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Issue: 2745

Dated: 09 Mar 2021

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NHS workers say they could strike over pay insult

A storm of anger hit the Tories after they called for a paltry 1 percent pay rise for NHS workers—and it could lead to strikes

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Tories refuse to accept protest letters from disabled people ahead of budget

The Tories snubbed some of the most vulnerable people in society ahead of this week’s budget, as they continued to prioritise the rich.

Sunak’s Tory budget gives away tax cuts to rich and big business

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s budget is Tory through and through. He promised a glut of tax cuts and giveaways for bosses and the rich—and threatened austerity for ordinary people in the future.

Manchester bus strikes battle bosses whose strike-breaking risks spreading virus

Bus strikes in Manchester and London continue to fight hard against bosses' attacks.

BT engineers walk out over pay and plan more strikes down the line

Openreach engineers have stepped up their picket lines for their second round of strikes against attacks on their pay and conditions.

British Gas strikers reject insulting offer and return to picket lines

British Gas strikers have voted overwhelmingly to continue their strikes against bosses’ fire and rehire plans and returned to the picket lines on Friday.

London bus drivers could stop work over virus fears

Over 20,000 London bus drivers have been advised to refuse to drive overcrowded buses because of coronavirus safety fears.

Health workers organise protests against Tory pay insult

The Tories hit a storm of anger after recommending a paltry 1 percent pay rise for NHS workers on Wednesday—and the reaction could lead unions to strike.

New battles coming over university workers’ pensions

Some estimates suggest that members wouldn’t even get back the money they put into the scheme.

Full schools reopening will fuel Covid-19 spread with tens of thousands dead, warn scientists

A full return to schools and colleges in England this week will contribute to the deaths of tens of thousands more people by spreading Covid-19.

Nurse Karen Reissmann fined £10,000 under Tory laws for protesting over pay insult

Manchester police have fined a nurse £10,000 for organising a protest against low pay in the NHS

Rage at racism as trial of cop involved in George Floyd killing begins

US authorities were braced for protests as the jury selection began on Monday in the trial of a cop involved in the death of George Floyd.

Don’t let Tory intimidation take away right to protest

The right to protest is under severe attack as the Tories ramp up the fining of protesters and look set to keep restrictions in place for months.

Strikes set for naval bases on the Clyde

Workers were set to strike at the Coulport and Faslane naval bases on the Clyde from Friday this week.

New action at Heartlands

Porters at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham have returned to picket lines in a long running dispute over working conditions.

UEL strike off for talks + UCL + DVLA + Deliveroo + Safety in courts

Workers at the University of East London were set to strike on Wednesday of this week, but the action was postponed

Protests could spread over deskilling

The campaign against deskilling in construction saw protests continue last week.

Shrewsbury Colleges strikers say it’s right to resist

NEU union members at the group are fighting to defend victimised union rep John Boken

Workers say latest plans are a ‘one way road to an early death’

Education unions have rightly said the Tories’ “big bang” reopening of schools in England is reckless.


International round-up—France, Switzerland, Tunisia and Myanmar

Thousands of people joined marches in the run-up to International Women’s Day across France last weekend.


Debt is rising but the rich won’t be paying

Everyone is talking about debt. This is mainly because of the enormous amounts governments are borrowing to cover extra spending in responding to the pandemic.


Larissa Reisner—dispatches from the front line of the revolution

Larissa Reisner fought to defend the Russian Revolution. Now a new translation of her reports brings that fight to life

The Egyptian Revolution—could things have been different?

The strength of the Egyptian Revolution pushed dictator Hosni Mubarak from his presidential position in just 18 days.

Blood money—how wealth created by slavery bankrolled capitalist Britain

The rich who gained from slavery hope talking up their charitable investments will help them escape people’s anger. But as Isabel Ringrose argues, they grabbed obscene amounts of money through the slave trade and in compensation—and they should be forced to pay for it

Fukushima—a nuclear warning

It’s ten years since two disasters compromised one of the largest nuclear plants in the world. It showed that nuclear power can never be safe, says Martin Empson


BBC doc exposes systemic racism behind Covid deaths

Black, Asian and minority ethnic patients are dying in disproportionate numbers from Covid-19. Actor David Harewood felt compelled to discover the reasons why

The case of Britney Spears, mental distress and the state

The documentary Framing Britney Spears has lifted the lid on the ugly world of profit and exploitation behind the celebrity glamour

What We Think

How have the Tories survived all this?

Boris Johnson keeps getting away with it. He’s been through scandal after scandal, and crisis after crisis, and still sits securely in Downing Street.

The Royal reign must end

The latest royal scandal is being heralded as the biggest crisis the parasitical family has faced.

Other Categories

Letters—Catalan political prisoners and the fight for independence

Catalonian struggles + International Working Women's Day + Trans rights + Anti-Traveller racism

The Troublemaker—For Boris Johnson, charity definitely begins at home

Boris Johnson hopes to set up a charity to pay to refurbish his flat. Johnson apparently wants multimillionaire Tory peer Lord Brownlow to run it.

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