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Time to bury the free market
Gordon Brown’s pre-budget report this week has been heralded by the media as marking the end of three decades of Thatcherism.

Tax the rich to fund jobs and services
Gordon Brown and Tory leader David Cameron have been bickering about tax cuts in the run-up to Monday's pre-budget report. Brown says he plans a "temporary and affordable fiscal stimulus" to cushion the blows of recession.

We can resist jobs massacre
Workers in Britain are threatened by a mass cull of jobs on a scale not seen since the grim days of Margaret Thatcher’s 1980s Tory government.

Ban bonus payouts to bankers
"This is an investment in the banking system that will eventually pay off," says chancellor Alistair Darling about New Labour’s bailout of the banks. And pay off it certainly will – to the enormous benefit of the bankers themselves.

Capitalism is bankrupt
Until A few weeks ago, supporters of free market capitalism were confident enough to proclaim that their system was the only way that the world could be organised. Now their certainties have vanished.

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