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Issue: 2748

Dated: 30 Mar 2021

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Key issues in the fight against the police bill

With protests growing around Britain, Isabel Ringrose looks at what’s at stake—and what we can do

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Coronavirus cases surge in schools

The number of suspected or confirmed Covid-19 cases among school children in England has more than doubled in a week, government figures show. The figure leapt from 12,000 to 28,000 in the seven days to 18 March.

Bristol police on the rampage against protesters for the second time in three days

Riot cops attacked a peaceful protest on College Green in the centre of the city

Tory plan to rip up refugee rights won’t stop people taking deadly routes

Tory home secretary Priti Patel has announced plans to make it even harder for refugees to make it to safety in Britain.

Scottish NHS pay offer falls far short of justice for health workers

The Scottish government’s offer to increase NHS pay by 4 percent has been met with fury by many health workers.

Scottish college lecturers launch strikes to protect jobs and education

Workers at further education colleges across Scotland walked out on Thursday over bosses’ attacks on their jobs.

Only workers’ fightback can save jobs at Liberty Steel

Thousands of workers at Liberty Steel fear for their jobs. They are caught in a web of dodgy financial deals, ruthlessly profiteering billionaires and government corruption.

All-out action can force back British Gas bosses

The clock is running down on the British Gas dispute as workers face mass sackings in less than a week’s time.

Salmond’s new party is no alternative to weak SNP strategy

Former Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond has launched the new Alba Party. It does not deserve support.

Thousands protest across Britain after third night of police violence in Bristol

Big marches against the Tories' police bill took place in towns and cities across Britain.

Scotland’s NHS workers deserve more than a 4 percent pay rise

The battle for greater NHS pay will require building for serious action now, argues Yuri Prasad

Tories’ takeover of Liverpool council follows the imposition of the market

The Tory government has sent a team of bureaucrats to impose its will on the Labour-controlled Liverpool City Council.

NHS workers fight back for pay justice

Disputes in Airedale, Cumberland and Birmingham need support

Protests after teacher shows racist cartoon to Muslim pupils

Bigots and Islamophobes want to defend the ‘right’ of a teacher to show pupils an offensive image of the Prophet Muhammad. But parents are right to be angry

Manchester all-out bus strike in fifth week

Strike continues as mayor Andy Burnham announced that the region’s buses will be returned to local authority regulation

SPS Technologies + Deliveroo + Goodlord + Wilko

Around 200 workers at SPS Technologies in Leicester are striking over fire and rehire proposals.

Strike plans at DVLA and Passport Control

Health and safety strikes at the giant Swansea workplace are planned for 6-9 April

NEU union members strike for John Boken and at Leaways school

There were socially-distanced picket lines at Shrewsbury Colleges Group on Tuesday as workers began a two-day strike to defend NEU union rep John Boken. 

Anger as police action at Clapham Common is deemed to have been ‘justified’

A "watchdog"—in truth a tame servant—has found the Metropolitan Police “acted appropriately” at the vigil held for Sarah Everard in Clapham Common earlier this month.

Urgent battle at British Gas for whole trade union movement

The British trade union movement faces a severe challenge, and it must not back off.

Grenfell campaigners protest as inquiry questions council and housing bosses

Grenfell campaigners protested outside the public inquiry into the west London tower bloc fire as it moved to question council and housing bosses this week.

Pimlico Academy school students revolt over racism

Hundreds of school students at Pimlico Academy protested against racism and sexism on Wednesday morning

Sewell report denies institutional racism to obscure how the system works

The Tory-commissioned report ignores the patterns of prejudice that are repeated throughout society

How to join the Kill The Bill protests on 2, 3, 4 April

A list of some of the protests set for the Easter holiday

Scottish college lecturers stage two-day strike in jobs battle

College lecturers across Scotland launched a two-day strike on Wednesday in a continuing dispute over the replacement of lecturers with poorer paid instructors with worse conditions.


Global Covid-19 cases surge as Brazil faces health collapse

Far from being steadily eliminated, Covid-19 is increasing in most regions of the world

Myanmar’s military rulers unleash bloodiest weekend since coup

Myanmar has seen its bloodiest weekend since the military coup at the beginning of February.


Jerusalem Declaration helps fight right’s attempts to silence Palestinians

The Jerusalem Declaration respects the right of Palestinians and their supporters to criticise Israel and Zionism

Suez crisis driven by pursuit of profit

The Ever Given container ship was refloated on Monday. But the temporary closure of the Suez Canal showed a lot about world trade.


Should having no jab mean there’s no job for workers?

Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawi has said the Tories are considering compulsory Covid-19 jabs for NHS staff. In this column from March, we argued for persuasion, not compulsion.

Capitalism— is it more than greed?

Our leaders will celebrate greed for pushing innovation but Nick Clark argues that the greediness inbuilt within capitalism could potentially lead to our destruction

Tories’ new clampdowns go beyond threat to protests

The easing of lockdown measures will be met with the Tories ramping up repression. Home secretary Priti Patel is ready to unleash a raft of measures that scapegoat the most oppressed and clampdown on opposition


The Mauritanian gives a face to the victims of US torture

This is the true story of a man locked in Guantanamo Bay without charge for 14 years

Menace and mystery in jumpy psychological horror The Night

The Night is a horror movie set largely in a small space with just a handful of characters

What We Think

A year of Keir Starmer, a year of surrender

Keir Starmer has spent his first year as Labour Party leader refusing to oppose the Tories—but he has shown us what he stands for.

Tories risk lives for profit

A major easing of lockdown restrictions took place in England this week. People can now meet with others from different households outdoors. Outdoor sports restarted and the “stay at home” rule was lifted.

Other Categories

Letters—The police put us in danger at protests in Newcastle

Our demonstration in Newcastle against the police bill and violence against women wasn’t as dramatic as the one in Bristol. But the police made us less safe.

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