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Issue: 2742

Dated: 16 Feb 2021

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Tories refuse to ‘follow science’ as they push for lockdown end

Boris Johnson has made a show of pretending to ‘face down’ Tory MPs demanding an end to all restrictions by April. But he is pushing for his own timetable—regardless of virus levels

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Tory failures worsen women’s lives

A report published by the Women and Equalities Committee has warned the Tories are “turning the clock back” on gender equality.

Vigil marks month since death of Mohamud Hassan after contact with 52 cops

'I didn’t know there were even 52 officers at the station, how on Earth does that happen?' asks a Cardiff activist

Bus drivers in London and Manchester prepare for strikes over pay and fire and rehire

Thousands of London Bus drivers are set to strike over pay and conditions.

Labour steps up drive against solidarity with Palestine

The Labour Party committee to advise it on how to handle antisemitism includes members who openly link support for Palestine to hatred of Jewish people.

Tories show contempt for tenants as Grenfell inquiry reopens

In the same week that the Grenfell Tower inquiry restarted, the Tories have promised an extra £3.5 billion to remove unsafe cladding from England’s high rise buildings.

Care home workers were forced to ‘make their own’ safety kit

Care home workers were left without personal protective equipment (PPE) early in the pandemic, MPs have said.

British Gas workers fear new talks are bosses’ ‘stalling tactic’ after strikes called off

Some British Gas workers are worried after the GMB union called off strikes for talks on Friday.

Cold, hunger and racism—refugees trapped in Penally camp speak out over conditions

Refugees trapped at a camp in west Wales are cold, hungry and live constant fear of catching coronavirus.

Universities fight to protect solidarity with Palestine

The battle to defend the right to speak out for Palestine has returned to universities. Some students in Oxford tried to stop left wing ¬filmmaker Ken Loach from speaking at a university event last week.

Scrapping Universal Credit £20 uplift will be ‘huge blow’

The fight is on to force the Tories to keep the £20 a week uplift to Universal Credit (UC).

University workers battles as job cuts bite

UCU union members at the University of East London (UEL) plan a two‑day strike from Monday.

Now unions must step up fight for NHS pay rise

How long will NHS ­workers have to wait for their long ­overdue pay rise?

Ceiling caves-in at scandal-hit Prospect House

Residents of Prospect House—an emblem of horrific housing across Britain—have reported new, worsening conditions

US private firm buys NHS GP services

Around 370,000 patients, and 900 staff, have suddenly found themselves in the grip of a US vulture firm

Anti-HS2 tunnelers hole-ding against evictions

Bailiffs have begun removing protesters occupying tunnels in central London to oppose the construction of the HS2 high speed rail line

NHS battles in Birmingham, Cumberland and Blackburn 

Porters, cleaners, switchboard and catering workers at Cumberland infirmary are poised to take action over unsocial hours payments.

United fight is needed to beat DHL bullying bosses + Scunthorpe scaffolders + Eddie Stobart action

DHL workers in Dartford, Kent, have voted for strikes over “union busting”.

DVLA moves to a ballot over coronavirus safety

Workers at a dangerously overcrowded government office in Swansea were set to ballot for strikes from Thursday of this week.

Norwich climate protester Alex Sidney court decision

A Norwich Extinction Rebellion spokesperson said, “Alex is not a criminal. He is a young man terrified about his future."

Hackney school strike + Somerset victory after strike move on Covid-19 safety

Unite union members at two east London schools held three-day strikes last week in a row over jobs.


International round up: State crackdown on farmers’ support in India

The panic-gripped Indian state responded to massive support for the farmers’ movement by accusing everyone of conspiring against it.

How Trump escaped in the Senate trial over Capitol riot

Former US president Donald has once again been acquitted following an impeachment trial by the Senate.

Israel’s new vaccine scandal shows it’s an apartheid regime

Israel has blocked a shipment of coronavirus vaccines from reaching Palestinians living in the besieged Gaza Strip, while Israeli politicians consider withholding them as blackmail.


Why Britain assists the crimes of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia continues to wage a brutal, yet profitable war in Yemen. Nick Clark explains the role of western imperialism

Is the City losing its financial domination?

Is world history going into reverse? The great historian Fernand Braudel argued that the modern capitalist world economy always has had a city at its centre, starting in the later Middle Ages with Venice.


The Egyptian Revolution—A glimpse of what democracy could look like

The Egyptian Revolution was the result of the coming together of two forces—those of the street with those of the workplace. And in both, the question of democracy was crucial.

Myanmar and the fight for democracy

The streets crammed to bursting with protesters. Groups of chanting students snaking through the crowds with improvised banners against the military government.

‘The Tories don’t care about our children’s safety’

Ruthba goes to work every day in a sector that’s “filled with fear” and where “stress levels are through the roof”.

Overseas university students starved by racist rules during coronavirus pandemic

International students were encouraged to come to Britain despite the pandemic, so universities could make money from them. Now lockdowns, job cuts and a lack of support have left many struggling to survive, reports Sophie Squire


Trump Takes On the World gives an insight into how he ruled

The second episode of Trump Takes On the World airs this week. It’s a glimpse inside the ruthless workings of US imperialism

Cop drama Bloodlands touches on the Troubles

Bloodlands sees James Nesbitt star as a cop on the hunt for a serial killer

Folklore and forest fires in Brazilian fantasy Invisible City

Netflix’s newest fantasy series blends Brazilian folklore with environmental issues to bring an enchanting fable

What We Think

‘Free speech’ campaign is designed to aid the right

In the middle of a pandemic the Tories have decided to launch further attacks on the left and anti-racists, while also claiming they want to protect free speech.

Public system boosts jabs

Boris Johnson called the delivery of 15 million vaccines since December an “extraordinary feat”.It is an achievement—but it’s not his.

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LETTERS—Give black people ownership of coronavirus vaccinations

Take up of the coronavirus vaccine has been much higher than expected. A quarter of the British adult population is now vaccinated.

Hancock’s mate got a huge NHS contract for vital PPE

An associate of health secretary Matt Hancock owns a company that received a ­multimillion-pound ­government contract for the supply of PPE.

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