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Issue: 2751

Dated: 20 Apr 2021

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Greensill—corruption at the heart of the system

The scandal of former prime ministers joining with top civil servants to lobby the government for private sector gains grows hotter by the day. Sadie Robinson gathers what we know so far, and concludes that the problem is deeply rooted in capitalism

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US protesters face down cops after killing of Daunte Wright

More than 60 people were arrested at angry protests in and around Minneapolis on Tuesday after US police shot dead Daunte Wright in Brooklyn Center just outside the city.

Here are the Kill The Bill protests this weekend

These are protests that have been advertised for Saturday and Sunday against the police bill.

Striking bus drivers in London and Manchester demand end to fire and rehire

London United bus drivers have escalated their fight against bosses' attacks on pay and conditions.

US says it will leave Afghanistan—a bitter defeat for warmongers

But despite the promises, president Joe Biden will still try to keep control in the region

Housing campaigners demand action on empty homes

Housing campaigners are gearing up for a day of action over empty homes on Saturday.

Scottish election campaign shows key battles are in the streets

Political parties in Scotland have resumed campaigning this week. They suspended campaigning for the Scottish parliamentary elections after Prince Philip’s death, a move showing they are as out of touch with ordinary people as Westminster politicians.

Shocking cuts at LSBU and Aston universities have to be resisted

London South Bank University has announced the wholesale closure of a series of courses with immediate effect.  

Thousands take to streets against Tory police bill

Over 1,000 people took to the streets of London on Saturday as part of the second Kill The Bill day of action.

Scottish National Party manifesto pledges fail to deliver for working class people

The Scottish National Party’s (SNP) manifesto for the Scottish parliamentary elections will strengthen its reputation as a social democratic party.

Protests highlight the scandal of empty housing

Housing campaigners took part in a day of action over empty homes last Saturday.

Greensill scandal is still shaking establishment

The Greensill Capital scandal continues to ensnare top members of the establishment.

Anti-racist pupils at Pimlico Academy face punishment

School students who organised a protest over racism at Pimlico academy could face permanent exclusion from school.

European Super League stitch-up shows football run for profit, not fans

The move towards a European Super League is motivated by profit following a year of lockdown restrictions that have strangled some of the club’s income

Scottish FE lecturers to escalate

Scottish College lecturers in the EIS-Fela union are stepping up their national dispute this week. They were set to strike on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

Stepping up the fight to win at BT Openreach

Highly skilled engineers working for BT Openreach began five days of strikes on Monday this week, in a battle over pay and conditions.

Strike move sees win for East Lancs NHS workers + St Mungo’s + SPS+ Goodlord

Unison union members at East Lancashire hospitals were celebrating this week as trust bosses announced that security guards are being brought back in house.

Grenfell inquiry hears from residents who raised the alarm

People living in Grenfell Tower were labelled “rebel residents” for raising safety concerns before the 2017 fire that killed 72 people.

Scottish college lecturers step up strikes over jobs

Scottish college lecturers are upbeat as they stepped up their fight this week.

Derek Chauvin is guilty, and so is the whole rotten system

If tens of millions of people had not taken to the streets and defied the cops then Floyd’s case would have been just another scandal covered up by a corrupt system


Hospitals in India near collapse as new wave hits and cases rise

As world Covid-19 deaths pass three million, India is in the grip of a terrible new wave of the virus. Other countries governed by the hard right face a similar situation, says Yuri Prasad

Fight killer cops after Floyd trial

Rage at a racist system and killer cops continued to burn as closing statements were heard on Monday in the trial of Derek Chauvin.


The partition of Ireland—fighting the empire

Simon Basketter looks at why Britain split Ireland up during its battle for independence

Biden’s economic shift boosts bosses

JOE BIDEN, a veteran Democratic Party politician, was generally seen as the continuity candidate when he ran successfully for the presidency of the United States. “Continuity” here means with the previous Democratic administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.


State statisticians lose a whole year’s strike days

How many workers went on strike in 2020? One good answer might be “not enough”.

War and a deadly system—why conflict is central to capitalism

US president Joe Biden plans to keep using force to promote US imperialism, despite Middle East defeats. Nick Clark says it’s the way capitalism works that creates constant conflicts


New novel shows the truth of the Egyptian Revolution

The Republic of False Truths by Alaa Al Aswany brings the story of the revolution to life through the eyes of those who lived it

I Blame Society—how to make a killing in a sexist industry

I Blame Society is a mockumentary about film industry sexism with a dose of serial murder dropped in

Safe—stories of survival

Safe—a new digital theatre production—tells the real stories of four young LGBT+ people facing homelessness or living in difficult circumstances

What We Think

Who should socialists vote for on 6 May?

For revolutionaries, although elections matter, the battle on the streets and in the workplaces is always more important

Millions face Covid-19 jobs crisis

Nearly 500,000 young workers have lost their jobs since January 2020

Other Categories

Letters—British Gas workers suffer at hands of selfish bosses

Over the last five years British Gas has dumped on employees from the highest height with countless business area closures, restructures, shift changes and wage freezes.

The Duke is still dead! You’d better be sad, or else the queen gets it

Racists across Britain, and the world, united in mourning last Saturday to remember Prince Philip. It was a fitting send off for the dead royal, who dedicated his entire life to being rich and racist.

Thousands of British Gas workers let down by union

The fight against bosses’ fire and rehire tactics requires a unified struggle argues Sophie Squire

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