a glimpse of the real horror of the war on Afghanistan. The Mirror, the Herald and the Daily Record showed pictures of the slaughter in Kabul when Gul Ahmed and his seven children were killed. Two youngsters were also killed in a nearby house.

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