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Issue: 2749

Dated: 06 Apr 2021

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To kill the bill, protests must continue to grow

The police are taking their revenge on people who have joined Kill The Bill protests.

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London United bus strikes hit back at RATP bosses’ assault

Bus drivers in the west and south of London have stepped up their pay fight after talks with bosses failed

Health workers stage day of action for pay

Health workers across Britain labelled Boris Johnson an “April Fool” on Thursday 1 April.

Unions have to hit back after British Gas sackings

British Gas workers are furious and frustrated after receiving bosses’ final ultimatum to sign a punitive new contract or face the sack.

Protests at new level as thousands march across Britain against police bill

From London to Glasgow, from Weymouth to Newcastle, protesters poured on to the streets

Tens of thousands of NHS workers are suffering with ‘long Covid’

Over a million workers in Britain have been hit by devastating “long Covid”. 

Support bus strikers in Manchester in London

Bus drivers in Manchester and the west and south of London have stepped up their fights after talks with bosses failed.

Government’s Sewell report denies systematic racism

“If the report had been intended to help address racism in Britain, it must surely be written off as a disaster.”

Centene grabs GP surgeries, and its former boss is advising Johnson

Campaigners fear that surgeries will now be staffed in the cheapest way possible, with regular doctors replaced by locums, and cheaper medical staff.

Lockdown is eased but virus growing

The Tories plan to further ease lockdown measures across England from next week.

Deskilling fight escalates as pickets hit Hinkley Point

But the Unite union repudiated the action and advised workers not to join the demonstration

Deliveroo set for roovolt by delivery workers

Deliveroo food delivery workers are set to strike on Wednesday this week.

SPS + Bristol Water + Courts + Leicester university + Thurrock council + Goodlord + Communisis

Workers at aerospace parts firm SPS Technologies in Leicester continue a strike over fire and rehire cuts that will cost them up to £3,000 a year.

New offer at Heathrow postpones strikes

Strikes at Heathrow Airport Limited that were due to start on 2 April have been postponed as workers are balloted over an offer on pay and conditions.

Norwich environmental workers prepare for battle

Around 170 environmental workers in Norwich have taken part in indicative ballots for strikes.

Hundreds of workers strike over safety at Swansea DVLA

More than 1,000 people at a major government workplace are on strike in a significant battle over workers’ safety from coronavirus.


Virus still on the rise, despite the vaccine

Covid-19 infections are still soaring around the world, and it’s no time to end safety measures, says Sam Ord

International round up: Bigots’ fury at Arab party kingmaker

Israeli politicians were up in arms at the idea that an Arab party might enter government following elections last week.


Why are Travellers, Roma and Gypsies oppressed?

While the Tories are ramming through a police bill that will make life harder for Travellers, Roma and Gypsies, Labour are scapegoating them ahead of local elections.

The real link between racism and class

The Report of the Sewell Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities may look a mess. But it’s a calculated political hit. It aims to erase the concept of institutional racism.


New pamphlet on capitalism, food and agriculture

The new pamphlet Capitalism and the Politics of Food by Amy Leather argues that Covid-19 is no anomaly. And with current food systems more deadly viruses are likely to cross over to humans.

How the Syrian revolution was lost

A decade on from the beginning of mass protests in Syria, Nick Clark investigates how murderous state repression and Western imperialism drowned resistance

The Brixton Uprising—when rage burned on the streets

Riots in Brixton 40 years ago this month turned the tables on racist cops. Alex Wheatle and Cecil Gutzmore spoke to Socialist Worker about their experiences of the riots and why the anger that caused them still exists today

Support riots and fight for a revolution to uproot racism

Riots are a period of energised fury that see oppressed people express their anger at the system. They give a voice to those who have had theirs taken away and can expose injustices in society.


Seaspiracy—is there something fishy behind ocean pollution?

Seaspiracy has a great deal to say about capitalism’s damage of our oceans from pollution and species destruction

Greta Thunberg’s fight to force action for the climate

A BBC documentary focuses on the climate activist who inspired a movement. But Thunberg insists it’s not all about one person

What We Think

Ditching profit is the only safe way out of lockdowns

Any loosening of the Covid-19 restrictions will feel like a relief to millions of people. But that can’t hide the sickening truth that by lifting more measures next week the Tories are again prepared to gamble with our lives

Racist police system killed George Floyd—not just one bad cop

Chauvin could be sacrificed in an effort to save the institution of the police as a whole. He has to be found guilty, but that won’t change the nature of the cops

Other Categories

LETTERS—The report’s lies that Britain is a ‘model of racial equality’

​​​​​​​The long awaited Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report suggests “claims of institutional racism not borne out”.

The Troublemaker —Open the books of Tory MP who made cash off slavery

A Tory MP whose family made millions through slavery has amended his accounts and ­financial declaration-—again.

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