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Issue: 2746

Dated: 16 Mar 2021

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How can we end this sexist system?

The apparent police murder of Sarah Everard has lifted the lid on the foul, sexist system that we live in.

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Outrage after court allows police ban of Reclaim These Streets vigils

In a disgraceful verdict the High Court has refused to set aside the police ban on a Reclaim These Streets vigil on Clapham Common

Council cuts to services will fail those who rely on them

Reports suggest that the majority of local councils will impose further cuts. They’re caused by decades of austerity, not Covid-19, argue Sadie Robinson and Charlie Kimber

Western powers block move to lift patent rules for Covid-19 vaccines

The dominant Western powers have ganged up to prevent the World Trade Organisation (WTO) from lifting patent rules on Covid-19 vaccines.

Thousands defy police bans to demand an end to violence against women

A furious crowd confronted the cops in Clapham Common, south London, on Saturday. Protesters defied a ban to gather and pay their respects to Sarah Everard

Tories’ draconian police bill will ensure many more repeats of Clapham Common

What happened on Clapham Common on Saturday evening will be repeated, but more often and with more brutality if a new bill goes through parliament.

Fury on streets over violence against women and Tory police bill

Rage against the sexist system returned to the streets on Sunday as around 4,000 people protested in central London

Bus strikers fight on as Tories deliver more cash to owners

Strong bus strikes in London and Manchester continue to ­confront the bosses’ attacks on both conditions and pay.

The alleged killer of Sarah Everard belonged to institutionally sexist force

Wayne Couzens is charged with the ­kidnapping and murder of Sarah Everard. He is a ­firearms officer from Scotland Yard’s elite Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command.

National strike ballot across BT + Battles in the NHS

BT workers could be moving towards their first national strike since 1987 over planned job cuts and site closures.

Keep up pressure in Scottish further education

National negotiations have now produced a joint statement which is seen as an important step forward, but it's not ratified

Protests over deskilling + Clyde bases strike + SPS Technologies + Communisis

The campaign against deskilling in construction saw protests continue last week.

NEU Left launched as membership organisation

At a historic meeting of 185 NEU union activists on Saturday the NEU Left became a national membership organisation

Third night of mass protest takes on sexism and police repression

Over 1,000 angry protesters raged through the streets of central London on Monday on the third night of protest against the sexist system

Join day of action on 20 March—say no to racism

Anti-racists worldwide are preparing to mobilise in street protests and online rallies this Saturday.

Protests say Met boss should go

Calls are growing louder for Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Cressida Dick to resign following the police’s violent handling of the Sarah Everard vigil last Saturday.

Turn vote for strikes into action at DVLA Swansea

Thousands of workers at a major government workplace in Swansea have voted to strike against unsafe working conditions.

The establishment quakes following police violence

The scenes of police attacking protesters in Clapham sent the establishment into a mini meltdown.

Thousands take to streets as MPs clear way for protest-smashing Police Bill

Chants of “Kill the Bill” rang out in Parliament Square on Tuesday night. Thousands of people took to the streets against a new assault on the right to protest—as well as sexism and the police.

We need ‘serious disruption’ to kill Tory police bill

MPs have taken another step towards making it much harder for people to protest in Britain.

Uber taxi drivers hail bosses’ concessions, but vow to fight for more

Taxi service Uber will now class its 70,000 drivers in Britain as workers with rights to the minimum wage, holiday pay and pensions.

Forth Valley College workers strike over jobs

Over 200 EIS union members at Forth Valley College, Scotland, began 18 days of strikes on Wednesday in an escalation of a dispute over jobs.

London bus strikers say bosses profit while workers get cuts

London United bus drivers in west and south London struck on Wednesday over attacks on pay

Sheldon review into child sex abuse in football finds ‘institutional failings’

A lack of safeguarding in football allowed perpetrators of sexual abuse “to hide and use their positions to ruin the lives of many children”.

Victory as Penally camp closes, but keep up battle for refugee rights

This is living proof that protesting against the Tories’ attempt to scapegoat refugees works

Cleaners take on outsourcing bosses at UEL university

Cleaners rallied outside the University of East London (UEL) on Tuesday as part of their long-running fight against outsourcing and victimisation.

Refugees in Napier and Penally camps feel vindicated after damning report

Refugees trapped in camps across Britain felt “depressed and hopeless at their circumstances”, according to the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration (ICBI).

Test and trace has made no measurable difference say MPs

Boris Johnson’s promise to deliver a “world-beating” test and trace scheme took yet another beating on Wednesday

Police arrests follow anti-racist protests in Cardiff

Those facing charges or potential charges took part in demonstrations after the death of Mohamud Hassan

Health workers join ‘slow clap’ to protest over Tory pay insult

Health workers and their supporters showed their anger at the Tories 1 percent pay offer on Thursday by slow clapping in disgust.

Anti-racists show solidarity after Nazi graffiti in Edinburgh, Gravesend and Huntingdon

Anti-racists have organised solidarity after vile Nazi graffiti appeared on buildings and places of worship in Edinburgh, Gravesend and Huntingdon.

Escalate strikes to beat back British Gas bosses

British Gas workers began another solid four-day walkout on Friday in their long-running battle against fire and rehire.


Strikes and protests face down increasing state violence in Myanmar

Strikes and protests continue to defy the military in Myanmar, but the regime is lashing out ever more violently.

Strikes confront military attacks across Myanmar

Myanmar’s murderous military regime imposed martial law in parts of the country on Monday, wiping out the last vestiges of democracy.

Protesters and students clash with riot police in Greece

Mass demonstrations across Greece have defied police violence.

International round up: Coronavirus worldwide

The total number of Covid-19 cases worldwide has now exceeded 120 million, with more than 2,670,000 dead.


Lula returns as crisis deepens in Brazil

Brazil suffers from a double affliction. With 270,000 Covid‑19 deaths it is second only to the US—although per head mortality is higher in Britain and other European countries.


The Paris Commune—a workers’ democracy

The Paris Commune, where workers briefly took power and created the first workers’ government, was born 150 years ago this month.

Strike! When NHS workers hit back

Talk of industrial action is echoing around the NHS after the Tories’ offer of a 1 percent pay rise. Crucial health strikes of the past hold lessons for workers today

What’s behind the surge in ‘fire and rehire’ attacks?

Fire and rehire is a weapon bosses are using to attack workers. Sophie Squire looks at why it’s being used

Does the Egyptian revolutionary spark live on?

After the defeat of a revolution, there are always three reactions.


Black Power in Britain—as told by those who fought

A new BBC documentary tells the history of anti-racist resistance in the 60s and 70s, featuring interviews with leading activists

The truth behind the Khashoggi killing

The Dissident is the true story of the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi Arabian journalist who walked into his country’s consul in Istanbul and disappeared.

What We Think

Protests have power to disrupt their system

The rage of women on the streets across Britain this week at the system and the police showed the state was losing control.

Tories find cash for war

Just as the government says there’s no money for more than a 1 percent pay rise for NHS workers, it unveils a 40 percent increase in nuclear warheads. Its plan for war and waste, called the defence and foreign policy review, was unveiled on Tuesday.

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LETTERS—Smash the capitalist system that causes women’s oppression

I was not shocked to discover that recent research has found almost all young women in Britain have experienced sexual harassment.

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