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Issue: 2741

Dated: 09 Feb 2021

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Asylum seeker in Kent army barracks speaks out—‘We are locked up in hell’

The Tories have corralled hundreds of refugees into a disused army barracks in Kent. Darius told Isabel Ringrose about the appalling conditions inside the place that is ‘not suitable for a human being’

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Damning study shows attacks on benefits have terrible toll on mental health

Attacks on benefits have led to soaring mental health problems and more people taking their own lives.

Shrewsbury pickets get their day in court after 50 years of injustice

A case that saw trade unionists victimised by the bosses and the state in the 1970s went to the court of appeal on Wednesday.

Health workers’ lives put in danger by official PPE guidelines, study shows

A new study backs health workers’ claims that they are still being put in danger by not having access to the best protective equipment.

DHL strike—‘We won’t be treated like something on the bottom of a shoe’

DHL workers in Liverpool are continuing their strikes for better pay and an end to a bullying management culture.

‘We won’t roll over and take it,’ say Sage care home strikers in north London

Sage care home workers in Golders Green, north London, staged lively picket lines on Saturday. 

Damning report exposes Tory care home lies

Tory claims to have thrown a “protective ring around” care homes are in tatters after a report by the Care Quality Commission.

Turn up heat on bosses to win British Gas strike

Over 7,000 British Gas strikers took their 15th day of strikes this year on Sunday.

Bailiffs are ‘putting our lives at risk’ say HS2 tunnel occupiers

People occupying tunnels in Euston against the HS2 project are resisting eviction, reports Sophie Squire

Investigation aims to label the left and protest movements ‘extremist’

The government has chosen a former Labour MP turned Lord to lead an investigation into “extremism on the far left”.

New group could take the fight for independence forward in Scotland

A new organisation, Now Scotland, was launched last weekend to campaign for Scottish independence. Over 1,500 people had joined by Sunday afternoon.

Bigots in the DUP use Brexit to whip up vile sectarianism

Tory Brexit and bigotry are making for a potentially dangerous situation in Northern Ireland.

‘We held system together,’ says sacked Test and Trace worker

A private firm has fired hundreds of NHS Test and Trace workers despite warnings that the system should remain a vital part of controlling Covid-19.

Fighting against fire and rehire at Heathrow airport 

 Workers at Heathrow Airport Limited are set for further strikes

Protesters take to the streets against benefit cuts

Groups of activists in People Before Profit and other groups across Britain staged protests as part of a national day of action last Saturday.

It’s time to use Section 44 at the DVLA in Swansea

Hundreds of workers in a dangerously overcrowded government workplace in Swansea met last week after threatening to strike.

Tories run aground on their own privatisation of the NHS

A leaked copy of the government’s plans to “reform” the health service in the wake of the pandemic led to some far-fetched headlines last weekend

Brighton university jobs battle settled + Hackney school strikes + East Sussex academy fight

Workers at Brighton university and their supporters rallied on Monday after the UCU union settled a dispute.

Scottish care report identifies problems but doesn’t have all the answers

The proposal for a National Care Service should be welcomed. But it needs to be shaped by workers, service users and their families, not by the lust for profit

National further education ballot opens in Scotland

EIS union further education lecturers began a statutory ballot for strike action across the whole of Scotland on Friday of last week.

Back Steve Hedley for RMT general secretary

Socialist Worker supporters in the RMT union are backing Steve Hedley in the forthcoming general secretary election.

Deal ends strike at DHL, but don’t trust the bosses

Sustained action has forced DHL to make improvements


Bankers’ and bosses’ man asked to take over in Italy

Italy's rulers want to install a technocrat to push through measures they cannot impose by normal means

International round up: Students in Turkey ‘won’t back down’

Student protests have swept across Turkey, beginning at Istanbul’s Bogazici university. They could develop into the biggest revolt by young people since the Gezi Park protests of 2013.


Myanmar is fought over by imperialists

The neoliberal imperialists who have returned to office in Washington with Joe Biden are finding the world has become more complicated since they left with Barack Obama four years ago.


A letter from Russian socialists in the struggle

At the end of January, large protests took place in all of Russia’s major cities. This has sparked interest not only within the country but around the world.

The Egyptian Revolution—how the unity of revolt broke down old divides

Oppressed groups were central to the struggle

Why the protests in Russia?

Huge demonstrations in Russia are a challenge to Vladimir Putin’s regime. They reflect decades of failures by neoliberal and Stalinist regimes—and deserve much better leadership


White Tiger shows the brutal reality of class and power

This new Netflix film, about a servant in India who works his was to the top, has been compared to Parasite—with good reason

The Night Hawks—a crime novel where the real drama is people’s lives

This might sound like some awful twee collection of old-fashioned stories, but it isn’t

Satire, plotting and snark in Slough House

This, the seventh outing, sees right wingers marching on the street and tech empires trying to buy into the state.

What We Think

Myanmar—how can resistance win change?

In the last two years people have risen up repeatedly to challenge brutal regimes and inequality across the world. Such revolts have raised starkly the question of how to achieve real change.

Border curbs and Covid—don’t let the racists divide us

Boris Johnson bragged last week that, in terms of Covid-19 border controls, Britain has “one of the toughest regimes in the world”.

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Danny Phillips 1944-2021

It's with great sadness that I report the death of Danny Phillips. Taken ill in December he subsequently contracted coronavirus and succumbed on 20th January, aged 76.

LETTERS - Individual acts over safety can become collective resistance

Thanks for printing my letter on the NEU union’s groundbreaking advice to teachers to use Section 44 of the 1996 Employment Rights Act to refuse to work because of Covid-19 (Letters, 27 January).

The Troublemaker—Cop tasers ill man nine times

A Met police officer has been given a final warning after tasering a man with mental distress nine times.

Working class people will gain nothing from ‘patriotism’

In a recent party broadcast, Labour Party leader Keir Starmer appeared beside a Union Jack. Nick Clark examines why Labour hopes to gain from nationalism—and why it’s wrong

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